Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting back on 2011:

I have had a ton of events happen to me in 2011. I got laid off on June 30, and instead of doing the normal thing which is to be depressed about circumstances in my life. I took action instead, and built up my writing career. I published an ebook in August, and another in October. I have more in store though, so I will be churning out more ebooks. I was laid off for three months, and then I got another job. I even got rid of the toxic people in my life to since they are in another state I will hopefully never deal with them again. I started up several projects that I cannot wait to get into.

I even cleaned my room in preparation for a new desk and chair. I have had this blog for a year in January, and 2011 is the year I received my laptop too. I achieved my goals of becoming a published author even if it is an ebook, received my first rejection, and finally got my ereader. I plan on setting up a new blog for writing reviews on writing related books too. I have planned on publishing more ebooks too while working on the first book in a trilogy. Then after I finish editing it I plan on trying to get an agent with it hopefully. I plan on trying to balance writing, school, and work more.

I even set up a twitter account, Facebook fan page, and I am a member of several writer forums. I have even been introduced to Second life too. I have made a ton of friends, and formed healthy relationships. 2011 was a big year since it set in motion my writing career.

Anyone else with the goals they achieved this year, and life changing events this year?

See you in the New Year!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Self-doubt is not cool!

Every writer deals with it, and it does not matter whether you are published or unpublished. Traditional or self published, or Indie published either, and it will always be there. In a dark part of your brain. The times where everything is good, and it rears its ugly head to tell you things to tear your heart to shredded bloody pieces. I feel like taking an imaginary shotgun, and blowing it to pieces.
If I do that maybe it will go away. Unforunately self doubt is not a person, so there is no harming it. There are ways to combat it though, and the main thing is to not let it get to you.

Sometimes if self-doubt strikes I read a book. I let the book distract me, and it keeps my mind on the book. Not the current WIP I am struggling with. I then proceed to spend my time typing, and working on other work. It helps to keep busy if you have any negative emotion. I hate it when it happens though because it can get you down quickly. It can make you stop writing, and give up when you have so much to say that letting it get in the way seems stupid. Push on though with whatever you are doing because that is a way to let it go.

You can also try these methods:
  • ·      Meditation helps because it allows you to stop thinking, and just be at peace.
  • ·      Aromatherapy helps too because certain oils can make it go away. It can help you relax, and combined with candles and a bath a good combination too make you feel better.
  • ·      Taking a walk can help to clear your mind, and you can repeat affirmations that can help you get back to where you were before the doubts creep in.
  • ·      Video games can help too since you can smash your self doubts to pieces if you play a violent video game that lets you shoot up things.
  • ·      Eat or sleep it off since taking a break to do that can help you out too.

Any other tips you guys have to share about conquering self-doubt?

Until next time,


Writers and character passion:

Writers need characters and plot to convey their story. I can create characters and plot, but the one thing I lack is breathing life into them. I have been writing devoid of emotion at times, and it shows in my story that the characters are flat. Yikes!
I now know that I need to use my passion, and emotions to make my characters more believable. Emotions and characters are what moves the reader. It is what keeps the reader turning the page.

Creating characters people root for, and that can change can make the reader read until the end. It separates a good story from a bad story. Believable and extraordinary characters are what keeps the reader thinking about the story, and what will happen way after the pages are read too.  I need to make them have flaws and strengths equally since my characters need flaws to be believable. I will need to think of ways to make my characters relatable to people too. I will probably work on it more as I get better on bringing them to life on the page. 

Passion is an essential key to a good character and story.
Without it the characters fall flat, and boring. They become a carbon copy, and not relatable either. Without flaws a person can become boring, and too perfect. Bringing life to the page with characters is what a writer lives for.

Any thoughts about characters and passions?

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Technology, Tablets, and Writing

I love how technology is getting better and better every year. Like companies are making better tablets, and the IPod touches and Ereaders are getting more hi tech. I can lay in bed with my IPod touch or laptop and go on Facebook and Twitter. I can even check my bank account too, and for writers technology is a good thing since writers need to be active with social media. You can even get apps for writing on the go. Writers can get an Ipad, and use the app Pages that lets you type documents on the go which will be handy for long road trips. I mean technology allows us to buy books instantly, and publish them instantly too.

My thoughts lately go to a Kindle Fire, and the Ipad. I plan on getting both because the Fire will be used as an Ereader mainly, and the Ipad will be used for playing with documents in the car. I love the portability of both, and I could easily fit them into my big back without it weighing me down. I am looking up the top apps for the Fire and Ipad. They are awesome. Word, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging.  

