Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Things Retail Workers Are Sick Of Hearing From Customers and News!

Don't ever say these things...
I’ve been working retail for way too long to the point where I hate it when a customer says these phrases. They aren’t funny anymore some of them, and I can’t laugh either at it. Don’t ever say these again, and I will tell you why.

Oh, it doesn’t scan so it must be free right? Ha…Ha…Ha…But not funny at all since I’ve heard it way too many times. It’s not funny anymore since it’s a lame joke. It costs something since nothing is free. And it’s even more annoying when they say back in my day they would give it to the person free. I don’t care what they did back in the day since it’s different now.

Oh, I just printed it today…Said when they give me a hundred dollar bill. Not funny when you have heard it so many times. I get it that is the only thing you have, but come on? Do you think you are funny when you say that? You aren’t in fact I want to hear something new. I even had a customer joke about printing a penny of all things….Come on…

Do you work here? I wear the vest, name badge, and uniform I do work there, and common sense will tell you I do especially since I’m behind a counter with the keys. I also get annoyed when I’m putting up items, and I’m asked if I work in this department…I do since I have the keys…Come on…Same goes if I work in this area often when I'm stocking stuff. Of course I do...

Do you have this item in the back? No, we don’t especially if the spot is empty and there is no shelf tag. We don’t keep anything in the back except full items…Stop asking that since we don’t keep the good stuff there.

You had this a few years ago at a different store…Then we don’t have it since products change every year. Different stores carry different products. Duh. Not every store is the same. I’ve had a customer think I wasn’t telling the truth because I told her we don’t carry it at this store. We don’t the product was at another store. Then a customer asked if we had a product in stock. We don’t then they ask me when I’ll get it in, and guess what I don’t know since they never tell us when things come in. The lady asked if I worked there long. I do the product she was looking for was at another store in another state. Of course, we don’t have it…

I saw you have it online…And it’s different in store. In store and online are different and carry different products. Shoving your phone in my face won’t make me want to help you find it either. Just because we have it online does not mean we have it in store. Don’t blame me for it either…I don’t have any control of it…

Can I get a discount? No, since you are not entitled to anything. I hate it when customers ask me this. Hell, one guy asked for a discount just for checking out at my register. You are not entitled to a discount just because you ask for it. What makes you so special? I’m sorry to say this but you aren’t better than everyone else. Yes, you spend money, but it doesn’t mean you are entitled to a discount.

You look like you are doing nothing, and need something to do...We are always doing something such as cleaning up after you. One time an employee said it while I was taping up stuff and repeated it twice like I was doing nothing and that I can size her finger. I mean come on no need to be rude about it.
They did it for me at the other store...then go there especially if you want to be rude about it.

I think you get the point. I can go on and on about this, but retail workers are people too. I get asked the stupidest questions, and I hate it when people act like they can ask something like these questions and think they can get away with it. Just don’t say these ever since retail workers have heard it all, and it gets old…

In other news Tales from Behind the Counter is now an audiobook! Here is the link and especially pick it up if you loved this blog post!  http://amzn.to/2D7XjrC
And The Killer Contract Agency now has a new cover, and I spent 4 hours reformatting it. So when I get the full finished cover I will be republishing it again!

Hey retail workers what are you sick of hearing from customers?

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Friday, January 5, 2018

20 Things to do on a Snow Day!

Snow is on the ground up to your boots and you can’t go to work since the roads are iced over. What is a person to do? Simple a lot can be done at this time since snow days are a perfect time to catch up on things, and here are 20 things to do on a snow day!
  1. Catch up on fun reading since snow days can be used to catch up on books you meant to read but didn’t have time for.
  2. Watch a show to catch up on or a movie you haven’t seen yet since snow days are catch up days.
  3. Eat snacks since it’s something to do especially while you watch said movie.
  4. Catch up on video games since snow days can be used to play video games you meant to beat.
  5. Write a novel since you have been meaning to do something fun especially the one you need to work on…
  6. Organize room since it’s something you have been meaning to do for a while.
  7. Delete old school files especially if you have graduated like me, and don’t need it again.
  8. Go through old school papers and throw out the ones you never need again.
  9. Write in a journal since getting thoughts out is important.
  10. Catch up on the mobile games you love to play since it’s a fun way to pass the time.
  11. Sleep catching up on sleep is important.
  12. Youtube videos since snow days are a good time to catch up on your favorite youtubers.
  13. Blog posts since writing them during snow days can be a fun way to pass the time.
  14. Catch up with family and friends since it’s a time to be stuck anyway.
  15. Plan a goal for the new year since the new year just started.
  16. Bake cookies since the snow sucks and cookies help.
  17. Play with pets in the snow and even build a snowman since it can be fun to throw snowballs at each other.
  18. Make soup since it can help to combat the cold.
  19. Laundry since people need to wear clothes, and sometimes you can catch up on it especially if you have fallen behind.
  20. Dishes since your family is urging you to catch up on chores.
There is plenty to do during a snow day, and it can be needed after a stressful work week. Sit, relax, and enjoy it if you can. If the roads are horrible then don’t travel unless you need to especially if you can’t drive in snow!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

