Thursday, April 25, 2013

Editing away......

Currently I am working more on my story, and I had to get rid of a chapter so here it is:

Chapter 1
People say that words have no power, and they cannot hurt you. They lie. Words can cut you up, and make you wish you were dead. They have the power to hurt you to the point where it is like a kick to the gut, or a shot to the heart when they end relationships with people that thought they cared about them. Words have the power to embarrass you to the point where people call you names everywhere you walk like they did me. Saying I had slept around when that is not the case.
It can make people talk about you, so bad that you can feel so miserable you think about suicide. Or you have to switch schools so the people don’t know you, and wont know the nickname they call you. Like a nightmare the emotional scars can keep you up at night. Words can be bad enough to turn people against you, and make you have no friends. The people who do this have a name:Bullies!
It is not just words they use to hurt people. Sometimes they use physical abuse. Boyfriends hurt girlfriends and use physical violence to make their girlfriends obey them like mine tried to. Pushing you, and even spreading rumors to trash your reputation.
I went through hell in elementary, middle, and high school because of them. I have at least five of them do the worst they could to me. It did not turn me suicidal though it turned me homicidal. I want them dead with their heads on a platter.
All the things they put me through are nothing compared to the hell I am going to cause them. Luckily for me the bullies grew up, and did more horrible things then gossiping like immature childish teenagers…
They grew up and landed with criminal charges such as killing, raping, abusing animals, child molesting, and torturing. And all these activities they did made them all targets of The Killer Contract Agency.
The Killer Contract agency is the agency i work for that allows me to get my revenge. The only way to get in it or become an operative is to be bullied, and that is how I started working for them. That is how I became the famous Scarlet Nightshade.

It would have been longer, but I thought of a better first chapter which will be in the story since it gives the novel more of a punch. 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Improvisation can be used in retail:

I have been taking theater courses like Introduction to Theater and Improvisation which is a theater technique that allows you to practice in the moment. . It has made me realize how it can be applied to working retail. It can be useful for putting everything your worried about on the back burner, and acting like problems don’t bother you. While you ring people up you also interact with them, and if you have a good attitude about you can also entertain them too. I have noticed applying some techniques on the floor can actually help instead of hinder you like you can act like a character from a foreign country. You can act over the top, and since they don’t know you they can be used when you need practice getting into a character if you need to learn how to integrate characters. It also allows you to practice the role of a salesman which I know I will need to learn in order to market my books. I love all the techniques too, and improvising allows you to think on the spot, and go with the flow more when it comes to a hectic work environment. It helps me get through the day to use my training when my mind is wandering to other places that I would not want to think about. Deep breathing before work helps too when I am getting my mindset on retail mode which is smile, be bubbly, and ask if they need help. It even helps me push everything aside and focus on my job instead of the million other things distracting me.

Have you ever used these techniques before?

As an update I on the paperback I am waiting to hear back from an editor to okay her for me to send her one group of stories, and then I have two other groups with critique partners and editors. I have been doing nothing but school work lately since I am graduating May 11th which means I have only 3 weeks of school left. After that you will see more posts on this blog, and my other ones. I plan on doing a post comparing theater to writing since the two are very similar.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Leibster Award, and other good news:

I have been nominated for The Leibster Award by James A. West. I am very happy to receive it.

So what is the Leibster Award?
"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow." From fellow blogger Wayne who first gave the award to James.

11 Random facts about me:

1.    I have two cats and a guinea pig.
2.    I love Mello Yello, Voltage, and Mountain Dew
3.    I am addicted to caffeine.
4.    I love to play games on the Xbox 360
5.    I watch reality tv shows.
6.     I love technology, and I have two tablets, and about to buy a new laptop in August for VCU.
7.    I love to read and write sometimes not realizing it is 1 O’Clock in the morning.
8.    I am crazy, loud, and I love to cuss at traffic.
9.    I am a college student.
10.    I got in trouble for writing The Killer Contract Agency in high school, and it involved the police, psychologist, and idiot councillors.
11.    I have a green Kia Hatchback

My 11 questions and answers:
1.    What is something you have always wanted to do but haven't done yet?
I want to go traveling to Italy, Ireland, Scotland, France. I want to see the world.
2. If you were a Star Trek character, who would you be and why? If I were a Star Trek Character I would be Uhura because she can kick ass.

3. What is one of your favorite movie scenes, and why? One of my favorite movie scenes is from Kick-Ass, and it is the part at the end with Hit Girl killing the bad guys. I love it because of the guns, and she can really kick ass especially using her environment to her advantage.

4. Why did you choose writing? What drew you to it? I did not choose it, and it ended up choosing me. I was meant to be a writer the moment I did a fanfiction of the Mummy Returns.

