Monday, January 23, 2012

The Productive Writer Review:

This is my review of The Productive Writer by: Sage Cohen
I got the book to become a more productive writer. At chapter one a few pages in I hit gold. The author tells you to write down, and keep a separate file for each of your writing and publishing goals. It pretty much teaches you to have a list of possibilities to prepare you for the unexpected.

I loved the book on how to become a more productive writer. It was a really good book too if you are just learning how to make writing a career. It teaches you how to find a writing rhythm. It teaches you how to organize books and notebooks too. It tells you how to stay focused on your writing goals, and how to face a blank page. It asks you various questions throughout the chapters to reflect on certain parts of the writing life. It helps you come up with plans, and prepares you for becoming a successful and productive writer.

I enjoyed reading the questions, and there are even free templates you can use with certain exercises. The link is in the ebook to download free stuff from the Writer’s Digest site. It is a book that thoroughly goes through the process from start to finish in the quest to becoming a productive writer. It prepares you for the expected and unexpected.  I highly recommend buying the book to become the productive writer of your dreams. It was very helpful to me, and it was a big help in facing my fears with becoming a successful writer who figured out how to enjoy the process.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kindle Fire Review:

I have wanted an ereader for two years. I have had my eye on the Kindle Fire for months before it came out. I was excited when I learned about all the features it has, and it is mainly a device for people with Amazon Prime, or people who want an ereader. It is for readers and writers alike.

I have had it since a few days after Christmas, and I love it. Here is my review:
It has a power button at the bottom, and speakers at the top. It is mainly a touch screen, and it even has an earphone jack next to the power button. When you first pull the ribbon across the touchscreen there is a bar that pops up. Newsstand for newspapers, Books for ebooks, a music and videos buttons when you want to use the device to buy movies and music from amazon. A Document category also called Docs for sending your documents to the Fire to read on the go. 

The Docs tab has a cool feature that allows you to pull up google documents too. The Apps tab, and they are pretty neat too. The last tab is the web with the ultrafast Amazon Silk, and the browser is pretty fast compared to some of the ones out there. It comes with 8gb of memory, and a dual core processor.

There is a carousel that also shows your most recent activity, and the last thing you were doing. The charge lasts 8 hours, and it is very handy for reading under the covers. It has some good apps like Note to take notes. The usual twitter and facebook applications in case you want to tweet or look at what you friends are doing. There is Adobe reader to view PDF files too, and it is cool how you can zoom in and out. There is Quickoffice pro too, and it lets you type word documents, excel files, powerpoints, and PDFS. It took me sometime to learn how to save files, and just keep the .docx ending. Then save it to a file on SD card. The only bad thing is it does not have an SD card slot.

It does not have 3G, and only a wi-fi connection is possible. It even has a free app called greader, and it lets you read google reader blogs on the go. The cool thing about reading ebooks is it lets you change the background from black, white, and tan. You can change the typeface of the font, and size too. One of the reasons why I wanted a Kindle too is because of the Kindle Lending library which lets you rent a free ebook a month. There are no due dates, and you can keep the book until you want to get a new one. The lending library is only for prime membership though.

It came with a wall charger, and you can buy a USB cord for it. There are a ton of accessories for it too. I love the digital keyboard, and it is not too hard to get used to either.

I love it, and for a writer like me who loves books so much it is a good ereader to get. It is a tablet too, and 7 inches is good enough to fit into a backpack and a big purse.

Any questions about it?

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts on the road….

I have work and school to deal with now, and it is a ton of work added onto my schedule. I have been writing in spurts and focusing on three projects too. I have been focusing on making Karma Turns on the Wicked better. I have been planning and writing Astral Witch and Witches and Psychic Vampires Oh my! Too. Things like television shows and movies have been getting in the way of me finishing them. I still have a ways to go through both stories. I just have to find the time to work on them even if I have a ton going on. I planned out the details for one of the stories that I cannot wait to play with, and a part of the reason why I delay is because a person said I am an amateur, I cuss too much, I have too much against certain things, and I should find a real job.

What they do not know is that I could not stop even if I tried. I really do not care about their opinion anyway because they are suggesting something stupid anyway. I cannot stop writing since it is like breathing how can I stop. A ton of opportunities opened thanks to writing like being techno savvy because of it. This post is more of a mix of the things going on I guess. Once I get used to school again I will be blogging more, and I am halfway done with The Productive Writer too which means I can write a review of it.

I set up an official website too and you can find the link here:

I have even set up another blog so I can review writing related books and magazines. I will be doing ebooks too the link is here:
That is all for now. Until next time,

Monday, January 9, 2012

Writing space and ADHD:
I have had tons of things going on besides work. I am about to start school Tuesday, and I have been cleaning to get my new desk moved in too. I love it, and here is the new layout.

I also had to finally tell my supervisor and the people I work with the fact that I have ADHD. ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It means I am impulsive, and I have to have questions repeated because I do not pay attention when someone talks to me directly. I also make careless mistakes, and I was afraid to admit I had the disorder because I thought I would seem weak. I am not though, but I doubt you could tell I have it sometimes. I tried to take Ritalin and Adderall but they gave me headaches, made me lose my appetites, and I stayed up until 3 in the morning. The disorder is non curable, and I do not think I want it cured since it is part of who I am. Not too many people understand how hard it is to have it in the first place.

On top of all that I even have dyslexia in Math which makes me reverse numbers, and it is considered a learning disability. I have issues with that at work since I accidentally reverse numbers. I want to succeed in life to show people like me that you can be successful regardless of the mental disorder you have.

Do you know anyone else that experiences a disorder, or do you have one? Do you think people get treated differently because of it?

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012:

I now have a 2012 planner that I attend to use for school, work, and writing. I am getting my office set up, and organized too with my room clean maybe I can concentrate on writing now too. Work is now going to be slow now that the holidays are over which means more time to write, and concentrate on school work.

My goals are now realized…
·      Finish Astral Witch
·      Edit and type up Astral witch, and then find an agent to represent it.
·      Put out more ebooks, and get out the last poem collection ebook.
·      Finish editing Revenge anthology, and get it published.
·      Read more writing related books, and review them on the new blog once a month.
·      Keep up with blogging on both blogs more.
·      Balance everything, and write more in between everything.
·      Publish at least one free ebook.
·      Get better at marketing, and putting myself out there.
·      Keep up with social media, and build a better website.
·      Print out business cards.

Those goals are what I have so far, and I hope to achieve them by the end of the year. Hopefully the end of the world will never happen either.

Does anyone have goals for the new year?

Until next time,


Introduction to the blog...

I have a blog called The Writing Dreamer, and I decided that the blog I first created will be my author blog. I created an entirely new blog to review writing related books, magazines, and gadgets for writers. I have a whole shelf of books on the craft of writing. I have more on my computer in PDF form, and more on my Ereader.

I also love buying books from The Writers Digest shop too, and I will do reviews of books and digital downloads that I brought from there. I am hoping to start this blog, so it will help people decide on the writing books they want to buy. The reviews are going to be thorough , and long too.  I am hoping to blog on it once a month, and since I am a fast reader it will be easier to keep up with it. I only review the ones I like instead of hate since I do want people to read them, and hopefully it can help them with their writing too.

What books do you want me to review?

Until next time,

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