Monday, July 30, 2012

Got an Award....and other Updates.

I have received a 
award. Thanks to Vicki Orians
And in the spirit of the award I am supposed to To accept this award, I am supposed to 1) Give 11 facts about myself, 2) Answer 11 of Carrie's questions, and 3) Nominate three blogs with under 200 followers for the rules.

11 Facts About Me:
  1. I love drinking Mountain Dew Voltage, Limewire, Dark Berry, and White out.
  2. I have a guinea pig and two cats.
  3. I am a caffeine junky.
  4. I hate the heat because it makes me want to stay in my house all day.
  5. I want to own a big house with a library, and work office.
  6. Writing is the only thing keeping me sane.
  7. I am graduating in May!!
  8. I have 2 self published ebooks out.
  9. I love technology to the point where I use it everyday
  10. I hate mornings cause I am not a morning person.
  11. I have many notebooks and pens then I need, and I keep getting more.
Carrie's Questions:
1) What is your favorite movie from the 1950's or before? I don't have a favorite one in that time because I was not even born yet. All of my favorites are 1980 's until now...

2) Which band do you most wish would come back after 'disappearing' or retiring? The classic rock bands...

3) What is your favorite book that you don't think many people would know? The Indigo court series by Yasmine Galenorn. 

4) What song is stuck in your head right now? "Everyday Superhero." by Smashmouth

5) How many animals do you have? How many do you wish you had? 3 but I wish I had a wolf dog.

6) What is your favorite type of cookie? Samoa girlscout cookies

7) What place do you never want to go back to because it's so perfect in your mind you don't want to ruin it? 
Egypt because it used to be perfect, but now it is a warzone.

8) How many paces from your computer place to the fridge? A whole flight of stairs

9) Did you actually have to count, or did you already know? Already know

10) How old were you when you no longer believed in Santa Claus? Little, but then mom stopped taking my brother and I to see him.

11) Did someone spill the beans or did you figure it out on your own?.I found out on my own...

My Three Blogs...
  1. Elizabeth Ann West
  2. Dannika Dark
  3. Samantha Combs
So there it is, and in other news I have been on and offline thanks to my laptop having issues to the point where I need a new internal hard drive. I have to take care of my computer better too. Not doing the maintenance on it is the thing that messed it up in the first place. I have been using time to work on my novel Fur and Fang of Love which is about a girl competing for a vampire or werewolf with the chance to be a queen. Still waiting on the Retail novel, and working on the second killer novel. As soon as I get my laptop working right I will do a post on notebooks...

Anything happen to you computer wise that made you want to take care of your computer better?

Until next time,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Writer’s Digest review

I have been getting this magazine for a very long time, and it just keeps getting better and better with each issue. There are even special issues that come out sometimes like Writer’s Yearbook, Writing Basics, Getting your Book Published, and Write you Novel in 30 days. Each issue has a different article section that deals with the writing life and process of getting published.

The articles tell you how to make a website when you are a new author. The magazine has tips on how to write a good 1st chapter since they are critical to getting an agent and readers attention. Tips on how to craft compelling characters. They have author interviews every issue. They even have contests every issue where you can write opening paragraphs to a prompt they provide. They write articles about outlining novels too. In every issue there is a page filled with online exclusives, and a newsletter writers can sign up for. Readers can even write to the magazine and their letters can be printed in future issues. In the July/August 2011 issue there is a special section called The Ultimate Revision guide.

101 Best Websites for Writers is a section that they have every year. It has information about literary agents, making a good query letter to getting a literary agent hooked.  Columns like: Breaking In where authors tell you how they were successful, and what they learned from it. In the interview they even tell you what they did right, and what they would do if they could do it over. Questions and Quandaries is a column where people can ask questions about grammar, ones about literary agents, and other writing related ones. Poetic Asides is a column that talks about aspects of writing poetry. Ask the Pro/Agent where you can ask them a question about being an agent, and others for professional advice.

Sections are dedicated to literary agents like listing 25 Agents seeking new writers, What Agents Really Do, and Your first 50 pages: How to hook an agent from the start in the October 2011 issue. The issues even have a cool section called Writers Workbook with “exercises and tips for honing specific aspects of your writing.” (Les Edgerton)

It is a good magazine for writers to have in their bookcases or tables every month. I love it because of all the aspects of being a writer it talks about and discusses. From getting an agent, writing a query letter, hearing about successful authors, and their advice to aspiring writers. To honing novel writing or memoir writing, and non fiction writing this magazine is a blessing to those of us going on the journey to publication. It will make you the successful writers of your dreams.

Until the next review,


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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I used to dislike editing to the point where I will put it off, and not deal with it until later. I have been working on the second killer novel while planning the second retail novel. I stopped it a few days ago when I realize why I cannot focus on working on new projects. The reason: I have some serious editing to do since I have to combine 3 word documents together, and make them into one awesome story. I still want to finish Blood Fire and Moon Watch my young adult novel. I am all the way to chapter 5.

I have found out it is not as bad as I thought it was especially the revising and editing. I find it enjoyable as I put in more details, change the ending, and add an emotional depth to it that I had not known existed. It is best to edit a few chapters a day so it will not seem too overwhelming. I have been finding better ways to say descriptions and ways to emotionally charge the story. True to the saying a rough draft is just that a rough outline of the story. The real magic comes when revising, and making a character so real they can jump off the page. Also making sure the sentences are clear too. Changing around the sentences is sometimes a must to make it gel together more. That is the magic of editing and revising. 

I am also waiting to get back my first retail story to have it beta read, edited, and have it out by November and October. I found a better title for it: Vampires, Werewolves, and Retail Oh No!
That is it, and I have nearly finished my review of the Writers Digest. Hopefully it can be typed up, and  published before I go on my trip.

Any thoughts on the editing process what it is or is not? What you like about it or not?

Until next time,


Monday, July 2, 2012

Novels, reviews, and thoughts oh my!

I have been speeding ahead on some projects like my first retail novel is being typed up by a friend to help me concentrate on two other novels, and focus on those. I have been feeling blocked though, and maybe it has something to do with stress from work. I will be getting a few weeks where I work only 2 or three times that should help. I am also going to type up the rough drafts, and write down notes instead of write the draft long hand…

This brings me to the next thought though. I love going on Goodreads to look at new authors to try out. I start reading the reviews, and then I see the one stars making me see how harsh readers are…It makes me cringe when I read how mean the readers are when it comes to the authors work. I look at my own, and I think oh hell this is not any better either. I can almost picture what a reader is going to say about my books…Then I think my work sucks…I think my other stories suck even if I have them polished the best they can be.

I am going to hopefully finish both the killer contract 2 and the second retail novel by the end of next year.

Any thoughts about reader reviews, being our worst critics or tips on pushing through?

Until next time,


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