Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bye 2013 Hello 2014 Goals:

As the year 2013 comes to a close I find myself excited, and sad at the same time.  Excited because I finished John Tyler in May 2013, and transferred to VCU in fall 2013. It was a challenge going from a community college to a university. I can handle it more now than when I started since I did not know what to expect. It made me sad since I did not get my paperback out liked I had hoped. And I am free of the negative influences in my life, and I have found people to get to know that I consider good friends. This year I also went to my first anime convention, and I should have enjoyed it more than I did. It was also the year I got engaged to my boyfriend of four years, and that is an accomplishment. I did so much it is not even funny, and I am looking forward to the future since one of my goals is to do better in VCU to get all A’s and B’s. I also had my second ebook published too, and that is a good accomplishment too.

I plan on making 2014 a better writing year. I plan on getting The Killer Contract Agency republished. Revenge against the Ex rewritten and published. I plan on writing Retribution is mine, and Redemption is mine this year. I plan on making them both into paperbacks as well as Tales of the Luxor and Crystal Crest realm out. Two paperbacks, and five ebooks will make this year rock. I plan on writing posts for my blogs Reviews for Writers, and Survey of Pop Culture to do more reviews on writing books, movies, and television shows. Also I have finished the novella Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks, and I am waiting for the okay from my proofreader, cover artist, and beta readers. As soon as I get the cover I am hitting publish it will be $2.99 because of how long it is, and the effort I put into it.

2014 is going to be an awesome year since I am going to become a more prolific writer, and I cannot wait. Bring it on 2014!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life is good!

It has been a long month, and I was not able to finish NaNoWriMo this year because of the other projects I have to finish first. I am through with college for the semester, and I don’t go back till January. I took the last of my finals Tuesday, and it taught me a 5 things about going to a university.
  1. 1.   Take detailed notes because remembering the important details will help you succeed.
  2. 2.   Study ahead of time like don’t wait till the very last minute to cram it all in it doesn’t work. Follow the syllabus, and study an hour each day.
  3. 3.   Read the textbooks, and write down vocab words that are going to be on the test.
  4. 4.    Use your time wisely and don’t procrastinate on a project you will do better if you work on it ahead of time.
  5. 5.  Caffeine is your best friend, and so is the library.

The course load is way higher in a University versus a community college expect to have no life and few times for friends. It also teaches you who your real friends are, and the people who will leave you in a heartbeat just because you have time to study and that is it. I lost someone because of it, but that person was never my friend to begin with since I was used. I left this semester with good friends who are worth my time, and now that I have free time my new goal is to work and get my retail novella done.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

It is finally here! #NaNoWriMo 2013

#NaNoWriMo is finally upon us, and I could not be happier since the novel I have been trying to get out is finally going to be finished by December 1st when it ends. I was going to do it last year, but things got in the way and I forgot why I did not do it. Now however I am going to participate in it no excuses, and so far I am at 1,403 words. Many more to come before I go to bed, and I have school and I work part time so the biggest challenge will be finding the time to pound out on the keyboard with tv shows in the background since I cannot do it in silence. 

I will get more time when the tests are done my last one is November 7th. And I have gotten through the first chapter editing my novella Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks. It is about a vampire going undercover in a supernatural store to solve the mystery of the disappearances of three women who are a part of the Moon Wolf clan, and Scarlet owes them since they are one of the two packs that rescued her from an evil necromancer. I hope to have it done in a month or two hopefully. See I have been busy, and my birthday was last month too. Day 1 of NaNo got off to a rough start since I had some car issues, and I had to get a new car. But today it is better since I am catching up on the day I fell behind. I wanted to start writing daily which is why I am doing it in the first place. I want to be a full time writer eventually, and writing daily needs to be a part of my daily life.

What about you? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Why?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

National Novel Writing Month: #NaNoWriMo

This November I plan on participating in National Novel Writing Month. It is a challenge to see if I can write a rough draft of 50,000 words by the end of the month. I will have more time to write on holidays, and Mondays with one test at the beginning, and most of them are in December after November 7th. I will use a schedule to keep track of the words, and outline beforehand to know where I will be going. It is time for me to finish the novel Retribution is mine, and since I am rewriting the first 8 chapters I will have to start over again. I had 8 chapters finished, but with this new twist I want to rewrite it all from scratch keeping the outline, and changing it. I am not going to have two different points of view, and I might just put it on my blog for free. It would be better to go with just Scarlet’s point of view because I don’t have a clue on how to balance both. It will be in first person, and there will be a few twists thrown in, and it will be hard since this hits closer to home then I want.

