Friday, June 24, 2011

I might be doing video game and online game reviews..

 I love video games, and I want to do a review on some of my favorite ones. The types of games I play are role-playing, hidden object, online role playing, first person shooters, and a few strategy games. I have been playing video games since the nintendo came out which is the first system I played on when I was little.
    I also play games on these consoles: Xbox 360, playstation 2, playstation 3. PC, Playstation portable, and  Nintendo DS. I will be talking about the kind of games I could play over and over again.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

After the manuscript for a novel is done...

Congratulations on completeing your first novel draft! That is a step ahead of the writers that have not finished it. I have finished mine as well, and now I am writing a query letter. After that I will send it out to agents, but hold your horses do not send  your manuscripts to agents until you have edited the novel. To make it the best it can be is the difference between an accepted or rejected novel. I have several books that will be helpful after the editing is done. In the mean time I am getting a book about Self-Editing, and I will read the book and let you know whether it will help you on your editing journey or not.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Review

       I anxiously waited to play this game when I realized another Duke Nukem game was coming out. I  previously played  the original Atomic Duke Nukem 3d when it was on DOS. I thought the characters were good, and I loved the weapons. I mostly loved the attitude, and the funny things Duke says.
        I just started playing Duke Nukem Forever a few days ago, and  I love it now more then I did the last one..This time the aliens are back impregnating women, and now it is up to Duke to stop them. From the aliens, to the guns, and everything in between. The critics however are being too brutal to the game. They do not like the graphics, okay the graphics are not as good as other games. The environment is 3D not 2D, and it looks more real. The graphics engine used made the game more spectacular. Duke Nukem 3d did not have good graphics back then either it was pixilated, so it is damn good compared to now.

       The game is a like a fun ride to go on, and there in nonstop action. The character is a smartass, and it is very fun to use the very weapons that made the original awesome. I love the game, and I will play it over and over again. It is that great of a game. The people who say otherwise as Duke Nukem would say, "Come get some." with lines like that the game is funny, entertaining, and too awesome to stop playing. Play it, and you will see how cool it really is. I even got my boyfriends opinion on it. This is what he said about the game, "The game took elements from the 3d game years ago, and the fun of interacting with the environment like peeing or drinking a beer even small things like drawing on a dry erase board. The game is very funny I think just blasting away at the enemies is still a fun Duke Nukem thing. I think this is what fans of the franchise were dreaming of. Newbies to the Duke Nukem games just need to play with an open mind, and then they may see this game for what it truly is. A really good dream of a shooter  as the Duke would say."
       There you go a fully interactive environment  makes the game even more wildly entertaining. Like sticking a rat in the microwave, and drinking, smoking, and the good thing is you can get more points for interacting in the form of points toward his ego. The ego recharges over time instead of using health packs. There are also various puzzles placed throughout the game like riding around on a car when your shrunk down to a ant. Places such as a strip club, a burger joint, a casino, and many more places that makes the game entertaining. The game is just amazing which is why I think the reviews Duke Nukem got were unfair, and it is now up to you to decide whether to get the game or not.

My Formal Introduction...

To Fellow Bloggers, Readers, and Writers,   
    I am a reader and a writer. I have been writing since the fifth grade. I am also an avid reader capable of burning through books to expand my array of vast knowledge. I originally created this blog to document my writing career.
    One day I looked at my pile of books that are capable of spanning an enitre wall. I thought to myself I have a huge pile of books, and I have never done reviews on them. I read an awful lot 2 to 3 books a week! Then I got an idea to read the books that stand out to me. Some are fiction others are nonfiction. Ranging in genres like paranormal romance, urban fantasy, books about writing, and metaphysical reference books. Tons of goodies that are amazing in their own way. Some of them I can read over and over again without getting sick of them. I want to review the books in my collection to show you some of the cool books out there. Sometimes I will do video game reviews if I think the critics gave the game unfair ratings. Come with me on the amazing book journey, and I will take you on a wild ride through awesome book terrain.
From The Writing Dreamer,
Ps. If you have any suggestions to make this blog better please leave me a comment they are greatly appreciated to make this blog rock!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Trying something new...

I have shelves full of books such as vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, paranormal romances, writing ones. Too many to count.. I love some of the books, and I think they are good. I Have a goal to do reviews on the ones that I recently read. I will have to finish one before I do a review. The books will be relating to vampire books, werewolf ones, Some are about writing. Others on metaphysical topics. See you next time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reality of being a Writer..

       Being a writer is not always easy especially if you are starting out. There are so many new things to learn about like blogging, using the social networks called twitter, facebook,  learning how to network... The list goes on, and on. Some writers give up because it is so overwhelming, but the truth is the more you practice at it the better you get. Sometimes you stay up late at night wired on voltage, and head full of ideas. Sometimes you really do not feel like writing, and only reading which is okay.

The point to all the late night writing sometimes is publication, and the end result of finishing something. To me that is the ultimate goal with why I am writing getting published, and changing the world with my view. I have already completed a novel, and I am in the stages of editing. It took me 4 years off and on for  the rough draft of it. A lot of revisions I have to go through, and many more to go as of now. I am going to finish editing, and then after that I will type a query letter. The query letter is a letter to a literary agent, or publisher about your novel. You also have to worry about making the agent hooked enough to read. I have a pretty good idea of who I want to query. Research is another part of writing, and finding the agent to send your letter to.
      To all aspiring writers out there do not give up the dream of getting published, and having your book end up on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. That is all for now, and I will keep you updated as I try to get published.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reasons to be a writer..

