Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Nightmare of hurricane Irene..

August 27, 2011 was supposed to be a normal day. One that involved playing video games, tv, and finishing up my story. I did not freak out about the hurricane because I did not think it was going to be that bad. I thought it was going to be like a normal thunder storm.

I was really wrong in thinking that. The damn hurricane was awful. The wind sounded like trees were going to fall down at any moment. Rain was flooding the entire ground making trees so loose wind could topple it over. It was so scary my heart leapt out of my chest every time I heard a thud.

Trees are getting knocked over every half hour. Cars are hydroplaning left and right on the street. People have been killed. Several million without power. I have never seen it that bad period maybe Katrina and Isabelle were worse.

After it was over the grocery stores are horrible with people crowding to buy food. Since the power went out people had to worry about using flashlights since the electricity is out. Food in the fridge and freezers had to be thrown out since they thawed, and then were frozen again because of the cold coming back on.

I went out in the storm at one point because I thought someone’s house was on fire. There was a fire, but not the house I thought it was. I ran which was a mistake because all the adrenaline running through me, and panic made me sick later.

I was one of the houses that lost power. That same day a funny thing happened. I heard a buzzing when I was in my boyfriend’s house. An insect was stuck in my hair, and when I got it out it turned out to be a huge hornet. I did not get stung though. I was lucky that day despite the hurricane. I did not panic when it happened because I had all I could take that day.

I am grateful to have the power back on now. I took it for granted and let material things become more important than the basics. Food, clothing, shelter, a house, even a warm bath are all necessities. I missed having the internet at my house. I am learning to be more grateful for the stuff I have now. 

I did spend a few days with my boyfriend at his house, and it taught me tons of interesting bits of information. I learned how to clean and pack. I learned how to survive a natural disaster, and these experiences will help me become a better writer. I learned more in these last few days then I ever have learned in school.

Until next time,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Redoing my blog topics...

Redoing my blog topics:

After some thinking about my blog. I realized my blog is all over the place. I am jumping from topic to topic, and doing too many topics at once. I was going to review movies, tv shows, and video games.

I thought about why I did my blog, and what it is supposed to be about. I have decided on this. No TVs shows, movies, or video games for no reason unless it has to do with some part of the writing process. The blog will have writing posts, and book reviews on writing books.

I read them, and I have quite a collection, so that is what I am doing some posts on in between the writing process ones. It does not make any sense to have video game, tv shows, and movie reviews if it has nothing to do with writing. I hope you like my changes.
Until next time,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Writers and Second Life...

Writers and Second Life:

I play on second life. It is an online role-playing game that gives you a chance to be who you want to be. A chance at a second life basically. I love it because you can meet new people, and network. I even found some groups that will allow a writer to sell their work. It is a really good online community to get involved with because of all the activities you can do.

I am part of a group called The Wolves Den. The leader of it named Jami Titanium started doing writer sprints. It is basically where we meet at a certain time, and a timer is set for 15 minutes. A prompt is given, and we have to write about it when the timer starts. After the 15 minutes is done then the people give feedback about the things they have written.

It has helped me with my writing, and I love going to them. It is something for writers to look into, and it could really help them with their writing. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Smashwords Experience..

It took me time to write out my experience, and a few ebooks to get from the actual website is: The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide and The Smashwords Style Guide they are both free, but they tell you the basics of ebook publishing with their website.

Here is my experience:

My Smashwords Experience
After tons of research on e-publishing I decided to use Smahwords as my ebook distributor. It was not an easy task.

I had to spend days  getting everything right. That means creating the story. Editing, and finding an editor to make my work shine. I had to find someone to help me create a good ebook cover. Thankfully I have my friend Eyvonne who is a very talented artist. She made the cover.

After everything was said and done I had to upload the cover as a .jpeg file, and the text of the story as a word .doc. I had to wait as it was converted to all the different formats. Then it kept having issues with the document, and it took me 4 times to correct it. After it was done it was published, and I had yet to get it into the premium catalogue there.