I hope I can help people who have been burned by first loves, and show them that through the pain of losing their first love they will find someone cuter, more compatible, and in my case someone who will treat them good. It will touch on the subject of breaking away from an abusive relationship, and even show bad guys always get what is coming to them. It will show what real love is versus the love we experience when we are younger. I had no idea what true love was like until I met my fiancĂ©e. It was better than I imagined, and I know this guy will stay with me no matter what, and he won’t give up on me when times are tough which is what I am going to show in the novel. I have procrastinated long enough, and now it is time to finish it once and for all. Plus, writing is my therapy, and if I don’t write this out I will never be able to get over it.

I will be keeping track of my progress, and blogging more frequently to show people how it is going, and for people to check in too.

Anyone doing National Novel Writing month too? Have you started an outline yet? Know what you are going to work on?

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Old Notebooks=Reflecting on the Past

I keep all my old notebooks, and I used to have a diary with several pages in them. I threw them out because of the bad memories, and in a way I wish I still had them. Keeping the old notebooks around remind me of how far I have gone, and I graduated John Tyler. When I was in John Tyler I wanted it to be over with, and go to VCU. I really did not like going to John Tyler in a way I loved the friends I made though, and I don’t regret that but I hated not being able to get into my dream school. I had horrible grades in high school because I let other things get in the way. Seeing the old notebooks remind me of my goals too. I have the electronics like a good PC finally, and an IPad I use every day. I have the keyboard and stylus too. I use them for writing down, and I have been using my smartphone to take notes since I dropped my IPod on the ground. All the entries remind me that I have a vivid story world, and a ton of characters that could get their chance. I have more stories to tell, and I come up with stories without meaning to. It reminds me why I am writing the stories, and why I should never stop. I will never stop, and it reminds me why I should still redo the novel I put away, and let the world see it. I am going to be participating in NanoWriMo using the Scarlet story. I have to rewrite it from scratch since I have a better way of telling the story which is why I am axing the plot from Soul Snatcher, and putting it in the Scarlet novel instead. I know I can write it in a month, and that is why I am tackling it this time. In the mean time I will write character sheets for the charcters, and write an extensive outline for it.

What about you do you keep your old entries?

Until next time,


Sunday, October 13, 2013


I am not going to be able to make the October 31st publishing date because of all the work ahead of me. I should not have nailed a date at all until I know I am going to make it because I still have more editing to do. I am going to print the novella out, write down the beta reader feedback, and completely rewrite it. I am going to do it with Revenge against the Ex, and the Killer Contract Agency too. Readers deserve to know more about the Agency, and how the Luxor realm works. I have improved my writing more, and way more if I have more of an idea on how to make it better. I am getting slammed with midterms too, and it is part of the reason why I am not going to make it. VCU is harder than I expected, but at least I will have more time to work on my writing.

Until next time,


Monday, October 7, 2013

Characters in books, movie, and Television shows that stay with you:

Characters are essential for writing fiction in making a story sing, and to bring a plot to life. Characters can make or break a book, and the best ones stay with a reader long after you put down the book. I have read a lot of books that stayed with me even long after I stopped reading because I connected with them. How should I know about it? Simple I am a reader and I was reading way before I started writing seriously. I devoured books when I was in high school, and even in middle school. Television shows help as well as reading books, and even movies can be essential in learning character development.

When I was in the fifth grade I loved The Mummy and The Mummy Returns because it was about ancient Egypt, and I loved the characters of Rick O’Connel who is portrayed by Brendan Fraser since he is an adventurous, gun toting treasure seeker. I loved Evelyn Carnahan  (Rachel Weisz) character since she is a librarian who wanted to go to Hamunaptra to discover a book. I loved the humor in it too, and Rick is a funny guy. I loved the second one since it showed a side of Rick I have never seen.