I thought about why anyone should want to be a writer, and here are the reasons.
1. You can set your own hours.
2. It can be done anywhere with a pen/paper or laptop.
3. It can be amusing at times
4. You can change what you do not like about the world or situations
5. Writing is theraputic, and a way to get the creative juices flowing.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tv Shows, Books, and Video Games oh my!

I have been staying away from the computer, and relaxing while watching mindless tv shows. I love the new teen wolf series on mtv. It was better then the classic movie. I watch Choppped a tv show where contestants compete to win 10,000 dollars. It is a very good show that comes on tuesdays at 10 on the food network.
Top Chef Master is always a favorite with chefs winning money for the charity, and competeing to win Top Chef masters, and 100,000 for their charity of choice.
The Next Food Network star is also a show I watch, and contestants compete to win a show on the food network. I love the challenges they have to do.

The shows I watch are good, but I cannot wait for True Blood. Season 4 is the season with witches, and the book for 4 is called Dead To The World. I hope they follow the story line.
I am re-reading The Summoning, The Awakening, and The Reckoning, by Kelley Armstrong. The main character is Chloe Saunders who is a necromancer running away from the people that genetically altered her powers. I forgot how good it was until now.
 As for video games I am anxiously waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, and Elder Scrolls Skyrim.
Duke Nukem Forever takes place where the last Duke left off. The earth is once again taken over by Aliens, and it is up to Duke to kick ass and take names. I played the demo, and it was better then I imagined. The graphics are surreal, and very good. I saw some of the monsters like the pig cops who are better then the original. I even saw a baby octobrain, and the face suckers are done really well. I loved the guns like the shrink ray.  The shotguns are there as well as some of the classic Duke Nukem guns. If the demo was good then the game will be even more awesome.
Elder Scrolls Skyrim takes place after Oblivion. This time there are real dragons in the main story. You can dual weild magic and weapons which is a very cool feature. The trailers are awesome in describing what has changed about the game, and so much has been added to the game that I want it to come out now. There are weather changes, more spells, leveling up is different, and more characters. The graphics are way cooler this time around.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Turning the past into writing.

I used to be obssessed with the past. I used to think how I could have done things differently as if I could go back in time, and change things. I thought if I change this then that would not have happened, and I would have felt this way. I wanted at one point to try to change things, but that did not work everytime I tried to something else would go wrong. I stopped thinking about getting even at certain people because it would not have changed things. I could also get in trouble, and ruining everything for revenge would not be worth it. I would loose everything friends, family, jobs, and it would not be worth the trouble. Today I thought about the past for a good reason, and it made me come up with more depth for my story. More ways to use it as a catalyst for better things. I used all the emotions from my past into fuel for writing. Writing helps you tap into using the past as a jumping off point to help your writing. All the emotions that I felt I used in my stories. I wrote characters in some of the situations I went through, and changed it. Try it though, and you will see how the past can help you with your writing. That is what being a writer is about using the past as inspiration.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

X men First Class Review..

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing X men First Class the first day. It was a Friday in the afternoon, so it was not as crowded as it could have been. I saw the previews, so I was excited going into it.

It opened with the holocaust which is not surprising considering Magneto was a jew, and he got separated from his parents. Michael Fassbender played Erik also known as Magneto. Michael also played Azazeal in HEX. I thought it would be a good movie once I saw him becuase he is a really good actor. James McAvoy played Xavier really well, and the rest of the cast was really good at playing the characters.

The whole plot was about the begining of the X men academy. It did not get boring one bit, and the history was so well integrated that it was very cool to watch the story unfold. I loved it, and it was awesome. If you want to hold back seeing it dont because it was just that good, and the action kept going. They also had new powers added to it, and if they really did exist then that would be cool. I recommend buying it because this is how the X-men were started. This is how magneto and Xavier first met, and it was one of the movies to get if you absolutely loved series.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To Literary Agents that love paranormal romances..


Synopsis for Blood Fire & Moon Watch :

Serena Starfire is an adopted telekinetic with no idea she is a Skylon. Skylons are A race of superhuman that can only come into their powers with a bond to a werewolf or vampire, and they transform into warriors that are invulnerable and strong. Her best friend Crystal is a Waterlon who can control the elements and teleport. She has to have a ceremony like Serena as well, and as her guardian she is keeping Serena in the dark to keep her safe from an evil sorcerer. When Serena notices four transfer hotties at her school she knew nothing about. It leads to an investigation that starts her on a journey that leads to her finding out who she is…

      Oliver Scott is a werewolf from the Wolf Thunderstorm clan sent to Solar Cosmo to attend school, and find the werewolf hunter on the loose. At least he has Allesha the werewolf he is promised to come back to, and his techno friend Tolfin Martin to help him along the way. Once he meets Serena though he might have found the girl that was meant for him… Or the one that would make him runaway from everything he has known.

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