Monday, July 22, 2013

Deleted Scenes

Here are the last of them before I go over the story again:

I see the shop just a street away. The rush comes to me like a calm wave. I long to feel the tingling rush of spells, and it makes living in the realm worth it since only certain types of magic can work here. This type of spell taking place is so powerful that there has to be a vampire willing to be bonded to an equally powerful vampire. There is no breaking the bond either since she is a sorcerer vampire, but we can bond him to someone else. Dante is the only one strong enough to be bonded to Ren. In order to get Fiona off him, and bonded to one of us she has to die in the process since one cannot live without the other and it can only be transferred to another vampire.

I drive there in my car, and the streets are jam packed with people. I hate traffic. The people drive like idiots going to slow, not paying attention to the road. Some are talking on cell phones, and when I stop at a stop light they park so close that if something happens they will hit me. Then I will be forced to kill them. I make my way to Fiona’s, and get to the parking lot only to almost get his by an asshole speeding. There are people with shopping carts, and kids.

Customer Horror stories:
“Scuse me ma’am do you know where the cards are?”

I glare at the woman in question. “Do I look like I work here?”

She nods like a stupid sheep. “I am off the clock, so leave me alone before I hit you in the face.”

She tries to talk. “Don’t even bother cause I am not in the mood to deal with a bitch.”

I leave hoping she gets the point across. The rich snob keeps following me. “Give me your name, and department so I can tell the manager about how rude you were to me.”

“I don’t have one because I refuse to self-incriminate myself complaining wastes time. It also does not mean anything since the managers don’t do shit.”

She huffs. “The customer is always right.”

 I glare. “The customer is always an asshole who complains too much.” I finally walk away. I will be so happy to not deal with snooty bitches anymore. I clock in, and put my badge on. I make it onto the floor, only to be stopped by another asshole. Terrific.

“Ma’am…” and he waves me to come over. I turn my back on him. God I hate it when people you gesture you to come over versus ask you. The idiot also puts stuff on the counter, and expect you to read their minds as to what they want. I hate it. I settle for ignoring it. The guy gets mad, “Ma’am…”
I turn to him. “What asshole? I am not a mind reader.” 
He gets pissed. “Are you an employee here?”
“No dip Sherlock I am not wearing the nametag and uniform for fun.”

 “Then can you help in the shoe department, and can you get me some shoes?”

"No, get it yourself I am not your slave.”

I turn and make it to my department. “No not that one. The one to your left not right…” The customer was going on and on leaving Laia to guess which one he wanted to see. I hate it when they are not specific. They point to the general direction, and get mad when we don’t choose the right one. They are the ones not pointing to a specific one. “Maybe you should stop giving her a hard time.”

I tell him. “Maybe if she got the right one…”

“She has dyslexia you asshole.” I hate people like him. The girl has dyslexia, and it is not her fault. He glares. 

I glare back. They guy is the type to have his way, and gets mad when he does not get it. I use my powers: "You will leave and never return here again."

These are the last cut out scenes, and I finished the edits. Now I am going over the story to put the final details in, and then I need the beta reader feedback. After I make those changes I need to send it to an editor, and then get the book ready for publication. After I get the cover art I will hit publish making it the second book this summer. Dark Tales of Vengeance will be published as soon as I get the final cover, and once all four are out I will make the paperback for the readers that prefer a physical copy. I love working on the ebooks I wrote this summer because I love giving people a taste of my worlds.
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