Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love and Revenge

I have been busy with work and studying for tests. I will be blogging more on my time off from work. I have been through a lot lately. The one thing I have discovered though is I lost the urge to write revenge, and I will admit one of the reasons why I wrote one of my stories is because I loved the thought of people getting what they deserve. I loved the thought of people who are horrible to others dying by people who they victimized.

The answer to revenge though is not letting them effect you what so ever. It is no longer revenge that motivates me, but love that does. It is an anchor in a way, and without it then you go down a road you do not want to go. The people that wrong you and pick on you are actually a bunch of jealous people who are miserable with their lives. They put down others to make themselves feel better, and then it does, but the feeling goes away then they are looking to do it all over again.

The same thing goes for spending too much money on things because you think it would make you happy. In all reality it is actually instant gratification that is making you behave that way. I used to be like that, and I just stopped because I have all I could possibly want right now. A mom who loves me, and cooks for me, a dad who spoils me, friends, technology, and a loving, caring boyfriend that is all I could ask for.

People bullied me not because of this or that, but because I have a good life. I am more grateful now for it. I love my Kindle Fire, Ipod touch, .38 revolver, Xbox 360, and PSP I was so busy I did not have time for friends or video games. I need those things though in order to be more happy, and hanging with friends is what makes me happy, and so do video games. The answer to revenge is not to hurt the person, but to forgive, move on, and do the things that make you happy. Working towards a successful career helps too.

Any thoughts on success being the best revenge?

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Anthology draft done!! And Plans for it and the future on

I finally finished the anthology Karma Turns on the Wicked. All I have to do is type in the changes, edit it, and send it to beta readers. I am hoping to have the cover done in a few weeks too!! I was so happy I finally finished it I jumped around which is something I do not do as often anymore. I feel better now that I stopped taking medicine, and it made me sick I had to switch it. I feel alert, and all I plan on not writing revenge after the second Killer Contract book, and I am trying my hand at Young adult and Scifi.

I can already tell you what the anthology is about: Revenge stories, and there are even vampires, witches (Ones who can turn into any person just by looking at them), and I will introduce Scarlet Nightshade who is going to be staring in the Second Killer book. There will be excerpts of Die Bullies Die! The second Killer Contract book, and Psychic Vampires, and Witches oh my!

I plan on enrolling my book in the Kindle Select Program, and I will do a post on how it is going for me, but when the anthology comes out in March or April it will be free at first for a few days. I hope you enjoyed my updates..

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Friday, February 10, 2012

What Movies and Tv shows can teach us about stories:

I have been watching mainly television shows, and movies I love to see over and over again. I have also realized what they can teach us as far as writing a good story. One of the things I have learned is to watch a television show or movie that is emotionally charged, and has likeable characters in it. The same can be applied to writing by making the situations in a novel you are writing more emotionally charged, and to make a more likeable character.

I love watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice because of the character Dave Stutler who is played by Jay Baruchel (He is a great actor by the way, and I loved him in Fanboys). He is a likeable, nerdy guy. I like the way he tries to get out of situations, and the way he can make things more awkward. I also loved Balthazar Blake played by Nicholas Cage. I loved the fact he was a tough sorcerer, but they also showed a softer side to him when he talked about his love interest.

I recently watched Lost Girl, and I thought finally they showed a television show about Fae culture. It is about time too since there are not that many tv shows about them out there. I loved the character Bo too, and I loved them showing her reactions to finding out who she really is. The themes in this resonate with people because she never knew who she was. It tells me to write characters with a goal. Give them more than just goal the end. Subplots are weaved into these shows like magic.

I also watched Stargate SG-1 for the first time too, and I loved the culture, and it was about Egypt too. It was awesome! I loved the smartass general too, but I hated when the kid and wife were killed it pissed me off. The point in that is to show how evil the guys are, but I loved it when the guy turned on the snake guys, and joined the team. I love shows that can hit me on all levels emotional, physical, and otherwise. That is what can help you write a damn good book. Emotional scenes, ones everyone can relate to, and that is why I write to reach people on a deeper level.

What resonates with you as far as tv shows and movies go? What is your favorite and why?

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Monday, February 6, 2012

My First Interview:

I was so happy to see I got accepted for a guest interview for my ebook, and it was something to celebrate seeing my ebook being the center of attention. Here is the link, and I am giving away free of The Killer Contract Agency to the commenters.
I hope you guys enjoy it, and it has an excerpt of the book too!
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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Anthology Road:

I have worked on the anthology for a while now. I completed it, but once it was looked over I knew it was far from done. Some of the stories did not make it because it did not fit in with the theme. Some I made small changes to, and others are completely changed into something better. The one factor that helped the most with my writing getting better is the whole semester of creative writing, and that is how some of the stories came about.

