Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Writing and Life…And Hunger Games!

Last week nearly killed me thanks to working the whole week, but now that my schedule is back to where I want it I will keep going. I am printing out my first novel, and the extra scenes. The other copy is so old, and used that I want to start fresh. I have been working a lot, and going to school. I just got a new keyboard to type up my stories easier as much as I love my laptop there is nothing better then using a keyboard separate from it.
I am also working on editing the anthology, and hope to have the feedback for it in a month. You can say I am a little impatient in getting it out there, but editing takes some time…I even saw…The Hunger Games movie!
*Spoilers Ahead if you have not read the book*
This is what I think of it: I read the book, and I can say that the movie did not disappoint me at all. I loved seeing The Capitol. I loved seeing the control room for the games, and the outfits that the people were wearing were spectacular. I loved the actors who played Gale and Peeta. Jennifer Lawrence was a good Katniss Everdeen too, and she brought the character to life really well. It all takes place in the city of Panem, and there are 12 districts. The Hunger Games was the Capitols way of controlling the population. It was pretty quick in the jump to the games. I was surprised about how fast the action was, and thankful it was not that gory. It was bloody, but not to the point where you could see inside the contenders bodies. The environment of district 12 was incredibly done, and I still cannot get over how amazing the Capitol was in the movie. I was amazed by the tracker jackers too, but they could have looked more menacing then looking like ordinary wasps. The dogs were the final touch, and they were cool too, and I was happy they did not look like the contestants because it seemed like that was random in the book. I loved Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, and I figured he played that role beautifully too.
The Hunger Games was a good movie overall, and I would recommend seeing it in theaters because it has everything. It has Action, romance, and showing a tyrannical government not to mess with kids.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Writing news, books, and magazines to review too!

I have finally finished the anthology Karma Turns on The Wicked. I just gave the story to readers I trust to look over grammar and wording issues. I will make it free when it comes out on the weekends. I will try to post something on the blog more starting every Monday.

I have not really had time to do anything writing related that much with work and school eating up my time. I have gotten some writing done story idea wise, and a little bit of reading for fun like: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, Night Veil by Yasmine Galenorn, the rest of The Sexiest Vampire Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks, and various ebooks by authors too. I plan on reading more writing related books. I have worked on some of my projects. Here is what I have been working on, and my progress so far:
  • ·       Blood Fire & Moon Watch: Done, but I have to put it all together and edit it.

  • ·       Wolf Soul: Outline and some pages.

  • ·       Killer Contract 2: Outline, and 1 chapter finishing two. I just found my outline chapter by chapter finally after losing it.

  • ·       Psychic Vampires and Witches Oh My!: Outline, and a few chapters need to do more of a chapter by chapter outline too, so I can know where I am going.

  • ·       Hexlax: Outline, and one Chapter going on two.

  • ·       Lady Black: Same status as above.

  • ·       Retail Sucks! Retail Diaries: Outline done, but need a more extensive one.

  • ·       Popular Witches: Outline, and a few pages into it.

  • ·       Soul Snatcher: Outline, and a few pages.

Some of the outlines are only a page long, but when I work on the story I will write a more extensive one with chapter by chapter descriptions to know where I am going.

I have a ton of work to do, but I am mainly focusing on Killer 2 and Psychic Vampires, and Witches On my! The two main characters Scarlet from Killer 2 and Sapphire from the Psychic vampires series appear in the upcoming anthology, and the first chapters of the two novels appear in the anthology as well.

I have also realized how fun writing exercises are, and that is why I have:
  • Writing Fiction Step by Step By: Josip Novakovich

  • ·       The 4am Breakthrough by Brian Kiteley

  • ·       The 3am Epiphany by Brian Kiteley

  • ·       Now Write: Fiction Writing Exercises from Todays Best Writers and Teachers. Edited by: Sherry Ellis. Authors: many since the writers have their own exercises.

I will do a blog post on each of them, and I have other books on the craft of writing too. I will eventually do a blog post on The Writer, and Writers Digest too since I buy those magazines every month because of how helpful they are on writing tips and publishing. Another book I have is Stephan King’s On Writing.I got past the memoir half, and now I am on to the fiction part where he talks about writing fiction. I have the Plot Whisperer too by Martha Alderson. I will try to keep everyone updated every 
Monday. I am even going to see the Hunger Games movie on the 26th. I will let you know what I think about it.

Anymore writing exercise books to review on the blog that I missed? Anything you guys would like to see for possible blog topics, and questions you have for me? Guest posts are welcome too just send me an email at:

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By the way am I the only one feeling daylight savings time because I lost an hour of sleep that time, and it sucked.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Changes being made:

The blog Reviews for Writers is being combined with my author blog since it has to do with reviewing writing related books. I will be posting my reviews when I finish a writing related book. I will put it up on my website, and create a separate page for writing book reviews two. I have school, writing, and work to deal with. I would rather have a blog and website to deal with instead of two blogs.

I hope you do not mind the changes, and thank you for reading my posts.

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