Saturday, May 28, 2011

20 things people do that annoy me..

I thought this would be a fun thing to do, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one annoyed by these things as well.
1. Mean gossip because it is a stupid waste of time.
2.The people who cut you off when you are driving, and the people who tail you.
3. The nosey people who get in your business when you did not invite them.
4. People who pretend to be your friend, and talk about you behind your back.
5. People who act like immature morons when they are too old to do it.
6. People who are intolerant of other races, religions, or think that boys are better then girls when girls can kick ass!
7. People who  comment to be mean honestly do you think I care about that stuff? Grow up.
8. People who think they are better then other people, and act like they are all that when they will not matter 5 to 10 years down the line.
9. Dumb questions like Are you really jewish? Said in a tone that makes me sound like a freak or alien.
10. People who are stupid enough to underestimate short people because short people can kick major ass! Stop being stupid, by putting limits on us.
11. People who keep things from you especially if you are dating them.
12. Everything annoys me sometimes.
13. People who look over my shoulder when I am writing. If you ask that is okay, but not if you do that uninvited.
14. People who talk about other people in a bad way, and do it within hearing distance of the person. People like that are just too sad for words, and a waste of time talking to.
15.  People who do immoral things, and expect to get away with it when they are going to be caught eventually.
16. People who rudely push and shove other people out of the way without saying sorry.
17.  Guys or girls who cheat on the person they are dating instead of talking their issues out.
18. Negative people who are stupid enough to try to bring you down, and get in your way of succeding.
19. The people who talk on the phone or text while driving seriously do those people want to get in an accident?
20. People who think they could do your job better then you could.
 To everyone who reads this:
What do you find annoying that people do?

Friday, May 27, 2011

My ultimate goal..

Since I only have a month to go for my job. I will focus on writing and school for now. I will not worry about getting a job because I will focus on getting things going with my writing career. Before I worry about a job though I am hoping to get enough exposure with my writing to get a job in that field. That is what I will focus on because I do not want to work in retail, or  the food industry. I can choose what job I want, but I will have to find a way to support myself through writing. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

22 Things I do whenever I Procrastinate..

1. Daydream
2. Write
3. Video games
4. Go on addicting Websites
5. Read
6. Everything but the thing I am supposed to do.
7. Think about something other then the thing I have to do.
8. Watch people and thank god I am not getting beat up for staring. lol
9. Watch reality television shows, and laugh at the funny situations people there get into.
10.  Admire the weather
11. Go very slow with the thing I have to do.
12. Do easy fun things first.
13. Surf the internet
14. Day dream more
15. Try to look busy even if I am not busy at all
16. Talk
17. Stare into space
18. Get bored of doing the thing I am procrastinating for, and do something else.
19. Watch mindless cartoons.
20. Yell at traffic when I drive because of the stupid driving people are doing.
21. Worry about the things I have to do besides the things I am doing.
22. Have a headache, and make excuses not to do the thing. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011


 Salina cried for the last time that day. She was lonely, and watching a romance movie as usual. The movie went on about love and relationships, and she realized how lonely she was. Her ex left her a few days ago, and she found out he had already moved on was in a relationship, and on top of that moving in with the girl.
        She cried a few more hours, and went to  a nearby bar to drown her sorrows. She sat down ordered a drink, and spotted a very attractive man looking at her spiked brown hair, brown eyes with a devilish glint in his eyes. He was encased from head to toe in leather with a 45 on his side and a total bad boy he was just her type. She felt a whole lot better and her ex was completely forgotten. She got even more excited when the guy sat next to her. “Why are you sad pretty lady?”

        She told him the story abour her troubled past. “Wow, what a jerk. I really do not understand how a rotten guy like him got you in the first place, and he is so assholish for doing that to a hot young thing as well. He did not deserve you at all. He especially did not deserve an attractive girl like you anyway.Guys like him are better off chasing jailbait, and screwing underages then a mature female like you.  My name is Chip Stevenson by the way.” They both shook hands, and Salina felt like the happiest girl in the world, and best of all he was more attractive, muscular, and taller than her ex. He was the most sexiest guy on the planet. She forgot about her ex then right, and there because of the gorgeous hunk talking to her. He seemed like a total dream boat, attentive, understanding, and patient. 

        Chip continued to talk, “I am a Hollywood producer that is my job, and I was looking for a girl like you to play the main lead. This is the whole plot: A sexy vampire hunter falls in love with a vampire.” She thought about it and replied, “Yes.” After all things like this happen once in a life time, and she did not want to pass up on the opportunity it. She also wanted to work with, and get closer to Chip.
Chip flew her to Hollywood, and she went on to make millions and millions of dollars. She got married to Cip, and had 3 beautiful children.
  And her ex.. He ended up with no girlfriend because she cheated on him with another guy. No job because he was too lazy to get a real one. No family because they abandoned him for his treatment of his past girlfriends. He wound up lonely and miserable for the rest of his life. Until an ex girlfriend found him, and shot him to death for treating her that bad.
The End!
Guys treat your girls with respect so you do not end up like him!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Revenge on bullies, and why it is not worth it..

I was bullied in elementary, middle, and high school. They were awful people who would name call, spread rumors, and stab me in the back. I no longer think about getting back at them though. Telling them how I feel about what they did would really give them attention that they do not deserve.

I read articles on the internet on people facing the same thing I did. I wish I could tell them to ignore it. The bullies will not matter once you get to college. I saw the people who bullied me, and I feel sorry for them because they must be miserable. They are not worth thinking about, or talking to because people have better things to do then obsess about jerks.

People bully to get attention, and that is the main reason why they do it. If you ignore them then your not paying them any attention at all.

The Writer That Got Revenge...

Melody was writing furiously in her notebook. She was in class not paying attention, but writing always writing. She could feel some of the students looking at her paper. She ignored it though, but she thought it was mildly irritating because she was not done yet. She hates people looking over shoulders if she is writing an unfinished story. Sometimes people ignored her, and looked at the teacher. There were always a few that got on her nerves.
There were also girls that thought they were all that in one of  her classes. Laughing at her furiously writing in class all the time. She had a deadline to make, and she would sometimes get distracted with the girls who would laugh at her. Mean girls she would think. She continued day after day furiously writing. She was good in her classes as well a straight A student.

5 days..

10 days..

She turned in her stories only to have the publisher send it back. “It is too obsessed with hating people and gossip.” She was furious those bitches killed one of her chances, so she tried to get even. She snuck in class before the bell, and way before the mean girls got there. She filled a bucket with blue the color of the ocean paint, and hid behind the door. She waited until they got there then spilled it all over their heads.
She came out from behind the door laughing. The girls went home

that day never to laugh at her again.

She wound up writing the tale she worked furiously on, and became a published  author.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writing and working..

I have passed my classes for the spring, but I have not been writing that much. It sucks to not have a ton of time to write. I have a bunch of ideas to write about like video games, book reviews, and beginnings of stories. I have ideas for novels as well. I should be happy to have everything I want, but I am missing a few things. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My events...

I have been offline for a while because of school. I have finals on the 10, and have been studying for them. After the finals I will have time to straighten up my room, and write more now. I am going back to studying, so I can finish the school year with good grades.

Rude Customer Stories...

I really wish I didn't have to post this, but it's too important for me not to. I had a horrible person yesterday and not only...