I loved the Halloween Town movies all the way through the third one because Kimberly Brown played Marnie Cromwell who discovers she is a witch, and then they save the townspeople from Kalibar the evil mayor. I love her character and she develops through the movies. I loved Halloweentown High the most because it shows the creatures blending in with the normal world, and it was a pretty good story especially with the added danger of the Knights.

I loved Dark Shadows because of the character of Barnabus Collins played by Johnny Depp. Watching it brought tears to my eyes since he got turned into a vampire by an evil witch who wanted him to love her. I loved the romance between Barnabus and Victoria. It was a good movie, and it made me wonder what happened to them.

The characters readers connect with will make you wonder what happened to them even after you stopped reading, or watching the movie. It makes readers see them as real people instead of fictional characters because of their flaws, hopes, and dreams. I love movies, and books that make me wonder what happened to them even after I stopped watching and reading.

Warm Bodies is a good example of that, and I loved R (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie(Teresa Palmer). I loved R’s inner dialogue, and the fact that he thinks about more than just eating brains. I loved how Julie is sweet, and that she can take care of herself. I loved the movie, and I do plan on reading the book. I want to know what happens next to R and Julie after they changed the zombies, and killed the Bonies. I loved their romance, and the fact that R does not want to hurt people. He only eats brains to feel human.

Characters have quirks and a past that can take a reader on a journey, and makes you think about them even after they stopped telling their story. They are as essential as a plot too. That is what I hope to achieve with my writing too, and craft characters to make people think about them even when they put down the book, and stop watching the movie.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Until next time,


Monday, September 30, 2013

Vacation…and a Proposal

I took a vacation this weekend since it was my four year anniversary with Jason. And boy did I need it since school and work stressed me out. I love North Carolina with the pretty ocean as a background when I am eating. I love it there, and best of all no Jellyfish to sting me!

The first thing I notice once I get to North Carolina is the advertisements, and the banners which are hilarious! I even got a hoodie from Dirty Dicks:

I even ate there, and boy was it good it was on the first day there. I even took pictures of it.

 Fried Gator Tail
 New England Clam Chowder
White Chocolate Pound cake Daquiri
Triple Delight Platter

We even ate at The Rundown which is a favorite to go to when I am in North Carolina, and we stayed at The Outer Banks in. This is what I had at The Rundown. 

 Coconut Shrimp
 Outer Banks Sunrise
Softshell Crab
I had a fun time there, and I even went back to the Aquarium there. 

But the best part of my vacation came when I climbed up this lighthouse:
Because Jason asked me to marry him after climbing all the way up to the top.

I love my ring, and that is my vacation. 
In other news I have been going to classes at VCU, and it is more work then I imagined, but I do plan on getting the Retail novella done. I have all my feedback, and I don't have a set date yet since there is still more work to be done. I might start making Video blogs to document the process. 

Until next time,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Writer Review Wednesday! Ionshaker Desperate Reviw

 *I did receive and ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

I am going to do something new with my blog, and I am going to have #WriterReviewWednsday as a way of paying homage to my favorite indie and traditionally published authors. I will be posting it to Goodreads, Amazon, and this blog as well as my #ReviewsforWriters blog.

The first one is going to be on Ionshaker Desparate by Felix Timothy.
Here is my review:
5 out of 5
I enjoyed the book especially since it was a believable thriller that made me want to read more and more to find out what happens next. I loved the fact that it was in multiple viewpoints, and you can see the overall events unfold in the story. There are car chases, and people getting framed left and right all because of a program the FBI invented.

The many twists thrown in were pretty clever, and the dialogue was realistic and funny between the detective and his partner. I loved the manhunt going on since the guy the detectives were hunting is really smart in evading the FBI. As you get more involved in the world you start to see the bigger picture, and why the characters do the things they do.

I had fun reading the novel because of the intricate character relationships involved, and it made me want to read thrillers more too since this is the first thriller I have read all the way through. I loved the cliffhanger at the end, and I look forward to seeing more of Felix Timothy’s work. I cannot wait for the next book.

