Monday, December 24, 2012

Drama Never Ends Part 2

Drama never ends even when you graduate high school. Even in college and work there will still be people who cause drama in your life for the fun of it. Talking to them does not solve the issue either considering they will try to turn it on you. I have tried to reason with a drama starter but no luck her reply "Oh I don't f!@##$ bully people because if I did I would have kicked your a#$." Nice huh? There are some ways of dealing with those people especial ly in the workplace,  and the best one is to ignore them. Sometimes they are just having a bad day, and then your best bet it to leave them alone. Starting stuff will only make it worse.
Is there another way you have dealt with a drama starter if so how?
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Working Away…

I have not been updating as much as I said I will because I have been very busy working. I have a smartphone now the Samsung Galaxy S3, and I do plan on doing a review on it since it helps me so much that I use it every day. I am reading some writing books and working on the paperback I have planned the will have the first killer short, retail story, Obsession Spell, and two other stories just for the paperback. I have stories to touch up before sending them to the editor, and the retail novel to go through. I hope everything will be done in a few months no guarantees since school starts back up on the 7th.  I will try to update the blog more, and happy holidays!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 things that annoy me about working retail:

 I have taken over Wolfdreamer25’s blog to talk about my time working retail. I had to in order to solve a case for the werewolves since I owe them. I am hoping my story will come out in January in the meantime I will take over to talk about my experiences in retail.

I  have to work at a retail store as my under cover job part time at Fiona’s Corner and CafĂ©, and I have been there long enough to make a top ten list of things that annoy me especially things people do and say that make me annoyed when I worked for them. 

Here are my top 10:
1.     Stop asking me if I work here. I wear the stupid nametag, and uniform how much evidence do you need in front of you that says I work there. I know I look like a kid, but come on stop being a moron and use your head. I feel like saying I don’t work there when people ask me that, or that no I don’t work here I just dress like this to confuse you.
2.     People ask me if we have anything in the back when they cannot find what they are looking for. Everything you see is all that we have, and sometimes we do have it in the back but only when its overstock. Like a lady looking for an item she could not find, and I was trying to find it for her. I did not see it, and it is not in the back, and she took it out on me too. We don’t keep things hidden in a secret compartment either away from people. And don’t give us an attitude when we try to help you, but don’t find the item. Its not our fault you mean vampires, witches, werewolves, and any other creature shopping at the store.
3.     If we cannot repair something since the company says we cannot don’t push us to do it anyway because our company has to pay out of pocket if something happens like the piece breaks and Fiona’s does not have one to replace it. I have many people get mad at me because of the company policies to not do something. The bosses will punish you if the rules are not followed, and I really don’t want to break something and have the customers get mad at me then ask the company to pay for it. The annoying red headed bitch at my job kept pushing me to repair her damn item saying, “The policy has not changed.” This and that trying to convince me to do it, and would say that she would not sue my company if something happens I know it is a lie they all lie. Some of them at least, and I love the ones understanding…
4.     Stop staring at employees when  you want help, you have a mouth use it, and don’t beckon us over with your finger we are not dogs. We are people treat us like it.
5.     I really don’t care if you leave your clothes at the fitting room, but don’t leave a random item where it does not belong put it back like a good person and stop leaving  a mess for the employees.
6.     Stop talking on your cell phone in line at the counter, or when you need help its rude. I guess manners are too much to ask at the supermarket.
7.     Stop telling me how to do my job especially if you have never worked retail before. Stop pointing out in a rude way if I have done something wrong people make mistakes, and pointing out that I made a mistake rudely makes me feel like punching you in the face or not helping you period. “You did it wrong.” A lady yells after I make a mistake with a check well I have never done it before, and getting mad at me then taking it out on me is not helping me.
8.     If a machine has an error on it then stops assuming it is my fault. It is a card error, and getting mad  at me about it is pointless. Then again some people are in such a hurry they want out of there, and they want to blame someone for it.
9.     Stop leaving your carts in the area other then where the carts are like leaving one in jewelry or apparel when it is not supposed to be there is rude to the employees and other people. Especially in the aisles like people do thinking we can put it away for them since they are lazy.
10.                        Leave your attitude at the door, and stop bringing it at the store and taking it out on me. I hate it when people treat me badly by yelling at me, or giving me hell about doing my job just because they have a bad day. Like a guy was rude about me trying to save his money by getting him a two pack since it was cheaper instead of a one pack. It makes me mad if I try to be nice, and they are rude back. If I go out of my way to help you don’t be rude.

