Thursday, April 19, 2012


I finally finished typing up the original story called The Story of Kitty Starfire, and I turned it into Blood Fire & Moon Watch. I changed the main character’s name to Serena, and added a vampire side to the story. It was just going to be with werewolves, but I added vampires too cause it will be important to the series. In the meantime I am highlighting all the parts I want to put in the story to make it more descriptive, and I will be editing the anthology as soon as the feedback arrives for the story. I will be working on more projects as soon as I have the two books done. I still have some ways to go with editing.

Writing and editing take a long time, and this is a long process in the meantime I am going to have a little fun, and give you some insights into one of my projects titled: Retail Sucks:The Retail Diaries. It is still in rough draft phase. I am letting Scarlet Nightshade take the reins, and let her at this one. This is her top ten questions people ask customer wise that annoy her:

Hi, my name is Scarlet Nightshade, and due to a moment of stupidity on Jeff’s Detective agency they have assigned me to work at Willy’s Place, and all-purpose shoe, jewelry, and clothing store. I have no idea why they would send me there, but I have a feeling the body that turned up smashed in the baler had something to do with it. Here is my top ten stupid questions and situations that annoy me, and after it I will put down my reply since you’re not really allowed to yell or hit the customer for asking a stupid question.

1.    Do you work here? No, of course not I am only wearing the company name tag, and uniform where it clearly states the company for fun.

2.    Is the jewelry in this case real? No, of course not we only lock up fake costume jewelry in here. And if you want the real stuff go to Terry’s place because they obviously have real stuff in there.

3.    Where is the shoe department? I have no idea maybe in front of your face of course it is right there in front of you it is not my fault your too blind to see it.

4.    If the item turns up with no price is it free?
No, because you had to ask a stupid question like that it is 5 bucks for you since you had to ask that.
   This item looks the same, but it is a different price why?
I have no idea the company does it not us. Stop asking me that when I am not in charge of the company.
Can I get my --------repaired here? Not expensive stuff, and do not ask to get other items repaired that our store does not carry because the answer will be no.
How much is the item? Maybe you should look for yourself considering it is on the tag, and your too blind to see it. (The price is correctly displayed on the items.)
I ring item, and item is not what it says on the tag. Can I get this item for this Since it said this price instead of that one? Or do you want me to get the manager? People are allowed the price, but I cannot understand why they want a manager. People complain if I say no.
  The people that leave the item for you to repair, and then leave expecting you to do it regardless of you can or not. Then they complain when you are following the rules.
    I hate coupons because there is so many of them, and if you forget it a customer will glare, and say, “What are you going to do about it?” in a rude way. How about try not to punch you in the face? I hate rude people, and people who treat you bad for working in retail…

Okay back to me, and I hope you guys have enjoyed her list. Her story will be published by the end of next year, or sooner since I am working on it more.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finding my passion again for the stories:

It has been a long time since I have been emotionally involved with a story. At first I really did not put my heart and soul into what I did. I did with some stories, but not the way I am now. I read over what I written originally for my novel, and I now find bits and pieces to use to make the character shine through. I got so involved I feel like I am the character. 

That is what being a story teller is about, and it is about taking readers on a journey through the world you create. It is about making them be a part of it too. That is what writing is about. I love it, and it makes me happy. It makes me cry tears of joy knowing I finally got my passion back after having it gone thanks to other life experiences interfering. I am not letting it happen because I know I have what it takes to be an awesome story teller. I was born this way, and all the people in the world will not stop me from achieving my dreams: Becoming a good, successful stay at home author. I love being able to write whenever. I am writing notes to my story as I edit giving he characters more depth of emotions. I am creating a fantastical world full of magic, and creatures galore.

If you want something as bad as I do go after it, and never let anyone tell you that you cannot do it. Cause there is a saying I have heard: “Go Big or go home.” Put your heart and soul into the work you are doing, and you will not regret it in the first place.


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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Novel in the Works, and Progress on the Others:

Thanks to my current job I have another book in the works. I am writing one about working for a company called Willy’s Place. It is not a real company at all, but a made up one inspired by retail stores in general. That is right retail, and the main character is the vampire named Scarlet Nightshade, and I am bringing her back for another book. She is the star of The Killer Contract Agency two, and she has another book called Scarlet’s Redemption. I love writing about her because she is a sassy vampire.  Stephan will make appearances in it too. And she will account her tails of customers behaving badly, but there will be some good situations too. I am letting people see what really goes on as an employee working in a retail store.

As for the other projects I have been working on Hexlax some, and I will try to get a traditional contract for the Astral Witch series, and Blood Fire & Moon Watch the rest will be self-published because there are more books as far as character stories. There could possibly be more stories for the Blood Fire & Moon Watch series too in the future.

I am an avid reader as well, and I know I promised to review The Writer, and I am working on it when I can. I have been busy with work, and school. Now that my hours are being shorter after this week I will have more time to read. I have also discovered I can read and write during my lunch break which is what I have been doing to make writing a part of my life. I will be writing a blog post about making time for writing too since that is what I am experimenting with.

Any thoughts?

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