And it is free today from Amazon:

Here is the description, and the link:

Trey's wife, his wife's shrink and his attorney are shot dead. His ex-girlfriend narrowly escapes death, gets admitted in ICU in critical condition, but mysteriously disappears from the hospital just a few hours after being admitted. The four of them are connected to Trey.

Brett (the lead FBI detective) pursues Trey (now the sole murder suspect), finds himself framed for two new other murders, becomes a wanted man and starts running like Trey, after learning that its not Trey but Al Fakir (an Al Qaeda splinter group) that is killing anyone with the knowledge that Al Fakir has stolen Ionshaker (a cutting edge universal nuclear management device).

Al Fakir's intention with Ionshaker are not very clear but it is obvious that the country that possesses Ionshaker possesses all world nuclear power on its finger tips because the device can control any nuke on earth. It is suspected that either Iran, Germany, China, Russia or Pakistan could be behind Ionshaker's disappearance and in the event that Ionshaker actually leaves American soil, then the U.S automatically loses its dominance, security and stability. Worse still, if Al Fakir's imagination is to detonate American nukes, then their best imagination will be Americas worst nightmare.

In response, the President sanctions a covert mission led by the only two people that can stop Al Fakir: Trey (an ex CIA) and Brett (now ex FBI) to repossess Ionshaker from Al Fakir before the device leaves the country. Before things get better, they will first get worse as people will die, scandals will be exposed, and America will be desperate. The mission is called Ionshaker Desperate.

Link to book:

I hope you enjoy it!

Until next time,


Ps. I just got back from vacation, and I will do a post on it because I have pictures to show you.

Monday, September 9, 2013

College skills and classes can be used in Writing:

For the first few weeks of college getting to class was harder then the work in a way. Once I got more into the classes, and used to walking to three different buildings I realized something. College involves critical reading and writing, and taking careful notes as a must. Writers can use it too when they read their favorite writing craft books by highlighting important parts, and taking notes then apply it to their writing. It does help that I am taking a few textbook heavy classes, and it will help me take better notes while reading a writing book to review on my blog. I am taking Mass Communication 101 which goes over social media which is handy in today's world. I can apply it to the world I am creating, and I am taking International Studies 101 which studies populations. It made me think about my government, culture, what the creatures are like, symbols, currency, slogans. It made me see how handy going to class is not to pass the class for my degree, but how it can help with writing! I will go into detail about world building in another post.

Until next time,


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Music, Television, Movies, and Writing Inspiration

Music has been a part of my life for years, and ever since I got my first Mp3 which was a red RCA device I was hooked. I did love CD’s at one point but after I got an Mp3 player I switched to portable systems instead I think I was in middle school when I got into it then I got a Creative Vision Zen, Ipod and finally comes the Ipad, and Samsung Galaxy S3. Music has been a big part of my life especially when it comes to listening to my favorite bands. I loved Good Charlotte, Evanescence, Blink 182, and many more. I went to my first concert Projekt Revolution which was a fun thing since I got rained on when I first got there, and I was pelted with hail which was not a fun experience since we were standing there letting it past.

Afterward we went in the place where the concert was being held, and it had food carts, and it was full of bands and people who loved music as much as I do. It was amazing seeing my favorite bands live: Armor for Sleep, The Bravey, Chris Cornell, Linkin Park, Hawthorne Heights, Ashes Divide, 10 years, Atreyu, Street Drum Corps, and it was amazing I even bought a Hawthorne Heights hoodie. I loved it, and seeing my bands live was one of the best days of my life.

I even have a playlist for The Second Killer novel:
Cry Little Sister,” by Aiden
Don’t speak.” By Eagles of Death Metal
“Breaking the Habit.” , Numb, New Divide by Linkin Park
“Fall for You.” by Secondhand Serenade
“Kiss From a Rose.” by Seal
Down.” by Blink-182
 Broken.” by Seether feat.Amy Lee
“Bring Me To Life.” by Evanescence

These are just some of the song on there, and there are many more like Imagine Dragons song “Demons.”, and mainly rock songs. I love rock music.