Those are just ten things that make me annoyed about working retail. If you work in retail then add a comment about what makes you mad about working in retail.
I might have more later on…

That was a little tid bit about working at Fiona's Corner and Cafe thanks to Scarlet Summers a character in the novel Vampires in Retail Sucks. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

21 Things I am Thankful for:

My post is so long that I want to take a minute to count the things I am thankful for. This is what I replied in a Facebook status:

I am thankful for my boyfriend Jason, and the friends I have met whether I have known them for a semester or more, and the ones I have made through facebook and writing buddies. I am thankful for having a family that loves me, and having a ton of notebooks and books, ebooks, pens and writing stories. I am thankful God has given me a talent for writing. I also am thankful Steam had a sale on Morrowind Game of The Year edition, and I have Postal 2 as well. I am happy to have a job, and money, clothes, and a house to live. I am thankful to have a mother that cooks too. I am also thankful for Mello Yello, my cats Callie and Crystal, and my guinea pig Muffin nicknamed Guinea.

And I have more…here is my list:
1.   Thankful to be alive.
2.   Having money period.
3.   My job
4.   Family
5.   Friends
6.   My boyfriend
7.   My cats
8.   My Guinea Pig
9.   For having food and a house with my own big room
10.               A bed.
11.               A Television with cable
12.               My Xbox 360
13.               Video Games
14.               Ebooks
15.               My laptop, Kindle Fire & Ipad
16.               To be going to college to get a degree, and my student loans that allow me to get an education.
17.               Caffeine, chocolate, and alcoholic drinks (necessity sometimes after a stressful day at work)
18.               The books I have nonfiction and fiction, The Writer Magazine, and Writers Digest.
19.               Pens,  Pencils, and paper  
20.               Printer Ink and all the stories I have created.
21.               Computer games and Hulu, Netfilx, and Itunes.

Those are just 21 of the things, and I could go on and on with it, but most of all sometimes it is the little things that get you through the day.

What are you thankful for?

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mixed Thoughts

I have been working on rewriting my novella Vampire in Retail Sucks. The notes are getting done little by little, but will it be done by the end of December? Maybe. I still need to go through it several times, and have a few people read it then send it to a professional editor to read through.

I was mad when I trusted a beta reader/editor to read my unedited work because she posted a piece of it over facebook, and made fun of the horrible sentence. You can say she was trying to help me, but posting it for all the world to see then  make fun of it in a status is not the way to go. I did not mind the comments about the sentence I just wish she sent it in a message. I am over it, and I am learning who to trust, and how to navigate this confusing world we live in.

I also had one of my ebook artists withdraw from a project, but I understand why she did it since she is busy with everything. Do I think about giving up at all thanks to those situations? No I don’t. No way because it is part of the job when things don’t go as planned at all you still never give up. In the meantime I am learning the importance of networking and making connections by talking to people.

In novel writing class we are working on writing a synopsis which is telling everything up front versus the pitch which you hold things back to grab an agent. I even had to design a pitch for my story to find an interesting hook besides the obvious.
I plan on making writing a part of my life more, and I am going to change my first person story to third. I know I said I will do Mad Mondays and I have the blog post already, and me being busy is no excuse for not keeping up with the blog. The next blog post will be about working retail and the things that annoy me about it.

Any thoughts from writers about pitches and synopsis?

Until  next time,


Monday, October 29, 2012

Updates and Mad Monday!

