Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why I have waited long to post..

     Right now I am at a new beginning in my life. I just got laid off from work because of a lack of funding, and I still have school until July 20th. I have something brewing up for a while now in my head. I am currently working on two eBooks.

One is a collection of my poems, and one is a collection of my short stories and essays. I already have an artist to do the cover considering I know he is good at it. My goal is to have the collections done by the end of summer.

I am going to be uploading them to Smashwords, and selling them for $5.00. I plan on having the collections for the kindle, and the Nook. I want to get an agents attention with them. I also want to go back to school saying, “Hi, my name is Wolfdreamer25, and I am a self-published E-Book author.” That is my goal for the summer, and hopefully I can make enough to use that as my job instead of getting a boring 9 to 5 job.

That is all for now thanks for reading this,


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