One of the things I also use for inspiration is watching movies and television that helps get my creative juices flowing. The movies I use for inspiration are: The Halloween Town series HalloweenTown 1 and 2, Halloween Town High, and Return to Halloween Town since I really love the way the world is set up. Dark Shadows since the whole love story is really sweet. As for television shows True Blood since I love all the story lines, and Sabrina the Teenage witch since I love the story world the writers created. I love watching them to inspire me to write my own story, and when I see something I don’t like when it comes to books I use that to inspire me not to do it.
What inspires you?
Until next time,


Saturday, August 24, 2013

My First day at a University:

I had my first day at #VCU yesterday, and parking is a nightmare in the morning with the streets crowded with cars on both sides students going to and from classes. I found my first building class easily since there are signs leading to each building. I took a tour first of the buildings, and what I did not expect was it was very crowded, and I had to avoid the people on bikes because people bike on campus. There are vendors everywhere, and I even saw a protestor too. I loved all the activity going on around campus, and there are many places to eat. I love my teachers, and they are strict too. I know there are a few differences like the workload is more at a University than a Community College, but it also depends on how many credits the classes are too. It is more expensive too, and I am prepared for the challenge it also means setting a schedule too. I will have online classwork on Mondays, and Tuesdays and Thursdays will be getting done these days. Writing and blogging will be done on the weekends. I have many more students in my classes at a University than at a community college. The classrooms are bigger too. This is just the first day, and already I hope to write for the Commonwealth Times a paper at the school.
Until next time,


Friday, August 16, 2013

Dark Tales of Vengeance is out!

I am happy to announce I have finally released an Ebook, and it has been a few years since my first one. I love the cover,  and I am happy with the results.

What is it about?

Revenge comes in many forms, and in many ways. These Are short stories about getting even with bullies, exes who have come back from the grave, and even getting even with evil bosses and coworkers. It even has the original version of The Killer Contract Agency, and Boyfriend Missing; Ex Is a Zombie. There are a few short stories featuring Scarlet Summers who is the The main character in Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks!, and she is a character that loves getting even with bullying men, and one that features Ella who is an assassin that focuses on getting rid of evil bosses and coworkers.

All fun stuff, and it even has violence, strong language, and it even has a bonus chapter of Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks! 
I do have a release date: October 31st. I have always wanted to release a work on that date since I love Halloween!
And here are the links:

(It shows the cover in the Kobo app versus the one on the website.)

I will add the link to Barnes and Noble Nook, Ibookstore, and Sony too when available.

Until next time,


Monday, August 5, 2013

My Beta reader experience and a busy summer.

The summer is almost over, and it means VCU is right around the corner. I have been busy with work mostly, and I got done putting in the changes suggested by my proofreader for the retail novel. They are with the Betas too, and I hope to get everything done by the end of August if not beginning September. I really hope to see a paperback of my book soon. I know that when I do it will be worth it. 

I have been getting Beta readers to look over my ebooks, and a Beta reader is someone who looks over your manuscript before you publish. Like a proofreader who reads over your stories catching mistakes and inconsistencies like an example of mine is I had Fiona as a blonde, and then a brown later in the story which she found and I corrected it. I loved getting Beta reader feedback, and they make me think about things I have never thought of story wise. They are good at picking out story issues, and whether something needs explaining or not even grammatical errors too. An example is I have a bad habit of switching tenses. They caught that, and they caught issues I have never thought of before. I love working with them, and I have found a good solid team finally.

Until next time,


Monday, July 22, 2013

Deleted Scenes

Here are the last of them before I go over the story again:

I see the shop just a street away. The rush comes to me like a calm wave. I long to feel the tingling rush of spells, and it makes living in the realm worth it since only certain types of magic can work here. This type of spell taking place is so powerful that there has to be a vampire willing to be bonded to an equally powerful vampire. There is no breaking the bond either since she is a sorcerer vampire, but we can bond him to someone else. Dante is the only one strong enough to be bonded to Ren. In order to get Fiona off him, and bonded to one of us she has to die in the process since one cannot live without the other and it can only be transferred to another vampire.

I drive there in my car, and the streets are jam packed with people. I hate traffic. The people drive like idiots going to slow, not paying attention to the road. Some are talking on cell phones, and when I stop at a stop light they park so close that if something happens they will hit me. Then I will be forced to kill them. I make my way to Fiona’s, and get to the parking lot only to almost get his by an asshole speeding. There are people with shopping carts, and kids.