I have been very busy with work and school so much that this is one of the only days I can get without going to work and school. It was my birthday on the 25th, and I am one year older now. And for my birthday I got an early birthday present..An Ipad 1st generation. I traded in my 3ds and Ds XL for it all the games and accessories and a few xbox games I am not playing I paid a good amount under 200! I got it from Gamestop, and the device will get me through writing on the go and college! I am pretty happy with it, and I will do a review on it with the post for  writers. I have been making progress on the retail novel still putting in changes...I have been busy with work and school, and rewrites have been slowly getting there. I have decided to do a blog post every monday called Mad Mondays where I write about the stuff that makes me mad because it would be a fun thing to do for the blog. I am done with a major fight scene, but it does need polishing I will work on it. Hopefully everything can be done by Christmas maybe? No promises since my life is nonstop busy, and now for a Mad Monday post.

Mad Monday:  Topic: Driving..

One of the things that makes me mad is truck drivers, and I am talking about the situation that happened to me recently. I stopped at a stop light, and a young guy stops so close to me he will hit me if he gets hit from behind. I try to  pull up to get some space and he fills in the gap by moving closer. It makes me so angry I honk at him, and yell at him when he moves up more. I mean really give me some space because if I get hit because of some moron stopping to close I am suing him, and he will be paying for my car too! Another driving related thing is not! reading the road signs like look around because there is an intersection that merges and there are several signs saying that, but people don't listen especially if there is an accident they want to race ahead! I did not let some guy in because he did not read the signs and wanted to race ahead of the people stopping because there was an accident. Another thing is tailing I HATE  that period it is so annoying if you are on the road and some jerk thinks it is funny to ride the car. Get off! If you want to get somewhere that badly go the hell around my car and get off it!

That is it for Mad Mondays..

Until next time,


Tell me readers what makes you mad when it comes to the road?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Working and Reading Writing Books

I have been absent from the blog getting school work done, and working full 8 hour shifts which is something I am not used to. I have learned to never give up my dream of wanting to be a full time writer. I am working in retail, and it has its upside and downside, and it is teaching me how to deal with the general public and difficult people.

In between all the working and school work like studying for tests I have almost finished with round one rewrites doing a little when I can. I have a few other main projects I am working on like redoing my young adult novel in third person, and changing things around to make it more unique. I still have the second killer book to do. I am publishing a paperback when the first retail story is done. It will have the first killer story, Obsession Spell, Donnie’s Untimely Demise, and the first chapter of the killer book. I plan on taking the blog more seriously by reviewing writing and indie publishing ebooks like these:
  • ·        Crafting Novels & Short stories From The editors of Writers Digest.
  • ·        Becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Winters
  • ·        500 More Ways to be a Better Writer by Chuck Wendig
  • ·        How to be a Writer In the E-Age by Catherine Ryan Hyde and Anne R. Allen
  • ·        The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Marilyn Ross & Sue Collier
  • ·        The Breakout Novelist by Donald Maass
  • ·        500 Ways to Tell a Better Story by Chuck Wnedig
  • ·        The 90-Day Novel Unlock the Story Within by Alan Watt
  • ·        The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing by the Editors of Writers Digest
  • ·        Everyday Writing by Midge Raymond
  • ·        The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass
  • ·        Hooked: by Les Edgerton

I have many more books to read, and I plan on reviewing them since I don’t see a blog that reviews them that much. I read ebooks in my spare time, and I will record my thoughts on them.

Any good writing books that you have read lately to put on my to be read pile?

Until Next time,


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Time in Bob Moates Sports Shop

Few people go into gun shops because of the stigma of weapons. I target shoot as a hobby and to get my target shooting gear, I go to Bob Moats Sport Shop. After a year of going there,  I have discovered the variety of people that are customers, and the employees that work there that are good to talk to, and ask for advice. It honestly scared me a little at first handling the guns the first time I went in, but I discovered that it was fun to handle and shoot the guns. I could relate to the people in Bob’s because I am just as passionate about guns, and target shooting as they are. It surprised me about the knowledge I have gained from this experience. Maybe people will see that guns are not so bad, and that they are good to have for self defense. I was very delighted to have an inside look at the way a gun shop operates as well, and I talked to five employees about their experiences there.  