I can even use it in school for typing up notes when I do not want to carry my laptop that day. I can type story ideas on the go, and that is what I use my Ipod for sometimes during break at work. I had to use it the other day when I finally came up with the name for the character in The Killer Contract Agency two story. I love it though! Which is why writers should own tablets, and portable devices. I am going to own both the Ipad and the Kindle Fire, so I will write a review on them both when I can.

Any thoughts on technology?

Until Next Time,


Monday, December 5, 2011

Writing Plans:

School will be over in a few weeks, and I do not know whether to be happy or sad. On one hand I am done with my online classes, but on the other that means creative writing is coming to a close. I have enough books with fun writing exercises though, so no worries there. Without a set schedule though it means I will have to find some times a day to do fun writing exercises.

I plan on getting a Kindle Fire soon, and I can show my ebooks to people with it, and sign them with Kindle graph. I need an e-reader because I have tons of ebooks. There is a cool program for the lending library which is awesome too!

On the novel front I now have turned a short story into a full length novel. I have added enough elements to make it long too, and longer then a novella with cool twists and turns to make it a good read. I have some avid readers who are my friends that will tell me ways to improve my stories. I will end up making the series a trilogy since it has the potential to be that long. That is all for now.

Until next time,


Monday, November 28, 2011

Importance of energy and focus

I finished a project like actually finished. I did something productive besides video games. Besides watching tv shows reruns and movies. It felt good writing until my eyes burned. Writing until the END. The end of a project I loved. Starting the project then finishing as opposed to starting on a new one without finishing. That is a feeling I missed. Time well spent. Time into finishing a writing endeavor. That is what I lacked and missed. I get all theses writing books and magazines to read I never finish them. I should, but work makes me so tired I cannot work at all. I do not want to work at all when I get off if I have to work the next day.

I am not getting out of retail though if I cannot focus on my goals: Finish and edit story. Get agent, publisher, and editor. Have book in physical hand after I get the contract signed. That will be a goal worth fighting for, and I loved the feeling of being productive enough to finish a project. Any thoughts to stay motivated despite working so much?

Until next time,


Monday, November 21, 2011

Work, Writing, and People..

I have had trouble with balancing everything lately. I know I have been slacking in my writing which is not good, but I have found more ideas to play with novel-wise. For instance writing a story about a girl that cannot let go of the boy she dumped. I plan on even combining a few short stories into one novel too.

Work though has been keeping me busy. I will blog more from now on, and it is important to me. I will hopefully publish the revenge anthology in a month maybe. Minus school writing will be much easier to keep up with. I said goodbye to the past, and I blocked someone from contacting me since I have other things to worry about. I use my past in my writing as a form of therapy. Retail and life in general is teaching me about people, and about personalities. That is all for now.

Until next time,


Friday, November 11, 2011

Never give up, and climb mountains in Skyrim!

I just got the new game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and it is a good game too. You build your character as you go, and it has dragons. I played it for a few hours, and I got to a point where I had to climb a mountain. I tried to find my way around it, but to no avail. Finally I decided to jump up it, and it was no easy task. I found my way eventually. And sitting there trying and trying..I almost gave up on it, but I did not at all. I kept trying despite the odds. I kept going and going no matter how hard it was. It was trying all that, and more that I realized it was like writing.

A good writer is one who does not give up despite the odds, and one who will not quit no matter what. One who keeps trying and trying until they have an agent or publisher contract in their hands. Apply the desire to not give up to writing, and you just might find yourself in a very happy place. And just maybe you can climb that annoying mountain that seems to take forever to climb! 

Any thoughts on it?

Until Next time,


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Writing is...

·       A compulsion

·       A way of life

·    An escape

·       Something I have to do

·       Something that tells a story

·       Something that gives me hope

·       A tool for reaching out

·       A tool that teaches a lesson

·       A calling for a higher purpose in life

·       A way of getting feelings out

·       A tool that allows you to escape the real world

·       A way to make things right

·       An end to a long struggle against good and evil

·       A gift from GOD

·       A savior to people who have trouble communicating with the world

·       Heaven to a tortured soul

·       Something I plan on doing everyday of my life

My career, my passion, and something I plan on doing every day no matter what obstacles may lie in my path to my dream of becoming a published author who works full time at home.

Finish the sentence what is writing to you?

