Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Self-publishing ebooks..

Self-publishing Ebooks:
These past few weeks I have been gearing up to self-publish my first ebook with Smashwords, and I have at least four more to go for now. I doubt I need an agent for short stories or poems. I am going to query an agent for my first novel though, and I want to go the traditional way for my first novel.

I have learned a lot by creating my first ebook, and it is a short story about a girl named Salina who gets bullied to the point where she gets hired by The Killer Contract Agency. It is a fun story, and she goes after 13 people. I had to type it by myself. The idea of it was not hard because I created the story in high school. I had to type it, and my aunt edited it since she has experience editing. I got my friend to create the cover, and I am waiting to get it.
Creating an ebook is a lot of work. There is the idea you want to do. The typing and editing that is involved after that, and creating a good book cover, and putting it on the site. It will be on Smashwords for $0.99. I will do a separate post on marketing as soon as the book is up.

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