My boyfriend, Jason, parked his Hyundai Sonata in a parking place at Bob Moats Sports Shop.  Bobs Sports shop is a one story store made of dark brown wood and red brick. It sits on Hull Street in a lot, and has a house next to it where the owner’s second wife lives. There is a soda machine out front and ash trays as well.  I opened the wooden glass doors, and went inside hearing a bell chime as I walk in. It was a Tuesday, and there were customers there already. It was pretty packed for a weekday.

The store is filled with all kinds of merchandise such as handguns behind glass cases, rifles and shotguns on racks. There are target shooting papers on a rack near the gun repair room. One side of the store has fishing goods. There is a small section that houses archery bows and accessories. Some space near the bathroom and the repair shopped housed tanks filled with fish for fishing. A section of the shop houses reloading goods, and more glass cases filled with civil war goods, pocket knives, swords, and tasers. Gun cleaning kits were between the knife and handgun display.

There were hunting gear clothes, earmuffs, and an array of bumper stickers across from the shotgun rack section. The floors are red brick, and the walls are filled with gun, fishing, and hunting merchandise except the wall with the tanks. They have a few racks with gun magazines and books as well on a variety of topics. The house near Bob’s hosts a concealed weapons class where you have to sit in a classroom for 5 hours in order to get a concealed carry permit. They even sell dog licenses. A sign proclaiming “Do not take guns apart” is on the hand gun glass case. There is also another sign that says: “Smile, you’re on camera everywhere in the store.” There are cameras everywhere to obviously deter thieves from stealing to recording gun purchases.

Jack, one of the employees who works, there calls the shop a “Mom and Pop” business because its original owner was Robert C. Moates who established the shop in 1959, and has been in business for 50 years. The owner died on July 21, 2009 of cancer. He was a gun-rights activist and operated three more shops in Charlotte Courthouse and Keyesville. His wife Grace Moates now owns the shop, and he played Robert E. Lee when he reenacted the Civil War. 

I went up to the side across from the cash register to talk to one of the employees named Jack Kenny who wears glasses with a blue shirt and jeans. He has short dark brown hair and light blue eyes. He is from Richmond Virginia and is very knowledgeable in various subjects. I had the privilege to ask him a few questions.

I was holding my notebook out. I put it on the table to write down the interview with Jack. There are things Jack likes about the job, and things he does not like such as “I do not like putting up the inventory, but nobody does.” He says matter of factly in a southern accent then continues, “But we all have to do it. Other than that I do not have any complaints.” He concludes. As for the most interesting thing he has seen?  “Getting robbed, having a gun put up against my neck,” he answers. I was curious so I asked them how they got the license to sell the firearms from various weapon makers. It is a long process. There is a whole lot of tape to go through, but Jack summed it up nicely. “Extensive backgrounds check by ATF and FBI. You must have a retail store front to be able to get a license.” He then proceeded to tell me that they have to keep gun records for 20 years to trace the guns serial numbers in case something happens. I went to the store room where they do the weapons repair room to see big boxes filled with gun purchases.
I tried to get an interview with Wade, but he does not like media attention. He even put the sign of the cross at me because he did not like it at all. He is really cool though very knowledgeable and talkative. 
The next day I got Richard Hill who has red hair, green eyes wearing glasses, a red shirt and blue jeans. He is very southern, nice, honest, knowledgeable about life, and guns, a family man, and a good guy at heart. What he says about his job is, “I do not mind working with people, likes to shoot and fish. It is enjoyable for a job because I am interested in it.”     

The reason why you should buy a gun according to him is because, “If you are that concerned about your safety, and take it seriously then you should learn to use one for personal defense.”  Some people buy guns from there for hunting, self-defense, target practice, and sometimes you get people who buy them to collect, and not shoot them.  One customer named Derick Owens who has curly hair with blue eyes, and lives in downtown Richmond answered, “Protection, and for Target shooting.” I asked, “What kind of gun and why?”  He thought about it then replied with, “Glocks and Smith and Wesson because they are good names and he likes the way it looks.”