The premium catalogue:

Here is a quote on what the premium catalogue is from the Smashwords website: “Premium Catalog (Reaches Major Retailers): Once your book is accepted into the Premium Catalog, we automatically distribute it to major online retailers such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Borders Australia and Angus & Robertson Australia (both powered by Kobo), Whitcoulls (New Zealand, powered by Kobo), the Diesel eBook Store and other distribution outlets coming soon. On May 4, 2011, we announced a distribution agreement with ScrollMotion which will make all Premium Catalog titles available as single-book apps for sale in the major mobile app marketplaces (click here to see announcement) including Apple, Android, Windows Phone 7 and HP's WebOS.”

I made all the changes to my stuff, and I have yet to make it in. After that was done I uploaded my short story ebook to the kindle  website, and filled out the information to sell it there.  After all that was done it was time to market it. I have yet to figure out how to properly do it since I just started. That is my experience, and it thrills me to not end to announce to my friends that I am a published author. I am also happy to see my book at different places.

I hope you found it helpful, and I am just starting out with it. I hope we talk again.

Until next time,

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Killer Contract Agency

The Killer Contract Agency, hires bully victims to eliminate and kill their tormentors. The Agency has invented a machine to predict how they grow up, and the bullies are members of the Malian race.

Salina was bullied to the point where she was almost killed, and the Agency finds her, and hires her to take them out one by one.

This is a short story, and it will be a part of The Killer Contract Agency series.

Here is Chapter 1 of the second book:
Die Bullies! Die!
By: Jessica Samuels

                              Chapter 1
People say that words have no power, and that they cannot hurt you. They lie. Words can cut you up, and sometimes make you wish you were dead. They have the power to hurt you to the point where it feels like a kick. It feels like a part of you died the moment you heard their cruel, unkind, vicious words. Words have the power to embarrass you to the point where people call you names everywhere you walk. It can make people talk, so bad about you that you kill yourself, or have to switch schools because their words are that bad. Bad enough to turn people against you, and make you have no friends. 

The people who do this have a name Bullies. I went through hell in elementary, middle, and high school because of them. All the things they put me through are nothing compared to the hell I can make them face. People say to let it go, but I cannot put up with people like them because they deserve to die! They deserve to burn in hell. Calling me names, beating me up, raping me, threatening to kill me and my family. Spreading rumors about me. It is not just me that this happened to, but they steal, kill, rape, assault, and countless of other crimes they have never been caught for until now. I am their demise, and I want my revenge!  

I washed the blood of my enemies off my hands. I dried them off, and sat on my black leather chair in Stephan’s apartment.  I thought about my life. I thought about what led me astray from the path to the light. Only one word comes to mind. Bullies the people who turned my good natured-ness into wanting vengeance I blame them. The same assholes who pushed me, so much that I had to kill them. I wrapped a soft-blue quilt around me while I held a hot cup of chocolate that Stephan made me. I took a sip of the liquid that warmed me up inside. 

Sitting by the warm roaring orange fire made me relax. I pondered about things, and I thought about how all this started. I still can’t believe Stephan Silorne accepts me despite what I did to all these people. I still don’t care that I killed them. They deserved what they got, and I feel like I did a community service by getting rid of them. As I watched them take their last breath before they died I felt nothing. I do not feel anything towards it my anger and rage died with the last asshole. I should feel something like regret or guilt, but I don’t. I am Scarlet NightShade, and this is my story of how I dealt with my bullies. I am a vampire now, and this is my story of before when I was human. I deal with demons and bad creatures, and not pathetic high school bullies that need to grow up. I am probably getting ahead of myself again. I still have issues at least that is what Stephan keeps telling me. So without further ranting here is my story, and I hope you learn that killing the way I did is not how you handle bullies. Rather then follow my path and possibly end up in jail. Ignore them because they will get theirs eventually. Suicide is not the answer either.
I hoped you like a little teaser of the book, and it will be better as I go along.
Until next time,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My First Ebook..

My First Ebook:

I am happy to say that I am now a published author. I self-published through Smashwords, and made the ebook $1.99. It is an amazing feeling knowing my work is out there. The hard part is going to be marketing because I have no idea how to go about doing it. I am glad that I achieved my goal of publishing before I started school.

