Friday, February 10, 2012

What Movies and Tv shows can teach us about stories:

I have been watching mainly television shows, and movies I love to see over and over again. I have also realized what they can teach us as far as writing a good story. One of the things I have learned is to watch a television show or movie that is emotionally charged, and has likeable characters in it. The same can be applied to writing by making the situations in a novel you are writing more emotionally charged, and to make a more likeable character.

I love watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice because of the character Dave Stutler who is played by Jay Baruchel (He is a great actor by the way, and I loved him in Fanboys). He is a likeable, nerdy guy. I like the way he tries to get out of situations, and the way he can make things more awkward. I also loved Balthazar Blake played by Nicholas Cage. I loved the fact he was a tough sorcerer, but they also showed a softer side to him when he talked about his love interest.

I recently watched Lost Girl, and I thought finally they showed a television show about Fae culture. It is about time too since there are not that many tv shows about them out there. I loved the character Bo too, and I loved them showing her reactions to finding out who she really is. The themes in this resonate with people because she never knew who she was. It tells me to write characters with a goal. Give them more than just goal the end. Subplots are weaved into these shows like magic.

I also watched Stargate SG-1 for the first time too, and I loved the culture, and it was about Egypt too. It was awesome! I loved the smartass general too, but I hated when the kid and wife were killed it pissed me off. The point in that is to show how evil the guys are, but I loved it when the guy turned on the snake guys, and joined the team. I love shows that can hit me on all levels emotional, physical, and otherwise. That is what can help you write a damn good book. Emotional scenes, ones everyone can relate to, and that is why I write to reach people on a deeper level.

What resonates with you as far as tv shows and movies go? What is your favorite and why?

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