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Got my first blogging award...

I am happy to say I have my first blog award, and at first I did not know how to go about it, but now I do.
The first thing is for me to share seven things about myself.

1. I have two cats named Callie and Crystal.
2. I lost count of how many novels I am actually working on as of now.
3. I make jewelry and play video games.
4. I own a .38 snub nosed Taurus revolver, and it has a pink handle.
5. I have read over 100 books by now, and that is including my whole life so far.
6. I wanted to be a scientist when I was little until I realized my true passion.
7. I hope to go traveling the world someday.

Here are the bloggers I want to pass along the award too.

And since I have no idea if they will reply then I will send them a message.

Until next time,


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guest Post by a concerned Mom..

I read the article written by a concerned mom, and I know this is a problem in today's middle income in america. Which is why I wanted the mom to guest post on my blog. It is well written by someone who is worried about feeding her family in today's economy. 

I hope take this concern to heart. 

Until next time,

The Unknown faces of Hunger in America

They could be the person sitting right next to you. You would never know it by looking at them. They have a good job, stable home, seemingly loving family, mid-size car. All of things we normally see on the outside of a middle income working American.  However, every day they wonder, will I have enough on my next pay check to feed my family.  The person knows they have to pay for the gas to drive to work. The grocery store is a nightmare. People with food stamps and WIC are eating better than your family. You make too much for food stamps. You see a person with a cart loaded with food and wonder, would they be willing to pay for someone else’s  cart if you told them you have no food at home.  You try to make sure your children have a well- rounded meal each day.  You eat PB & J so they can have the fruit, vegetable and meat that you wanted to eat for dinner.  You pass people every day in your car, on your way to work with signs that say homeless, no job, need money. Are you any better off? You feel like telling them you to would like money for food. When school rolls around. Do you buy the supplies and forfeit that day, week or month of not eating nutritionally? You know a bag of chips is cheaper than apples. The chips will fill their stomachs longer. When people comment about Americans getting fatter, they should look at what we now can afford to eat. Keeping a job that you have been at for years with a steady income, no raises in site, is eating away of what we have left for our food. Insurance goes up, gas goes up, food prices go up, it is any wonder why we are having problems feeding our families?

We ponder what can we cut back on to save our money for food.  Credit cards gone(can’t  get use it to get food anymore when we are between pay days), can’t borrow from relatives(that opens up all kinds of comments and suggestions from them), is the food bank an option for middle America?

 What miniscule amount will it take to feed a child in America?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Using Drama in Writing:

People act stupid and say stupid things sometimes. People start unnecessary stuff just because they have no lives. But if anyone knows that the person they are starting stuff with, or disrespecting is a writer then they might as well shut up.

The writer in question could do things to them to make life unpleasant. Like using their words against them in future stories. Writers should realize that when people start drama to take notes. It could make a good story, and if anyone says negative stuff about you use it in a story so it will not bother you anymore.

Convince yourself it is your character getting upset about it instead of you. Problems are easier to deal with if you use that mentality. Also if you become famous thank them considering it is their fault for even saying that stuff in the first place. Using their words against them is the best part of being a writer. It makes them think twice about saying anything bad about you in the first place, but never use their  real names or appearances. Which is why instead of getting mad about the negativity and drama write about it. Also make it seem like you do not care about it in the first place. Use it then ignore them.

What do you do as a write to deal with drama? That is just something to think about. Writers remember do not get mad about it write it away! 

Until next time,


Friday, October 14, 2011

Blogging…and new ebook release:

I have been reading blog posts tons of them lately on the subject of blogging..Posts such as:

Those are just some examples of the many posts going on about why writers should or should not blog. Some saying it is dead or a waste of time. Some think that you should not do it if you want to become a bestseller. I love it personally. It is not a time waster for me since I love to read and write.

I love talking about the challenges of being a writer. The late nights dealing with inner demons. The insanity that comes with having too many characters in my head. I need caffeine like any writer does to write sometimes because I was up late the night before thinking a spider is in my bed. I love all aspects of being a writer which is why I blog about it.

I use blogging to showcase my work, talk about the writing progress and process, and talk about research topics for my writing. I love using blogs to network and talk to people. As I have said work and school keep me busy. I still am working on balance though, and I know I need to blog more. Blogging is also a time consuming activity, but it is well worth it.

What is your opinion on it? Why do you blog and why do you read others?