Richard’s interesting gun that he met while working there is, “a 10 shot 8mm battle rifle that is Egyptian and it is 45 years old.” His other interesting thing is, “Met my wife there,” and smiles.
I was lucky enough to ask Grace Moates,  Bob’s second wife. She from the Phillipines and has short black hair, brown eyes, glasses, and is wearing a jean jacket and a purple shirt. She has a trace of an accent. I asked her how she feels about owning a gun shop her words were, “I feel proud and excited that is the only feeling I have.”  What she likes, “I have come to love the business after 22 years working there.” This is what she does not like about the job, “The pressure sometimes because I oversee all aspects even the paper work side.”  I asked her, “How did you and Bob meet?” She replies, “We met through a mutual friend in Manila.” The things she likes about the job, “I get to play with guns,” she says happily. I prompt her to explain more of her interesting things she finds on the job, “The interesting innovations that keep coming up. The engineering geniuses in this country are amazing because they keep coming up with interesting stuff every year.”    When Bob died there was never a time when the shop closed down because she did not think about it a single moment because she wanted it to go on.
I talked to Ken Rathjen who is from Northern Virginia in Tyson’s Corner. He has white hair, hazel eyes, glasses, and is wearing a light green shirt and tan pants.  The most interesting thing on the job for him, “The people,” he laughs, “You get all kinds of fascinating people coming through here.”  How can you tell if someone is bad or good coming through here? On one hand, “Talking to them you will get a feel for it. Once you listen to them after a while you can tell what they will say, but some you can never tell if they keep coming back because some do and some do not.”  What he likes about the job, “I like it because it is part time. It gets you out of the house, and fun to talk to people plus I learn stuff. Some days are better than others.” He laughs. His not like? “Some of the people that come through here, and a guy came back that did not like the price after it was raised. The guy was a retired California cop who tried to sue us. People like that.”  Why he works here? “It is close to home believe it or not, and I came here to shop several years before working here.”     

Lastly is Dave Hancock who has grayish brown hair, dark brown eyes, glasses, grey jeans and a purple shirt. His interesting thing: “The people that come in here are the most interesting because they are a bit of everything with different backgrounds.” That is also the reason why he likes his job. What he does not like, “The people we decline because of some statement they make saying things that make us uncomfortable with a sale. A statement that makes them think they will misuse the guns.” He has been working there part time for 25 years and full time 6 years. His interesting item, “An antique drilling double shotgun barrel with extraordinary in quality engraving belonged to the red baron, and we are doing research on it.” He is from Chesterfield, and out of all the places he has been to he likes Switzerland the best. Why does he work at Bob’s? “I’ve known Bob since I was 10 years old since my uncle used to live near him.”The most difficult issue to deal with: he laughs, “Former owner’s sons,” then continues, “Criminals attempting to buy guns illegally.”
  I have gotten to know them for over a year now. They do have interesting guns with a history that will surprise you. The people I have met are pretty amazing coming from all kinds of backgrounds. I go to Bob’s because of the amazing people that work there, and the customers that share my hobby along the way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest Posting Fun

Ever since I started the blog I loved talking about the writing process or updating my progress on my novels to the world to document the whole journey from published to self-published and eventually traditionally published. I have guest posted on other blogs, and I really love talking to other writers too over email. I am now accepting guest posts, and authors or writers who want to send me one, or have me guest on theirs about the writing process can send me an email at jdsamuels25(at)yahoo(dot)com. I love hosting authors who are promoting their books for blog tours, so if you want to use my blog to promote your book that is fine too. I just want to be more involved in the community more than I am now. Being a writer and connecting with others is something I love doing, and I will be looking forward to hearing from you if you are an author or writer who wants to guest post, or want me to let you promote your books.

Until next time,


Friday, September 21, 2012

Top Kindle Fire Applications:

*I am apart of the Amazon Affiliate program and clicking on this link will bring you to a purchase site. It will result in compensation for me if purchased through this link.*
The Kindle Fire is a breathtaking 7 inch tablet that is an essential piece of technology for students, writers, and people with on-the-go busy lives. It is a handy tool capable of taking notes, entertaining people waiting for the bus or on the bus going into work, check email,  and it is an integral part of everyday life.

It will be a year in December that I have had the fire. In that time I have found a multitude of applications that are handy to have for every Kindle Fire, or possible Kindle Fire if you have not decided whether to get it yet.