I still have four more to go until I tackle the bigger projects. I am working on the short story ebooks, and the poem ones. I hope to be done with all of them by the end of the fall semester. After that I am knocking out the novel to the second book in The Killer Contract Agency series.

Until next time,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Self-publishing ebooks..

Self-publishing Ebooks:
These past few weeks I have been gearing up to self-publish my first ebook with Smashwords, and I have at least four more to go for now. I doubt I need an agent for short stories or poems. I am going to query an agent for my first novel though, and I want to go the traditional way for my first novel.

I have learned a lot by creating my first ebook, and it is a short story about a girl named Salina who gets bullied to the point where she gets hired by The Killer Contract Agency. It is a fun story, and she goes after 13 people. I had to type it by myself. The idea of it was not hard because I created the story in high school. I had to type it, and my aunt edited it since she has experience editing. I got my friend to create the cover, and I am waiting to get it.
Creating an ebook is a lot of work. There is the idea you want to do. The typing and editing that is involved after that, and creating a good book cover, and putting it on the site. It will be on Smashwords for $0.99. I will do a separate post on marketing as soon as the book is up.

Until Next Time,


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Writing, guns, and superheroes Oh My!

The Fun of Writing Research:

These past few days have got me thinking about how bad this society has been. People not helping others in the street, and saying they deserve what they get. My research for this next story has led me to Superheroes. I watched a documentary on HBO that chronicled Superheroes, and I was amazed. They help the homeless, and come in contact with real criminals without harmful weapons. I wish society had more of them instead of the people out there now a days. The people who do nothing while watching someone choke, and the people who walk by when someone else has fallen.
 My latest stories have even led me to research guns, and conceal carry. I have read all kinds of things on it, and that people are afraid of weapons because of the horror stories about it. I see no issue with it, and I want to conceal carry eventually because it can protect me from rapists and pedophiles. It can act as a useful tool of protection. Cops do not like it I noticed, but they should take a better look outside because I see stuff they don’t.  I see people who will stand by while a person gets murdered, and I have heard people ignore the screaming of victims. That is another reason why real superheroes help people, but they do not carry guns.

All this research has led me to craft the next story I am working on with guns, superheroes, and helping people. In the mean time I am doing more heavy research on it all to make people take notice. Maybe it will change someone’s mind about weapons, and superheroes.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogs To Follow for writers.

Hey everyone,

I have been busy doing tons of research on blogging, and following blogs. I love following author blogs especially, and some of them are really helpful to me. Some I follow constantly, and I am keeping this post short. I am giving you the top five blogs I follow.

1. Called It's a Mystery By: .
I just started following this recently because of the helpful insights she gives in the writing process. Like these articles: and

2. The blog By: Nathan Bransford because he gives really good advice to writers. Like these two articles: and

He writes insightful articles about the writing process. Querying, finding agents, and book promotions are a few of the topics, but there is a lot more that I find helpful on his blog.

3. By: Rachel Gardner.

The blog is run by a literary agent named Rachel Gardner, and it is very helpful to writers looking for literary agent advice. She gives tons of advice about getting published and finding an agent. some examples of the articles I find helpful are: and I read her blog articles every time a new one comes out. It is helpful to read about a blog from a literary agent that actively takes on clients.

4. Life on The Fringe By: Yasmine Galenorn

I love reading her books, and I became a fan of her blog before that. She is very successful in my eyes, and I hope to be as good as her one day. I love reading about her life because she gives insight into the world of the writing process. She is not afraid to write about sex either. A few of her insightful articles are:
I love coming back to the blog to see her latest posts, and there are more helpful articles. Just read and you will find out what I mean.

5. From Sarah, With Joy: By Sarah Allen

She is a writer, and I love reading her blog because she writes really good and helpful posts.  She is also very friendly, and she was nice enough to let me guest post on her blog. A few of the articles I find helpful are:

These are just a few of the good articles she has to offer, and there are plenty more where that came from. What about you what are your favorite blogs, and would you like me to review yours, and write about it?

