Monday, September 3, 2012

Shadow of the Blood Moon Blog Tour First stop...

This is the first blog tour I have done, and I jumped at the chance to have an author like Robin P Waldrop guest post about the writing process, so here it goes..

My Writing Process by Robin P Waldrop

The writing process is an extremely difficult process only achievable by the greatest … Yeah, I’m joking with you. If I can write—anyone can write!  The process is different for each author and I can only speak for myself, but if you asked twenty different authors, you would most likely get twenty different answers.
Writing is something I love to do and always have. When I’m writing a book, which is all the time by the way, I force myself to go from chapter to chapter. I flesh out each scene without jumping ahead to the ones I really want to write. The ones loaded with action, or maybe a great love scene, or my favorite—the first kiss. It’s how I make the story come to life, even if I’m dying inside, wanting to skip ahead—I don’t.
After savoring two cups of coffee, I’ll fix another, grab my laptop and head outside for a couple of peaceful hours of writing. Then, I take a break and do dreaded H word. Housework. Oh, how I hate housework, but anywho, I fly through it because all I can think of is the next paragraph. The next scene. The next chapter. The next novel.
I don’t even know that I consider myself a writer yet. I do think I possess an uncanny ability to throw two coherent sentences together in a somewhat entertaining, and intelligent fashion.
I find it all somewhat surreal at times that my writing reaches so many people and there are actually more than a handful out there who don’t think I suck. I sincerely appreciate the support, and it’s my hope to continue to get better.
This is short and sweet, but it’s all I have. And it’s all me.

And if you want to know more about her new book:

Here is the description: Genevieve Labreck is back with a score to settle. Her mom has been kidnapped by Zane, hybrid and all-around monster. Rumors fly that Gen’s mom is holed away in Prague, a city recognized by humans for its serene beauty and intense culture, but Gen and Will know something humans don’t. Prague is haunted by dark, evil forces.
Can Genevieve and William save her mom, or will they be too late? 
Some will live, others will fall. At what price do you walk away from those you love?

This is a Young Adult paranormal urban fantasy romance with mild language and mild sexual situations recommended for readers in grade 9 and up.

I hope you all have enjoyed the post, and until next time,

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