In fact I have already done a review of the Kindle Fire already, so if you want to read about the Fire in general the link is here:

This post is going to go more in depth about the applications essential for the Fire, and this already sounds like one of those boring posts that have absolutely no humor in them, so I am going to change it. I will go over ones that are used for school, social networking, and entertainment.

1.Color Note Notepad: Free. This can be used for taking notes in class, on the go reminders, and for writers writing down story ideas or notes about the world when the muse strikes. Which is handy to have in a purse too, and in my case it was handy when I found it useful when I was looking at the headstone last names at Hollywood Cemetery. Gee, do I find inspiration in weird places or what…

2.Pocket formerly read it later: Free: I have discovered this quite recently actually when I was looking for an application that I can use to save blog posts to read later. That is the use for it to save blog posts, or articles from the web to read for later.

3.Email : Free. It is handy to have when you want to check your email, but you can’t access a computer desktop or laptop. And handy to have when you don’t want to lug a bulky laptop around.

4. gReader: Free. I use the application everyday to keep up with the blogs I subscribe to. It really is handy to be able to check the blogs I read without having to power up a laptop, and you can even take it to college or the local Starbucks and read while you drink your coffee as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection.

5.Facebook: Free. Everyone has one, and it is handy to have an application like that to see your friends and what they are doing, and update your status, and keep up with groups too, or a Facebook fan page like me.

6.Twitter: Free. Some have it, and some don’t but if you do get this application  to use anywhere on the go, and update your status in 140 characters or less.

7. Adobe Reader: Free. This is handy to have when you are reading PDF’s on the go for college and writing too. It is handy to keep all the PDFS on the kindle too. I love using this for ebooks in PDF form as well.

8.OfficeSuite Pro: 14.99. It comes with Quickword which is the equivalent to Microsoft word. Quicksheet which is the equivalent to Excel. Quickpoint which is the equivalent to Powerpoint. And QuickPDF which is the equivalent to making a PDF on the go like Adobe.  I got it when it was 4.99, and it went up but I love being able to type up my word documents anywhere, and not need to carry around a laptop. It even has an Excel  one to make spreadsheets, and a power point one to makes them anywhere at anytime.

9. GoodReads: It is really handy to have when you want to update statuses on the book you are reading, and it comes in handy when I want to check messages or see if I have any friend requests.

10.Netflix and Trutv2go: Free. These are both entertainment applications requiring you to already have a Netflix account so you can watch the television shows and movies they offer at anytime and anywhere. I love the picture and sound to it too. With Trutv2go all I have to do is put in my cable provider and I can watch Hardcore Pawn anywhere and anytime I feel like it as long as I have a Wifi connection. 

These are my top ten or 11 if you count Netflix and Trutv2go separate. These are the ones I use the most where they are for accessing pdfs, word documents, or reading blog posts on the go. The Kindle Fire is an important device to have no matter the age group or occupation.

In other news I will be getting an Ipad 2 in May, and once I have had it for some time I will be doing a review on it too, and the top applications I found that are handy to have.

Is there any other handy Kindle Fire Application not on this list? If so just put it in the comments below.

Until next time,


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Writers and dealing with people..

I want to be a stay at home author and journalist in the future. I have to have a job though so I can make money to afford college. I thought I would end up staying at my first job,  but it did not happen at all. I got let go thanks to not being funded anymore. 

No problem I will get a job somewhere in that field with no luck at the end of trying to find a job in another department.
I instead applied to jobs that deal with people since it was a better option to me then working in restaurants or fast food. I landed a job that deals with people not having any experience, and not knowing what I was really in for. It turns out after a year I found out there are lessons to learn there that I can use to make me a more successful writer. 
  • How to deal with people. I have never dealt with the general public before, and authors have readers with all kinds of personalities, and they have to deal with agents, editors, and publishers too. It prepares you for getting used to their opinions, and sometimes how to deal when it clashes with your personality.

  • ·       It teaches you certain business skills you will need for the future. Skills like counting money, and what people like and don’t like. What people can improve on, and sometimes what not to do when it comes to certain situations.