15 Interesting Moments Of Resident Evil 7

Welcome to an immersive and scary game unlike any other....
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard was groundbreaking since it was in the first person,
and you can even play it in virtual reality too. It’s dark with an eerie setting,
and the atmosphere is creepy. 
It took a day of playing it to beat the game, and a few of the times
a strategy guide was my best friend to help find out what to do next.
Play it in the dark with the sound up, and you will be immersed in a world full of horror.
Here are 15 of the best moments of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.
1.When the wife goes crazy and attacks Ethan.
Ethan finally found his wife, but then she loses it ,
and goes after him instead. It was a scary and intense battle.
2. Learning the Baker family has lost their minds
especially when it looks like they are eating people.
3. Daddy Jack comes back just when you think he is dead
he comes back to life scaring you.
4. Jack is defeated in an intense battle again,
and you can roam the main house without the
fear of being attacked.
5. The Molded creatures seem to come out of nowhere
and jump on you when you least expect it.
6.Old lady Grandma shows up in random places
and stares at you when you are going the right way.
7.Random flashbacks happen at the end
reminding you of the crazy beginning.
The telephone also rings at random times in the game
to tell you stuff moving forward.
8. Random puzzles needed to be completed to move into different
rooms. Wood figure needed to have the
shadow match the picture. You need to get items to complete the burner and the serum for the cure.
9.The little girl hums a creepy tune
and shows up to scare you when you least expect it.
10.The bosses are hard to beat at times,
and they surprise you when you least expect it.
Also intense and scary.
11.Finding tapes and playing them which makes you
part of the scene. And finding out it was all Mia’s fault.
12. Watching the story reveal itself as time goes on,
and exploring different areas that are creepy and immersive.
13. Using medkits that heal your wounds by splashing it on
your hands.
14. Reading notes about the virus and what happened to
the missing people as the story goes on.
15. Seeing the final ending and being
amazed at how it all ended.

I loved the immersive world and the graphics were awesome.
It was a good but creepy game to play in the dark. The story was full of jump scares
and puzzles with someone chasing after you forcing you to hide at certain points.
Overall a good game for survival horror fans.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Stories I did for #ipadjournos!

I am taking my last class for VCU called #ipadjournos, and we did a total of 4 stories for the semester. It led to me doing my final assignment at CBS 6 working in the newsroom during the election and keeping up with the data as it came in. I did have a blast, and I got published on the CBS 6 website. Here are the links to all my stories:

Story 1: http://wtvr.com/2017/11/06/will-money-decide-the-virginia-governors-race/
Story 2: http://wtvr.com/2017/10/20/northam-supporters-pack-convention-center-to-see-obama/
Story 3: http://wtvr.com/2017/11/07/registrars-on-election-day/
Story 4: http://wtvr.com/2017/11/07/central-virginia-voters-tell-us-who-they-voted-for-and-why/

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Onward and Upward!

2017 was an interesting year for me to say the least, but I’m actually looking forward to 2018. My birthday was yesterday, and I turned 27. I don’t feel it or look it, but I know I’ll be at a better place soon mentally. I graduate in December which means my time at VCU is almost up. I finally got someone to narrate my book Tales From Behind the Counter, and I’ll post when it’s done. I’m trying to finish AngelWitch at least, and all I need to do is write her last two weeks then the rough draft is done. It’s been a wild ride since this semester at VCU we are working with CBS 6, and come the elections I’ll be working in the newsroom. I’ve also given more thought of what I want to do. I’ve been working retail during the weekends, and going to school. It’s left me in a rut in a way. After school I’ll need to start looking for a new job in the field I want. I’ve been getting tired of retail too, and it’s the same old, same old thing. People complain over the stupidest stuff, and are rude too. It’s all been there, done that, and I’m ready for a change. Also been doing a ton of book buying and game playing too. It’s just been a finish school and get my degree then come up with the next steps. Also, save up money for editing my books and cover art. That is all I need to afford anyway since I have Vellum to format my books. Best money I’ve ever spent. In the meantime I’m working on books and writing stories as a journalist in the IPad Journal project at VCU.
Link to one of the articles: http://wtvr.com/2017/10/20/northam-supporters-pack-convention-center-to-see-obama/
Until next time,