Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guest Post by a concerned Mom..

I read the article written by a concerned mom, and I know this is a problem in today's middle income in america. Which is why I wanted the mom to guest post on my blog. It is well written by someone who is worried about feeding her family in today's economy. 

I hope take this concern to heart. 

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The Unknown faces of Hunger in America

They could be the person sitting right next to you. You would never know it by looking at them. They have a good job, stable home, seemingly loving family, mid-size car. All of things we normally see on the outside of a middle income working American.  However, every day they wonder, will I have enough on my next pay check to feed my family.  The person knows they have to pay for the gas to drive to work. The grocery store is a nightmare. People with food stamps and WIC are eating better than your family. You make too much for food stamps. You see a person with a cart loaded with food and wonder, would they be willing to pay for someone else’s  cart if you told them you have no food at home.  You try to make sure your children have a well- rounded meal each day.  You eat PB & J so they can have the fruit, vegetable and meat that you wanted to eat for dinner.  You pass people every day in your car, on your way to work with signs that say homeless, no job, need money. Are you any better off? You feel like telling them you to would like money for food. When school rolls around. Do you buy the supplies and forfeit that day, week or month of not eating nutritionally? You know a bag of chips is cheaper than apples. The chips will fill their stomachs longer. When people comment about Americans getting fatter, they should look at what we now can afford to eat. Keeping a job that you have been at for years with a steady income, no raises in site, is eating away of what we have left for our food. Insurance goes up, gas goes up, food prices go up, it is any wonder why we are having problems feeding our families?

We ponder what can we cut back on to save our money for food.  Credit cards gone(can’t  get use it to get food anymore when we are between pay days), can’t borrow from relatives(that opens up all kinds of comments and suggestions from them), is the food bank an option for middle America?

 What miniscule amount will it take to feed a child in America?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Using Drama in Writing:

People act stupid and say stupid things sometimes. People start unnecessary stuff just because they have no lives. But if anyone knows that the person they are starting stuff with, or disrespecting is a writer then they might as well shut up.

The writer in question could do things to them to make life unpleasant. Like using their words against them in future stories. Writers should realize that when people start drama to take notes. It could make a good story, and if anyone says negative stuff about you use it in a story so it will not bother you anymore.

Convince yourself it is your character getting upset about it instead of you. Problems are easier to deal with if you use that mentality. Also if you become famous thank them considering it is their fault for even saying that stuff in the first place. Using their words against them is the best part of being a writer. It makes them think twice about saying anything bad about you in the first place, but never use their  real names or appearances. Which is why instead of getting mad about the negativity and drama write about it. Also make it seem like you do not care about it in the first place. Use it then ignore them.

What do you do as a write to deal with drama? That is just something to think about. Writers remember do not get mad about it write it away! 

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Blogging…and new ebook release:

I have been reading blog posts tons of them lately on the subject of blogging..Posts such as:

Those are just some examples of the many posts going on about why writers should or should not blog. Some saying it is dead or a waste of time. Some think that you should not do it if you want to become a bestseller. I love it personally. It is not a time waster for me since I love to read and write.

I love talking about the challenges of being a writer. The late nights dealing with inner demons. The insanity that comes with having too many characters in my head. I need caffeine like any writer does to write sometimes because I was up late the night before thinking a spider is in my bed. I love all aspects of being a writer which is why I blog about it.

I use blogging to showcase my work, talk about the writing progress and process, and talk about research topics for my writing. I love using blogs to network and talk to people. As I have said work and school keep me busy. I still am working on balance though, and I know I need to blog more. Blogging is also a time consuming activity, but it is well worth it.

What is your opinion on it? Why do you blog and why do you read others?

On another note my second ebook is out on Smashwords and Amazon. It is volume 1 of my poem collection titled The Dark Side of Human Nature. There are poems on hate, depression, anger, betrayal, and other dark subjects. I will have a volume 2 out, and it will be the opposite of the dark one, and feature the better side of human nature.

Here is the description for volume 1:

Death, betrayal, lies, abuse. Being controlled by someone you thought you loved. Bored and depressed with life. These are poems about the darker emotions of human nature. A time to deal with numbness, and the hardship of life. When you read about the world through the eyes of a person with thoughts this dark you will be happier with the life you have now. Of course there is always light, and hope for a better future to those that wait for a new day!

And here is the link to it:

I priced it $2.99. I thought that will be a good price since it has tons of poems in it. I hope you enjoyed my post, and I will try to blog more, and maybe see if I can blog on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tour of Shadowmayne

This is part of a prompt I did in creative writing class. It is all one sentence, and I did a tour of Shadowmayne which is the city the Lady Black series is in.

The day is a pretty Friday night, in a town called Shadowmayne, clubs are filled with people, streets are busy with cars and more people, restaurants are busy, I walk the streets looking for danger, 38’s by my side to keep me and my dog safe from criminals, dressed in all black, eyes alert for danger, but I seem to be running into drunk people left and right, busy as usual, teens fill the place, families with children,
I go to the movie theater and mall with people crowding the place like jam packed sardines, my mind wanders to the xbox 360 game Dead Rising, the mall scene only no survivors instead they are all zombies, 

I look at the many stores Smoke by my side, Gothic R Us, Novelty Goodies, Books r awesome, Video Games Rule, Face Shop, Tweens Shop, Makeup Boutique, Beach Babes, Preps R Us, Skater Shop, Cool guys Rule, a knife and gun shop all filled with zombies, I mean people, it is all easy to imagine this as a Dead Rising game, I could break into the sword shop, and pull out a ketana, then I will have fun slicing and dicing all the zombies; I will even use a frying pan, a baseball bat, and more guns and bullets then the army allows, I have no idea why I thought of it.   

That is it, and I hope you enjoy it. The reason why I have not been posting often is because I have a job. It keeps me busy, and school does as well. I will post more once I have everything worked out, and once I get used to the schedule. I still hope I will be read by people even if I do not post as often as I used to.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Writing and Insanity..

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Some of the most brilliant writers belong in insane asylums. Some do drugs or have abuse problems. A ton of them possess various psychological disorders. Does writing mean that your insane, and headed to the loony bin?

I would think not. As long as a writer can control it I doubt it would land people there. I also think that in order to come up with the stories there is a little bit of insanity in each writer to come up with all those amazing stories.

Also writers tend to have an overactive imagination at least I do. They have it more then non creative types. In a way it would not surprise me that some people like normal ones would not be able to handle it.

Normal people would not understand how hard it is to write a story when the character screams loudly in your head. Once writers learn how to control it though I doubt anyone will end up in the loony bin because of writing.

Any thoughts about writers and insanity?

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