Thursday, November 22, 2012

21 Things I am Thankful for:

My post is so long that I want to take a minute to count the things I am thankful for. This is what I replied in a Facebook status:

I am thankful for my boyfriend Jason, and the friends I have met whether I have known them for a semester or more, and the ones I have made through facebook and writing buddies. I am thankful for having a family that loves me, and having a ton of notebooks and books, ebooks, pens and writing stories. I am thankful God has given me a talent for writing. I also am thankful Steam had a sale on Morrowind Game of The Year edition, and I have Postal 2 as well. I am happy to have a job, and money, clothes, and a house to live. I am thankful to have a mother that cooks too. I am also thankful for Mello Yello, my cats Callie and Crystal, and my guinea pig Muffin nicknamed Guinea.

And I have more…here is my list:
1.   Thankful to be alive.
2.   Having money period.
3.   My job
4.   Family
5.   Friends
6.   My boyfriend
7.   My cats
8.   My Guinea Pig
9.   For having food and a house with my own big room
10.               A bed.
11.               A Television with cable
12.               My Xbox 360
13.               Video Games
14.               Ebooks
15.               My laptop, Kindle Fire & Ipad
16.               To be going to college to get a degree, and my student loans that allow me to get an education.
17.               Caffeine, chocolate, and alcoholic drinks (necessity sometimes after a stressful day at work)
18.               The books I have nonfiction and fiction, The Writer Magazine, and Writers Digest.
19.               Pens,  Pencils, and paper  
20.               Printer Ink and all the stories I have created.
21.               Computer games and Hulu, Netfilx, and Itunes.

Those are just 21 of the things, and I could go on and on with it, but most of all sometimes it is the little things that get you through the day.

What are you thankful for?

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mixed Thoughts

I have been working on rewriting my novella Vampire in Retail Sucks. The notes are getting done little by little, but will it be done by the end of December? Maybe. I still need to go through it several times, and have a few people read it then send it to a professional editor to read through.

I was mad when I trusted a beta reader/editor to read my unedited work because she posted a piece of it over facebook, and made fun of the horrible sentence. You can say she was trying to help me, but posting it for all the world to see then  make fun of it in a status is not the way to go. I did not mind the comments about the sentence I just wish she sent it in a message. I am over it, and I am learning who to trust, and how to navigate this confusing world we live in.

I also had one of my ebook artists withdraw from a project, but I understand why she did it since she is busy with everything. Do I think about giving up at all thanks to those situations? No I don’t. No way because it is part of the job when things don’t go as planned at all you still never give up. In the meantime I am learning the importance of networking and making connections by talking to people.

In novel writing class we are working on writing a synopsis which is telling everything up front versus the pitch which you hold things back to grab an agent. I even had to design a pitch for my story to find an interesting hook besides the obvious.
I plan on making writing a part of my life more, and I am going to change my first person story to third. I know I said I will do Mad Mondays and I have the blog post already, and me being busy is no excuse for not keeping up with the blog. The next blog post will be about working retail and the things that annoy me about it.

Any thoughts from writers about pitches and synopsis?

Until  next time,


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