On another note my second ebook is out on Smashwords and Amazon. It is volume 1 of my poem collection titled The Dark Side of Human Nature. There are poems on hate, depression, anger, betrayal, and other dark subjects. I will have a volume 2 out, and it will be the opposite of the dark one, and feature the better side of human nature.

Here is the description for volume 1:

Death, betrayal, lies, abuse. Being controlled by someone you thought you loved. Bored and depressed with life. These are poems about the darker emotions of human nature. A time to deal with numbness, and the hardship of life. When you read about the world through the eyes of a person with thoughts this dark you will be happier with the life you have now. Of course there is always light, and hope for a better future to those that wait for a new day!

And here is the link to it:

I priced it $2.99. I thought that will be a good price since it has tons of poems in it. I hope you enjoyed my post, and I will try to blog more, and maybe see if I can blog on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Until Next Time,


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tour of Shadowmayne

This is part of a prompt I did in creative writing class. It is all one sentence, and I did a tour of Shadowmayne which is the city the Lady Black series is in.

The day is a pretty Friday night, in a town called Shadowmayne, clubs are filled with people, streets are busy with cars and more people, restaurants are busy, I walk the streets looking for danger, 38’s by my side to keep me and my dog safe from criminals, dressed in all black, eyes alert for danger, but I seem to be running into drunk people left and right, busy as usual, teens fill the place, families with children,
I go to the movie theater and mall with people crowding the place like jam packed sardines, my mind wanders to the xbox 360 game Dead Rising, the mall scene only no survivors instead they are all zombies, 

I look at the many stores Smoke by my side, Gothic R Us, Novelty Goodies, Books r awesome, Video Games Rule, Face Shop, Tweens Shop, Makeup Boutique, Beach Babes, Preps R Us, Skater Shop, Cool guys Rule, a knife and gun shop all filled with zombies, I mean people, it is all easy to imagine this as a Dead Rising game, I could break into the sword shop, and pull out a ketana, then I will have fun slicing and dicing all the zombies; I will even use a frying pan, a baseball bat, and more guns and bullets then the army allows, I have no idea why I thought of it.   

That is it, and I hope you enjoy it. The reason why I have not been posting often is because I have a job. It keeps me busy, and school does as well. I will post more once I have everything worked out, and once I get used to the schedule. I still hope I will be read by people even if I do not post as often as I used to.

Until next time,


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Writing and Insanity..

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Some of the most brilliant writers belong in insane asylums. Some do drugs or have abuse problems. A ton of them possess various psychological disorders. Does writing mean that your insane, and headed to the loony bin?

I would think not. As long as a writer can control it I doubt it would land people there. I also think that in order to come up with the stories there is a little bit of insanity in each writer to come up with all those amazing stories.

Also writers tend to have an overactive imagination at least I do. They have it more then non creative types. In a way it would not surprise me that some people like normal ones would not be able to handle it.

Normal people would not understand how hard it is to write a story when the character screams loudly in your head. Once writers learn how to control it though I doubt anyone will end up in the loony bin because of writing.

Any thoughts about writers and insanity?

Until next time,


Monday, September 26, 2011

Writing Prompts

In creative writing class we do prompts every period when we are not in workshop day. I find them to be helpful, and fun to do. They lead to new story ideas, and characters. New scenes to put in stories, and what can I say I love to write!

There is one book I am itching to get my hands on soon called Writing Fiction Step by Step: by Josip Novakovich. I love the book, and I borrowed it from the library. I skimmed through it, and noticed it has nothing but writing prompts and exercises. I loved it, and I hope to get it to try them out.

I will show you an example of a writing prompt that led me to plan another character for my book.

Prompt:Picture a  young girl on the road, how is she feeling? what does she look like? How can you tell her age besides her look? Is she sitting or standing? Why is she there? What does she have with her to make her valuable?

You are supposed to act like a camera lens for this exercise, and not show any inner emotions. The sentences are mixed up, and I might have left a few other things out. This is the end result:

A girl alone on the road: 18 years old running away from a witch coven. I can tell by how afraid she is, and she is sitting. She is scared Road in the middle of the desert. A witch trying to run away from a bad coven. She is going to meet with the good witches so they can save her. Has a book of powerful spells.

There is more, but you get the idea. Writing prompts can help you by making you come up with a new scene, characters, and  situations which is why I love using them. I will post more of my examples of the writing prompts I am doing especially when I buy Writing Fiction Step by Step By: Josip Novakovich. I will be reviewing that book, and in detail because it will help me as a writer.