  • ·       It teaches you how to solve problems and think critically. You have no idea how to solve an issue unless you face it head on. Like trying to solve a reader issue is one example, and people related jobs prepares you to solve issues when they arise. Sometimes you have to solve it on your own without help.
  • ·       You get to see a side of people you have never seen unless you are on the other side.

  • ·       It teaches you how to be patient. Writing can take a very long time in the process from  idea for a book to published in the stores. Jobs that deal with people allow you to develop patience when dealing with certain customer or reader interactions.
  • ·       
  • It can teach you lessons like treating the ones behind the counter or ones that have to obey the companies rules. Considering people related jobs like retail, mall ones, and restaurant people take a lot of flack from the general public like being yelled at because of a little issue easily fixable if they would stop yelling at you and allow you to solve it. People complain about policies to you when there is nothing you can do about it, and they should take it up to the people in charge instead. I just wish the general public would stop treating people that work in stores better too.

Those are some of the lessons and what about you have you learned lessons to take away from the job that you work at? Ones that apply to real life?

Until next time,


Friday, September 7, 2012

Writer Fuel and poetry…

I am not just talking about soda and energy drinks either, but I do drink those like Mountain Dew Voltage, White out, Code Red, and Dark Berry, even Mello Yello. I love to drink those when I am writing to stay awake.
I am talking about life experiences to use as well too. I know I use my experiences in my stories, and use them to fuel my writing. The experiences I have gone through made me who I am, and without those I would not have much to go on either. Writers use everything around them as fuel to write like what they see and hear. Situations they have been through they use it all. Thanks to bullies I know how to craft a mean petty high school drama situation, and thanks to horrible relationships and enemies I can use it to my advantage. Artists can do it too, and it is not just writes that can use their everyday experiences to fuel their passion. That is the good thing about writing too. Have workplace drama? Fuel. Had a nasty break up with an abusive person like a friend or lover? Fuel.  The situations you have been in, and the things you have heard? Fuel. Anything can be used to create, and nothing is off limits ever since the next situation you land in can be a good story to tell later.

I am enjoying my poetry class too, and I have a journal for it I used to do poetry every day, but I don’t do it as much anymore. That will change considering this poetry class is opening my eyes to how beautiful it is now. I am learning more in depth about poetry more then I used to. In the spirit of poetry I will put up a few of my poems from then and now.


True Love
What you lost is gained
What you gained is lost
You call him a lot
Even if you get caught
You want to know him
You want to see him
You like him
You love talking to him
He is a great guy
Perfect for you
Unique in everyway
Youd never turn him down
Not a bad bone to be found
When he holds you
You feel safe and sound
He has a nice voice
So calm and understanding
You would never hurt him in any way
You want to stay with him
And be with him
Day after day
He is cool
He is funny
He is just really true love to you

Mysterious Guy
There will always be one guy you look at across the hall
One guy you stare at from afar
One guy you secretly want to date, but can’t because it seems like he is always taken
And yet you both stare at each other across the hall
And you get so nervous you shake
And your heart beats fast
You hold off talking to him because you get nervous
And you don’t want him to think bad things about you because if he did you would be depressed
He is always going to be there
He will always be there for you to wonder
You don’t know much about him
You want to know him
Who knows?
You just might be friends, or best friends, or you just might finally get him
There will always be a guy like him around
One you will wonder about, and one you can look at but never touch.

Loneliness : a girl in an empty house with no one home, and friends are on vacation, family not there with no laptop, cellphone, or television. No car, and has not seen friends in a while. Her boyfriend is no longer in the picture thanks to her friends, and it is an awful time to be her.

Love:  There is a couple together at the movie theater holding hands, and they have been together for three years. Through the ups and downs whether they are arguing or laughing they have been there for each other through it all.

Boredom: Sitting on the couch, flipping through channels, nothing good really on, and no friends to hang out with since they are away. Parents are gone on vacation, and I am the only one home with nothing to do chores are done, and everything is clean.

That is all for now, and I am currently learning about making good characters too in novel writing class. I love it because it is giving me the tools I need to succeed as a writer.

Until next time,


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