Customer Horror stories:
“Scuse me ma’am do you know where the cards are?”

I glare at the woman in question. “Do I look like I work here?”

She nods like a stupid sheep. “I am off the clock, so leave me alone before I hit you in the face.”

She tries to talk. “Don’t even bother cause I am not in the mood to deal with a bitch.”

I leave hoping she gets the point across. The rich snob keeps following me. “Give me your name, and department so I can tell the manager about how rude you were to me.”

“I don’t have one because I refuse to self-incriminate myself complaining wastes time. It also does not mean anything since the managers don’t do shit.”

She huffs. “The customer is always right.”

 I glare. “The customer is always an asshole who complains too much.” I finally walk away. I will be so happy to not deal with snooty bitches anymore. I clock in, and put my badge on. I make it onto the floor, only to be stopped by another asshole. Terrific.

“Ma’am…” and he waves me to come over. I turn my back on him. God I hate it when people you gesture you to come over versus ask you. The idiot also puts stuff on the counter, and expect you to read their minds as to what they want. I hate it. I settle for ignoring it. The guy gets mad, “Ma’am…”
I turn to him. “What asshole? I am not a mind reader.” 
He gets pissed. “Are you an employee here?”
“No dip Sherlock I am not wearing the nametag and uniform for fun.”

 “Then can you help in the shoe department, and can you get me some shoes?”

"No, get it yourself I am not your slave.”

I turn and make it to my department. “No not that one. The one to your left not right…” The customer was going on and on leaving Laia to guess which one he wanted to see. I hate it when they are not specific. They point to the general direction, and get mad when we don’t choose the right one. They are the ones not pointing to a specific one. “Maybe you should stop giving her a hard time.”

I tell him. “Maybe if she got the right one…”

“She has dyslexia you asshole.” I hate people like him. The girl has dyslexia, and it is not her fault. He glares. 

I glare back. They guy is the type to have his way, and gets mad when he does not get it. I use my powers: "You will leave and never return here again."

These are the last cut out scenes, and I finished the edits. Now I am going over the story to put the final details in, and then I need the beta reader feedback. After I make those changes I need to send it to an editor, and then get the book ready for publication. After I get the cover art I will hit publish making it the second book this summer. Dark Tales of Vengeance will be published as soon as I get the final cover, and once all four are out I will make the paperback for the readers that prefer a physical copy. I love working on the ebooks I wrote this summer because I love giving people a taste of my worlds.
Until next time,

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

More cut scenes:

I have been editing more and more today, and this is some of the scenes I had to cut because it makes the character unlikable.

“Excuse me ma’am do you work here?”

“No I just wear the nametag and uniform to confuse you surprise it is my costume.”

The guy glares. “Well could you help me find something, or are you going to be a bitchy smartass. I did not appreciate your attitude because the customer is always right.”

Fuck you douchebag!

“Actually the customer is a stupid, lazy, asshole that needs to be guided to the product like a fucking 3 year old.”

I turned my back on him. Douche bags all of them. I hear customer say to my turning back, “Yet another person cannot show me to the product at Fiona’s Corner and Cafe.”

A voice cuts through my head like a raging animal. I know you did not forget my 20 coupons…I ought to complain to the manager about your incompetence. Give me the money you owe me.”

I walk to the front end to see the person hollering, and it was a woman with 3 kids yelling at a cashier. The cashier is sitting there shocked while the woman with brown highlighted hair and grey eyes wearing an April’s couture track suit glaring at her like she is a bug she wants to squish.

I really hate the cashier being yelled at, so I have to interfere. Not before the customer service guy steps in. “What seems to be the problem ma’am?” he talks to her like she is a 3 year old.

She huffs, “Well this bitch forgot my coupons, and I am late for a hair appointment. What can you do about it?”

Kill you!

Nope killing her is not worth the brain power.

He smiles at her ignoring her bad attitude. “Sure ma’am he can give you the money.” He runs the coupons through the machine, and gives her the measly money she was bitching about. I just laugh as she walks out the door.

I go back to the counter before people pop up wondering where I am.
A bald headed gentleman except for the top comes to the counter.  His grey eyes shined through his glasses and are accompanied by his shirt and shorts. He has a shaking problem, but smiles at me then, stares. I smile back, break the silence. “Can I help you sir?”