Until next time,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Revenge?

Another thought occurred to me why write about revenge? It is a touchy subject to some people. One thing is for sure some people out there have all been wronged one way or another. People deal with ways over being wronged in different ways for instance I write about it. Some people have the gift of letting it go, and getting over it quickly. Some people don’t though. 

There are people that don’t think about how to get back at them and make them pay, but I do. It is not a good thing though to do that because some say it is giving them power over you.

The reason why people do not get revenge is simply because of fear that they will get sent to jail or worse. There are ways around it though if you think about it hard enough. If you write about it without using their names or appearances you can definitely get away with it. Some people do deserve to get their revenge. Bully victims should be able to get back at their aggressors because if they did less people would be bullied.

I love to write about revenge because there are many people out there that deserved to get it served to them. I write for the victims of bullying, and I write it because I am one of the writers crazy enough to go there. I love getting back at people.

I do not do it in real life because it is not worth it. Those people are not worth paying attention to either. I have it stay in the story world, and I love making stories where people get what they deserve because I see too many people in real life getting away with it.

I write about it to get back at those people who do mean things, and people who do crimes and get away with it.  My character loves getting back at people especially the mean high school girls who bully people to death to the point where the victims kill themselves. I have the most fun with revenge stories, and I will hopefully have a collection dedicated to revenge out soon. 

Until next time,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rage and Writing..

Rage and Writing:
I have been thinking about emotions. Ones like rage in particular. I have built up a lot over the years. After being bullied, lied to, backstabbed, betrayed, and controlled I built up pent up rage. Instead of being depressed. Rage made me hate people and crowds. The littlest thing used to set me off. I did not want to go to a psychologist because they did not help.

I had absolutely no way in my mind to deal with it. I told my mom everything, and that is when I found a way to deal with it. Mom told me to write about it, and I did.

Afterward I felt so much better because I finally found a way to deal with my rage. I am a lot better now because I turned it into something creative instead of destructive.

I can deal with crowds better, and the only time I hate people is when they are rude back. I rarely go into rage mode, and when I do I write out a scene where the person gets it, or I turn the situation around. I like to use writing as therapy, and it is way cheaper. Here is a helpful way to deal with rage:

1. Write down the situation and why it made you angry.

2. Then turn it around and make it the way you wanted it to go.

3. If it is a person that made you mad with rage use them in a story, and have them get what they deserve.

4. Laugh at the reason why you were like that especially if the person was not worth thinking about.

5. Tell yourself you have better things to do then letting a childish, immature person get to you.

Those are some of the steps I take to deal with it. How about you how do you deal with situations and people that fill you up with rage? How do you deal with it period?  

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Changing my story description..And other future blog posts.

Today I was thinking about my book, and the reason why it did not sell that much. I thought about my description, and realized how boring it sounded. I decided to change it. So it went from this:

The Killer Contract Agency, hires bully victims to eliminate and kill their tormentors. The Agency has invented a machine to predict how they grow up, and the bullies are members of the Malian race.

Salina was bullied to the point where she was almost killed, and the Agency finds her, and hires her to take them out one by one.

To this finally:
Salina was bullied too much, and The Killer Contract Agency invented a machine that can predict what people will grow up to become which is why they hired Salina. Her bullies are going to grow up to commit horrible crimes. Now she is allowed to get her revenge. Join her as she takes down 13 of the bullies on her hit list. Using various weapons and disguises to do the deeds. Thanks to the Killer Contract Agency she is now allowed to get her revenge without being sent to jail.

In other news there is a post coming up that lists all the writing related books I have, and I will be doing reviews on them as well. Another future blog post will be on writing prompts since I am taking a creative writing class, and we are doing writing prompts during class. The prompts are so fun I have used them as starting points for stories. I will list the prompt, and the work that I produce because of it.
Until next time,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Magazines for Writers

Good magazines for writers:

I have been getting a few writing related magazines for a while, and I think they have really good articles that are writing related. The two magazines I get are: The Writer and Writer’s Digest.

I love them both because of the helpful articles they have. I am going to do a separate review on both of them because I love them in their own ways. Some articles even feature advice from big time authors. The magazines give helpful tips regarding every part of the writing process such as plot, character, setting, and advice on query letters and sometimes handling rejections. I am taking my time with the review, and reviewing every issue I have to help you see why I cannot wait to get another issue of them.

Until next time,

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