Saturday, August 24, 2013

My First day at a University:

I had my first day at #VCU yesterday, and parking is a nightmare in the morning with the streets crowded with cars on both sides students going to and from classes. I found my first building class easily since there are signs leading to each building. I took a tour first of the buildings, and what I did not expect was it was very crowded, and I had to avoid the people on bikes because people bike on campus. There are vendors everywhere, and I even saw a protestor too. I loved all the activity going on around campus, and there are many places to eat. I love my teachers, and they are strict too. I know there are a few differences like the workload is more at a University than a Community College, but it also depends on how many credits the classes are too. It is more expensive too, and I am prepared for the challenge it also means setting a schedule too. I will have online classwork on Mondays, and Tuesdays and Thursdays will be getting done these days. Writing and blogging will be done on the weekends. I have many more students in my classes at a University than at a community college. The classrooms are bigger too. This is just the first day, and already I hope to write for the Commonwealth Times a paper at the school.
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