Friday, March 23, 2018

My Novel Editing Process for AngelWitch!

Time to edit AngelWitch now that the rough draft is done, and more videos and posts are coming!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Secret Dairy of a Checkout Girl Review

The Secret Diary of a Checkout Girl by Samantha Rose is a good book. I loved it since it totally captures the struggle of working at a supermarket. It's realistic too, and I can sympathize with the main character since I've recently graduated and have to look for something more. It totally captures the struggle of being in a dead-end job and wanting something more. You will totally see it's realistic especially if you have ever worked retail before. I love the twists and turns it takes. You should totally get this book!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Why I left Kindle for one book, and AngelWitch is done! Life After College!

School is over leaving me to focus on finding a full time job, and it also means I can focus on other projects. AngelWtich rough draft is also done, and since it was by hand I have to put all the changes in the word doc. I also pulled Tales from Behind the Counter from Kindle Unlimited and I left The Killer Contract Agency there since it might do better. I’m at a cross roads in my life since I’m out of school it gives me time to focus on the stuff I want to do. I’m also uploading gameplay videos to a separate Youtube channel then my author one. My plan is to write books full-time and make Youtube videos full-time too, but those take time. 

Life after college is way different when you are used to going to school. You now have the option of just working and that is it. It’s also hard to get a job right out of the gate too. In the meantime I’m just applying places and hoping something comes up. The other thing going on is my boyfriend Chris and I are doing gameplay videos together. I play hidden object games, horror, and roleplaying ones. Even a few first person shooters like Bioshock. 

Here is the link to my author one:

I have time to do more Youtube videos thanks to school being done, and time to read and review my favorite books. I also sent A Witchy Beginning to readers to see if it really does need to be new adult instead of young adult, and they said it doesn’t need to be changed. I won’t and when I get the feedback I will go over it again. It may actually be closer to publication then I thought. I’ll update my blog more, and let you know the progress of my books. I’ll also tell you the story behind AngelWitch too.

Until next time,


Friday, March 9, 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Enforcer The Beginning On Duty

If you love simulation games then give this game a try since it's a realistic take on being a police officer.