Until next time,

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Beginnings

I have discovered why I have been feeling so down lately. I have not been working, and that is actually the situation that has upset me the most. I need to work in order to make money, and it keeps me busy. It still bugs me to be at home without school and work. I will be happier once I start school, and get a job. I will still write everyday, so that will not stop. It is still depressing at times, and I feel like my life is going nowhere.
 I have stopped thinking that way though because I know what I have to do now. I am going to continue to work on the ebooks. Work on writing and editing. I am going to make ebook videos to promote my work. Things will get better when I get a job, and start school. I will soon finish editing my novel, write a query letter, and hopefully get an agent, and then a publisher.
Until next time,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Unique for you my new online store...

                           Unique for You is now ready:
I have been working on this for 3 days, and now I finally got it to where I want it. I am using this post to introduce the store better. My bio is not on there, so it will be right here:

About me: I am a reader, writer, blogger, video gamer, researcher, target shooter, and a unique individual. I have a personal style that reflects me as a person.

Personal quote: Do not let negativity and fear get in the way of your dreams.

My shop has 8 sections that have a topic, and sayings from that theme. These are some of the saying themes I have at my shop in 8 sections. I will also give you a sample of the sayings, and you can find the link to my private shop at the bottom.

Journal and notes: This section I made strictly for journal themed sayings such as: “Experiments for trouble in here” “Enemies beware I am planning in here”

Funny sayings section for funny and inspirational sayings such as: “Give me coffee, and I will be nicer” and “Got problems? Talk to someone who cares”

Books section for good books sayings such as: “Books are my guilty pleasure” and “Read books. Gain knowledge. Stay off drugs.”

Animals sayings dealing with cats and guinea pigs such as: “Got catnip?” and “I love to cuddle with my cats”

Caution sayings that are funny, and make you think twice such as: “Caution: Not a morning person talk to me at your own risk.” And “Caution: Head in the clouds, and will run into things”

Video games and dreams section for some fun sayings such as: “Life is like a video games, except you do not get points for running people over.” and  “Video games are better than reality!”

Drama sayings section for the people that love to cause drama: “Drama and gossip is an excuse to escape boring lives” and “Spread love not rumors”

Guns sayings for the target shooter and gun fanatic such as: “Smart people learn to shoot zombies” and “Use a pink 38 revolver, and criminals will be too busy laughing to hurt you”

 A Writing section that features sayings dealing with being a writer like: “Writing is like therapy minus the bills.” And “I wrote my first ebook. Ask me about it.”

The store is supposed to be a fun sayings store, and you can find the sayings on mouse pads, journals, t-shirts, and the like. I thought not only about the consumer, and I also thought what would I like if I was one. I doubt you will be able to find a store like the one I came up with. I hope you like it, and that you will tell the people you know about it to get the word around. I would not mind taking positive suggestions, or changing the colors, or products. You may find something for everyone whether it is for animal, writer, gun, or book lovers. I hope you enjoy the store.

Shop link:

Monday, August 1, 2011

My writing dream..

 Once I hit the big time with my writing I am designing the writing space of my dreams. I am getting a new desk and chairs. A new desktop to keep all my writing stuff on. I am getting a mac book for a back up laptop. An ipad for on the go, and a kindle to keep all my ebooks on. I even want to paint my office silver.

That is going to be happening when I become very successful with my writing. If you had an ideal office space like if you made it big how would you design yours, and had the money to design it the way you wanted to?

My latest news..

New idea for a writing job:
I have discovered a new way to try to make money designing t-shirts, journals, stickers etc. I looked at the stuff on the site before, but I had no idea that you could design things for it. The website is called Cafepress, and it is a website that lets you design and personalizes various items like shirts, mugs, water bottles, the list goes on and on. I read up on how to do the designing, and it turned out they have a plan where it is free except for taking out 10% of royalties. I find that a fair trade considering they does everything for you except the design.
Right now I am in the midst of designing the store, and its contents. I am still working on editing my first novel, typing and creating my eBooks. On top of all that I am looking for a job. I will update you on how the store is coming along, and I will write a post when the store is online.
Until next time,

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