Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Classes on Novel Writing and Poetry:

I have a few writing classes this semester one is novel writing and the other is poetry one. They both deal with reading books about poetry writing and novel ones. I love it so far. I even have another novel I am going to work on for the class, and I made a jacket copy for it. Here it is:
                                       Vampire Obsession:
Kiera Simone is so obsessed with vampires she will do anything to find one.  Then she meets Nicholas "Nick" Harmon, a vampire who changes her life forever by showing her the person she is meant to be - a witch with elevated status in the Melodian realm. A realm for supernatural creatures. It introduces her to a world she only dreamed existed. Then Nick vanishes one day, and it looks like he has run into the realm. She must risk everything, even her life, to feel the magic through the realm coursing through her and to find her love!

I have taken a creative writing class before and in turn I have a fun result of an exercise that I did here:

The exercises create a storm scene and a restaurant scene.

Storm scene: The thunder struck the ground like a match, lightning crackled all around me, thunder rumbled, rain beat down hard. It was awful with flooded streets and creeks overflowing with rain water. Water drowned everything. It was sooo bad houses shook. So scary that I thought I was going to die. Thunder and lightning kept going, and encasing the world with inky blackness. It was awful. Bad. The wind kicked up like cyclones.

              It was an interesting day when I sat at my usual place at Cochino’s Place. I ordered water, and a Burger Special. Then I popped open a book to read and I was about halfway through a chapter when someone shouted, “I caught you in bed with her! Don’t lie to me!” I looked over to see who interrupted my reading.

         A couple sitting across from me did. There was a man and a woman both in their late 30’s. They were both very mad, and I could tell they did not get along.  The man spoke, “I have no idea why you are saying that because I have not seen anyone except you. Tell me is it worth it to throw 5 years of marriage away for a simple misunderstanding?” He gave her a warm smile. The woman was not taking any of it though. “Bull I don’t believe you at all. I saw you. Don’t try to calm me down either. You know that is irritating to me.” Her eyes turned seething with hatred.  “I hate you a$$ho%& . The very thought of you makes me throw up. You suck, you are a jerk, and the moment you be nice is an indicator to your lies.” He stared at her for a moment thinking about her words. He sighed, “Okay I give up. Yes I was with someone else. I don’t have to take any of your bull anymore. You are annoying and bad in bed. I am divorcing you and going out with Tina.” Her face turns red, she slaps him then leaves. I ate my meal, paid, and left. I am ready for the next show, and I cannot wait to see what they do next.  THE END   

As I continue with the classes I will be posting work from it on Tuesdays.

Have you ever taken any creative classes at all, and what are the results of it?

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Newsflash: A DearEditor.com FREE EDIT Giveaway

There is a cool giveaway going on for writers that have finished their manuscripts DearEditor  is giving away a free Substantive Edit* of one fiction or nonfiction manuscript. Here are the rules:
  1. Your manuscript can be of ANY GENRE or CATEGORY (for adults or children, fiction or non-fiction), including picture books.
  2. Your manuscript must be COMPLETE.
  3. Your manuscript SHALL NOT EXCEED 80,000 WORDS.
  4. Manuscripts that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified.
  5. Deadline: MIDNIGHT, August 28, 2012, PST.
  6. Winner will be randomly selected using Randomizer.org and announced on August 29, 2012, on DearEditor.com and on the DearEditor.com Facebook page, and the winner will be notified directly via email.
 To find out more details check out the link here:http://deareditor.com/2012/08/23/newsflash-a-deareditor-com-free-edit-giveaway/

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First Love Changes You.

When you are in love for the first time it is an exhilarating experience, and your heart beats every time you see him or her.  You love the way they look, smell, act, and they love you back the same. Time stops every time you two kiss and touch saying the words, “I love you.” To each other which fills you with warm fuzzies. The thing with first loves is it does not last, and after your first love breaks your heart you fear you will never find someone better than them. Lie.

After your first love you will find someone else, and realize that honestly each relationship prepares you for the next. It is a fact that people will come and go, but true love will last no matter what. Sometimes loves can change you for better, or leave you in a hole of depression if your not careful then wonder what you did when it had nothing to do with you at all. Sometimes it prepares you for the next love cause there will be a next one after the first. I think about first loves because of one of my characters who had her heart broken by her first, and I am going to impart the lesson to readers with the fact that after the first love comes an even better relationship, and it is not the end of the world if he breaks your heart in high school. In college is where you can possibly meet the love of your life.

College is where I met mine, and sometimes you will not meet them until you are an adult. Any thoughts about first loves, and how it can change you?

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving Forward

I have officially started a new semester at Tyler, and it will be my  second to last  semester. I graduate that Spring in May with an Associates of Science. I am transferring to VCU to major in Journalism and Minor in Creative Writing. This semester I have a poetry and a novel writing class, and a math one which is not one of my favorite subjects. They are going to be my general electives as well as a math credit class. I will post my work from the novel and poetry classes to the blog.

I am hopefully going to blog twice a week more like on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays since I have those days for school and writing. I work in between writing and school which is why I don’t post as much as I should. It is not easy either.

Onto Writing news: I am having the cover for the first killer story redone, and boy did I love the beginnings of it. I am uploading the cover next Thursday after I meet with one of my cover artists. I am making the first story available for KOBO readers that day after I get the cover. Then to Amazon and Smashwords.

Currently I am working on rewriting the first retail novel, and changing the store from normal to supernatural. I love desigining the store too! I hope to be done in a month  with the rewrites depending on how long I work on the story. Then after it is edited I give it to the beta readers, get the cover art, and then it will be available as an ebook for Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Ibooks, and KOBO readers.

Speaking about writing projects or art projects what are you guys working on now?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Notebook Madness!!! Part 1

I have a notebook obsession thanks to my writing habit I have collected a number of notebooks over the weeks, months, and years I have been writing. I thought it would be a little fun for me to show you all the ones I have collected so far. Some of them even have the titles of my current works in progress, so without further delay here they are:

And tomorrow I will put up part 2....Stay tuned!

How many notebooks do you have if you write like me, or journal too cause I have ones that I use for both?

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Stories left out if the ebooks....

Sometimes I go through my ebooks and talk it over with a friend who comes to the same conclusion I do. The story is not working with the general theme, and for the reason that it does not fit the theme of Karma Turns on The Wicked, and it does not star a supernatural character period I left it out of the ebook and decided to put it on my other website since it has swear words, and this blog does not allow it like my other wordpress one, and from time to time I will use this one and link to the other one, and vice versa. I hope you check it out...Here is the link:  http://jessicasamuelsauthor.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/stories-left-out-of-the-anthology/ .

Be sure to check back at this blog for another post I am working on dealing with notebooks. 

Any thoughts?

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Rude Customer Stories...

I really wish I didn't have to post this, but it's too important for me not to. I had a horrible person yesterday and not only...