He stares at me, some more, then snaps out of his trance, and points to two watches. “Are they made of stainless steel? Can you fix the bands, and do they come with indiglo?”

I think about it for a moment. I examine the watch looking for proof. One of the managers are behind me. “Are you the manager?” he asks completely ignoring the fact that I was trying to help him. Treating me like a dumbass. 

I am tired at this point not stupid, but the guy apparently thought I was stupid and wanted to talk to the manager rather than me. Like an arrogant asshole. “I was not trying to make it seem like I doubted you.” Bullshit… He was a picky ass douche bag, and he should have examined the watch more closely considering it says stainless steel on the back! Dumbass!

He even said, “That does not convince me because if something happens it will be your fault.” When I told him I could try to take the band out. He is really a piece of work that ought to be 6 ft. under. In fact I will do just that to him. The jackass finally is so immersed into it he stops being a dick.

Meanwhile there is another idiot this time a woman with short hair, and blue eyes, tan, a low cut shirt with jeans. Wearing bracelets tons of bracelets gracing her skinny arms.  She is a woman with money, and obviously no common sense. I open the case and pull out the watch another of these teleportation watches that are really hard to take the links out.

She tries it on and it is too loose. The bitch spends another five minutes with back and forth talk on how many links she wants me to take out, and how to tell. Of course I know you have to take them out where the arrow points to. She kept going on and on, on how to tell if a watch can be shortened with the arrows. Then she wanted almost all of them out. How stupid. And after trying to take the links out it still did not want to budge at all. After trying to get the damn thing off the lady did not want it in the end. I put it back where the watch is displayed. She left leaving me to fantasize about snapping he neck.
God…Then another girl and her friend came to the counter. This time it was an African American teenager who is a little bit overweight wearing a wordy t-shirt. A werewolf girl with an attitude to match.

 “Can you return a ring? A school ring if you don’t have the receipt?”

“Maybe if a manager okays it.”

The girl was looking at me in a mean way, and I could tell by her body language that she was trying to intimidate me especially when she asked me to be honest. I could tell, they both thought I was an easy target. I told them all they needed to know and they left.

There was another situation that popped up a lady came in with a rebel looking son, and he reminded me of an asshole ex-boyfriend. The abusive douche bag that cannot admit he treated me horribly, but I got it out of him by hurting him and ripping his heart out the way he ripped mine. Goody another fun customer. 
“Ma’am where are the anklets?” The bitch in question asked. 

I guided her to it noticing she was right at them. Then after looking she did not want the damn thing, and then she had me open the case fine, but oh well. I open the case and let her look, and like the indecisive bitch she is takes forever. No this in not my size, and not this one. All for a new boyfriend, but I doubt anyone would want someone like her. She finally chooses a cute one. I ring her up, and thank god she is finally done. She was an annoying irritant anyway.

Thank god it is almost closing. I note the address of the annoying watch bitch and the other annoying watch dick. Something has to be done about those stupid customers that treat retail employees like shit. Dicks!
I give up the keys to take a break from the insanity. The stupid anklet bitch is back. “Oh, I got the wrong size.”

I was closed, and I doubt I could help her now since all the money is out of the register. “Sorry I cannot help you since we are closed.” I walked away not ready or really caring about dealing with her. She was a bitch, and I really don’t want to deal with her shit. 

I leave only to be stopped by the annoying supernatural customer service guy. “She is mad that she cannot switch out her bracelet since she got the wrong size.”  I don’t care it was her fault for getting the wrong size, and she went to complain about me like the little self-entitled bitch she is.

“I thought I was closed which is why I did not help her and my register is closed.” “You still have to help the customer out all she wanted was to switch out the product, and she did not want to touch the money.”
Fuck you the customer is a bitch, and not always right.
“I heard you the first time. I will remember to give the keys to a person earlier.” If I do that I will not have to worry, and I really cannot wait until I leave the job.

The scenes did not work, and there was wayyy too much customer horror stories. Not enough detective work. But I still have fun showing people cut out pieces so they can see some extra scenes that did not make it to the final story.

Until next time,


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