Friday, September 7, 2012

Writer Fuel and poetry…

I am not just talking about soda and energy drinks either, but I do drink those like Mountain Dew Voltage, White out, Code Red, and Dark Berry, even Mello Yello. I love to drink those when I am writing to stay awake.
I am talking about life experiences to use as well too. I know I use my experiences in my stories, and use them to fuel my writing. The experiences I have gone through made me who I am, and without those I would not have much to go on either. Writers use everything around them as fuel to write like what they see and hear. Situations they have been through they use it all. Thanks to bullies I know how to craft a mean petty high school drama situation, and thanks to horrible relationships and enemies I can use it to my advantage. Artists can do it too, and it is not just writes that can use their everyday experiences to fuel their passion. That is the good thing about writing too. Have workplace drama? Fuel. Had a nasty break up with an abusive person like a friend or lover? Fuel.  The situations you have been in, and the things you have heard? Fuel. Anything can be used to create, and nothing is off limits ever since the next situation you land in can be a good story to tell later.

I am enjoying my poetry class too, and I have a journal for it I used to do poetry every day, but I don’t do it as much anymore. That will change considering this poetry class is opening my eyes to how beautiful it is now. I am learning more in depth about poetry more then I used to. In the spirit of poetry I will put up a few of my poems from then and now.


True Love
What you lost is gained
What you gained is lost
You call him a lot
Even if you get caught
You want to know him
You want to see him
You like him
You love talking to him
He is a great guy
Perfect for you
Unique in everyway
Youd never turn him down
Not a bad bone to be found
When he holds you
You feel safe and sound
He has a nice voice
So calm and understanding
You would never hurt him in any way
You want to stay with him
And be with him
Day after day
He is cool
He is funny
He is just really true love to you

Mysterious Guy
There will always be one guy you look at across the hall
One guy you stare at from afar
One guy you secretly want to date, but can’t because it seems like he is always taken
And yet you both stare at each other across the hall
And you get so nervous you shake
And your heart beats fast
You hold off talking to him because you get nervous
And you don’t want him to think bad things about you because if he did you would be depressed
He is always going to be there
He will always be there for you to wonder
You don’t know much about him
You want to know him
Who knows?
You just might be friends, or best friends, or you just might finally get him
There will always be a guy like him around
One you will wonder about, and one you can look at but never touch.

Loneliness : a girl in an empty house with no one home, and friends are on vacation, family not there with no laptop, cellphone, or television. No car, and has not seen friends in a while. Her boyfriend is no longer in the picture thanks to her friends, and it is an awful time to be her.

Love:  There is a couple together at the movie theater holding hands, and they have been together for three years. Through the ups and downs whether they are arguing or laughing they have been there for each other through it all.

Boredom: Sitting on the couch, flipping through channels, nothing good really on, and no friends to hang out with since they are away. Parents are gone on vacation, and I am the only one home with nothing to do chores are done, and everything is clean.

That is all for now, and I am currently learning about making good characters too in novel writing class. I love it because it is giving me the tools I need to succeed as a writer.

Until next time,


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