The anthology date of publication is being pushed back since it still needs work. I am still working on the last story, and I gave some copies to beta readers to look it over, so it will be published when they are done. I am adding four excerpts two from my current books published, and two are from my current projects starring a few of my major characters that are getting novels based on their beginnings. Here are a few stories that never made it to the anthology. I will caution you that they have cuss words in it.

Maria cried for the last time that day. She was lonely, and watching a romance movie. The movie went on, and she realized how lonely she was. Her ex left her a few days ago, and she found out he had already moved on was in a relationship, and on top of that moving in with the girl.
She cried a few more hours, and went to  a nearby bar. She sat down ordered a drink, and spotted a very attractive man looking at her spiked brown hair, brown eyes with a devilish glint in his eyes. He was encased from head to toe in leather with a 45 on his side a total bad boy. She felt a whole lot better when the guy sat next to her. “Why are you sad pretty lady?”
She told him the story. “Wow, what a jerk. I really do not understand how a rotten guy like him got you in the first place, and he is so wide as well. He did not deserve you at all. He especially did not deserve an attractive guy like you anyway. My name is Chip Stevenson.” The both shook hands, and Salina felt like the happiest girl in the world, and best of all he was more attractive, muscular, and taller than her ex. He was the most sexiest guy on the planet. She forgot about her ex then right and there.
Chip continued to talk, “I am a Hollywood producer, and I was looking for a girl like you to play the main lead. This is the whole plot: A sexy vampire hunter falls in love with a vampire.” She thought about it and replied, “Yes.” After all things like this happen once in a life time, and she did not want to pass up on the opportunity it. She also wanted to work with and get closer to Chip. She wound up very happy in the new life, and Chip helped her become a star. They got married, and had two children. Her ex wound up killed by his wife, and he died from blood loss because she chopped off his dick.

The End   

Disgruntled Employee

I hate this job. I sat  at my cubicle, a white-walled cell in my eyes. It was like a prison to me, taking away my strength because of the mounds of work I had to do. The smell of paper that is evident in the air is beginning to take its toll on me.  I hate working at the horrid place because of all the stupid political nonsense that goes on.  The boss is an old douche bag that is as bad as a stoner guy with money, and he is spending it on hookers instead of an important scientific experiment. He can save himself from having to let go of employees if he manages his money properly. Instead two of his employees are let go.  It is stupid though to have so much money for something so important, and waste it on hookers.  It makes me happy to be leaving the place because I am finally getting the job of my dreams.

I do not like some of the people I have to deal with. I have a supervisor that is as sweet as chocolate one moment, but the next turns as mean as a drill sergeant having a bad day. She is an anal attentive individual that yells when something is not perfect or to her liking. The job is as bad as the military because she never tells us what the project is until we need to know. I used to joke to my coworker friend that the job is like being in the military because of the people yelling at you, and treating you like a slab of meat.

I am someone to be tolerated and there, but not a person. To her I am a number, a nobody, and not in the loop. I  do not have a Ph.D. like the workers  around me, or even a bachelor’s degree; therefore I must not understand the job. I am a thing and not a person, and she gives me tasks to do like cleaning, and paper work, the jobs she does not want to even bother with. I did get some skills to take with me though.  A few here and there, but some I can pretty much forget. I will miss a few of the people who work there though.

Some of them I will never miss meeting a day in my life. There is this one individual there that I have a lot of issues with. This person who is a woman got drunk during her lunch break. I had to deal with her that afternoon, and it turned out that she was high as well. The person took off her clothes and rolled around on the floor. I was not that old when the person getting high happened, maybe 17. It pretty much ruined all the respect I had for her if you even call it that. She was not attractive either, just a spoiled rich brat that used to be hooked on too many meds.
The boss found out about the incident, but did not fire her though. 

Instead all she got was a slap on the hand, and a do not do it again because you will be fired the next time. It made me mad to see her still there after what she did. I tried ignoring her once, but her boss said I was supposed to acknowledge her existence like she even deserves it. I still ignore her, but I do it to where the boss cannot see. People like her are why I am not going to miss working for them at all. The bosses put up with people who do things that can get them fired, and do not even care about anyone but themselves. I used to like working for the job, but now I see it for what it is: A world obsessed with more politics then a barrel of monkeys. The job is a world that allows unruly people to get away with anything without  being fired right on the spot. That is why I am happy to be leaving the job, and off to finding my true passion: writing.
Those are a few of the stories I left off, and I will hopefully be done with it in four months. This time I hope I can meet that goal. I will be enrolling it in the KDP select program to see how it does. And it will be free at first for a limited time.

Any thoughts on it, or experiences with enrolling with the program?

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