5. What is your favorite book?
Many I love young adult books, Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy

6. Besides writing, do you do any other art?
I do sometimes make jewelry in my spare time, and paint boxes.

7. What is one of your craziest travel stories?
I got lost in Maryland with Jason and his cousin, and we wound up on the wrong side of town.

8. Skiing or lounging on a beach?
Lounging on a beach

9. Coke or Pepsi?

10. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which one? If not, do you want to?
I don’t play one, but I wish I could play guitar.
111.                      Do you have any new writing projects that you can share with us right now?
I have several besides the killer one, and there is the story of how Sapphire and Storm met. A story with a witch who can do magic in the Astral Realm. And many more to come.

My 11 Blogs I will pass on the award to:

Here are the 11 questions:

1. What did you want to be besides a writer?
2. What is your happiest memory as of right now?
3. What is your latest book or project about?
4. Do you have a favorite soda?
5. Do you have any pets or pets you want to have?
6. Where would you go to if you had a free day and unlimited money?
7. How do you get rid of writers block?
8. What genre do you love to read?
9. What is your favorite food?
10. Do you have a process you write to?
11. How do you organize your novels and notes?

I also have good news about the next step in my journalism career. I got accepted to VCU! I found out Wednsday since I had an appointment with the VCU On-Site decision people. I am now a Mass Communications student and I am going for Journalism. 
I will let people know how it goes, and I will have a post as soon as I am done with school. I graduate May 11th.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moving On….

One of the hardest lessons I have learned so far is Letting go and moving on. It is hard because someone you knew, and are close to is a stranger now instead of a friend. The guy or girl you used to date and laugh with no longer sees you as a girlfriend or boyfriend just a stranger. It hurts even more if they are married with kids, and seeing other people too. Especially if you really loved them, and wanted to be with them for the rest of your life. It hurts, and burns but you learn to let go and move on.
Talking to them makes the pain of moving on hurt worse, and especially if you still want to work things out, but they have moved on and want nothing to do with you. Then again there are more people to meet, and more places out to explore to see more people and form better friendships and relationships.

When one door closes another one opens , and for your sake never open the closed door ever. I did enough times to the point where it ended badly. It is meant to be closed for a reason. I did try to open the door, and the guy pretty much told me he does not care what he did and to stay out of his life like a jerk. If people want you in their life they will make time for you, and if not its their loss not yours because you really don’t need them in your life if they treated you like that. Moving on is not a bad thing for me at first it did hurt, but I wound up finding someone better to fill the void he left. I found someone better someone who treats me right and tells me the truth. He is himself around me, and he does not pretend to be someone else.

The reason why I am talking about this is because this is the theme of the second killer novel.  Letting go and moving on , and to not let the bad past get in the way of the future. Love is stronger than revenge. I also use this story as a way of moving on which is why I need to write this story. I move on more if I write it out. It will be worth it to go through this emotional story, and I want people to learn from it too. People who find it hard to move on. That is why moving on as a theme and forgive and forget are important life lessons to learn. Moving on making room for the good things to come is important especially when it comes to relationships and friendships which is what you will see in the story.

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Friday, April 5, 2013


I have been so busy between work and school that I have barely had any time to write at all. It shows at times when I don’t write since writing is something I have to do in order to stay sane. I was kept up late at night last night thinking about my characters Scarlet and Anubis. I thought about where they came from, and who their parents are realizing I need to do more research on ancient Egypt to understand where Anubis came from. I applied to Virginia Commonwealth University because I really want to go there to get a Bachelors in Mass Communications in Journalism. I plan on minoring in Creative Writing because I love to write. It is more of a have to versus write when I feel like it since if I don’t write I feel emotionally bad. It is a thing I have learned about myself since I use my writing as a way of therapy.

I also plan on using my Reviews for Writers blog to talk about a writing book I have been reading called Book in a Month by Victoria Schmidt. It is a good book, and I will be doing an experiment to see if I can write a book in a month. I also plan on reviewing The Writer magazine since I get it all the time. Of course I might just do it during the summer. I have been working more on the second killer novel, and at one point I was trying another way. It did not work out, and I kept the original version instead. I might be putting the first few chapters in the paperback, but I will have to see meanwhile I am waiting for the editor and working on editing the retail story to send it off to a proofreader before I send it to an editor. I am going to get another laptop when I start vcu as a way of making a fresh start.

I will be turning my blog Survey of Popular Culture into a blog for reviewing movies, television shows, and video games since I watch a ton of tv shows and movies in my spare time. I know I should use it to review books too since it falls in the realm of popular culture too. I will be free during the summer for the first time, so expect me to post way more than I do now since I will be free from school. That leaves me time to write more too, and play video games. I am thinking for my first review that I will review Bioshock Infinite, and I do have the Samsung Galaxy S3 review done so expect to see that when I find all the pieces to it since my room is so messy I only found a few pages. As always I will keep you guys up to date when I re-release the first killer short and the first retail ebook.

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