Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stress Sucks

I took a class called Stress and Stress Management I am glad I did take it since I have been feeling it more and more lately. I have school, work, writing, and making time for friends and family, but sometimes it feels like there is not enough time to do everything I want to do at all. After seeing what it is doing to me by making me physically sick for two weeks I want to change my ways.

One of the exercises I have learned is Diaphragmatic breathing thanks to the book Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies For Health and Well-being by Brain Luke Seaward, and it even comes with a workbook called The Art of Peace and Relaxation workbook by Brain Luke Seaward with a bonus CD in the first book to help with the exercises.

On to the exercises there are three steps to it:
1.   Get in a comfortable position to do the exercise in like sitting down or lying down.
2.   Concentrate: Make sure everything is turned off, and find a quiet place to do this technique.
3.   Visualization:  “From Brian Luke Seawards  book Breathing Clouds: To begin, close your eyes and focus all your attention on breathing. Visualize the air that you take into your lungs as being clean, fresh air; pure and energized air; clean air with the power to heal and cleanse your body. As you breathe in this clean, fresh air, visualize, and feel air enter your nose (or mouth), travel up through the sinus cavities to the top of your head, and down your spinal column to circulate throughout your body. Now, as you exhale, visualize that the air leaving your body is dirty air---dark, cloudy, smoke that symbolizes all the stressors, frustrations, and toxins throughout you mind and body. With each breath you take, allow the clean, fresh air to enter, circulate, and rejuvenate your body, and expel the dirty air to help you rid your body of its stress and tension. Repeat this breathing cycle for 5 to 10 minutes.” (Seaward 364-365)   

It has really helped me calm down, and I love using it whenever I also add music and incense like Lavender and Chamomile since they have calming properties.

I also wrote an article for the paper about stress and here it is:
Stress Relief
Stress comes in many different ways from many different things. Whether we worry about practice, acing the essay, or a first is everywhere.

There are many ways to get rid of stress. One of them is relaxing and meditating. Doing so allows you to focus your mind and concentrate on breathing.

Taking a hot shower or drinking a hot cup of tea can also help you relax. You can try a new relaxing hobby or listen to music that is soothing and relaxing. You can take any of these suggestions or come up with one of your own.

There are many more ways to reduce stress and here are a few other people’s opinions and what they do to reduce stress. Katie Hickman, junior, replied with “I turn on my mp3 player and turn the music up.” And that is also the case with David Claypoole, also a junior. He said, “I prefer to sit and sing to my music, loud!” Mr.Nothnagal, Theater and Theater Production teacher, replied with, “I get on my soap box and vent to my students.” So, there are various ways you and other people can deal with stress. Find yours.

I hope you have enjoyed it, and what other ways do you use to get rid of stress?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life and Ways to get over Heartbreak:

I finally got over the past completely yesterday. That is a huge accomplishment for me considering I used to torture myself over what could have happened, or what I should have done when I should be moving on. I should be focusing on the now like I am going to graduate in May then go to VCU. I will have an Associates and then go to VCU to get a Bachelors in Mass Communications in Journalism. It is exciting that I am graduating after 4 years. Of course there is still the planning to be done for next year like turning in my application. I am taking an Improvisation 1, Introduction to Theater, College Algebra, and a Stress and Stress Management course. I am still working on Killer Edits, Retail edits, and then making a paperback which I want to have done by next Fall or earlier.

I have to tell people that everyone goes through heartbreak, and when it comes to their first loves it is hard to get over it at first. I just recently got over all the times I was hurt period because of friends, exboyfriends you name it. I have been in a relationship for 3 years! Let me tell you the second time is better then the first since you now know what to expect.

Here are ten tips to dealing with heartbreak:

1.   Admit it is over and done with.
2.   Curse the guy or girl just let it out nothing is worse then holding it all in.
3.   Chocolate believe me your body will thank you.
4.   Exercise by running while listening to music.
5.   Get rid of everything they gave you because if you don’t then feelings will remain forcing you to not get over it as quickly.
6.   Don’t contact them because nothing makes things worse then trying to convince them to stay with you. I did that, and it hurt more then him punching me in the gut.
7.   Keep busy, hang with friends, and go to the mall. It gets you out of the house and makes you realize there is more fish in the sea.
8.   Take your time and let yourself feel things before moving on.
9.   It may hurt at first when you know they are married with a kid on the way in the future, but when you have someone better then them in every way. Well, you will not really care because there is a reason why you guys did not work out.
10.               If the relationship did not work out then it was not meant to be, and there is someone out there better for you to be with in the future. Good things maybe right around the corner.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Year Down time to plan 2013 Goals:

As the year comes to a close I think about my life as of right now. I have wasted time thinking about the past more this year letting stupid drama affect me to the point where I get sick because of it. I have rewritten my first young adult novel over, and I have a smartphone and an iPad now to help me on the go. I have gotten more rewriting in too working on getting the retail novel in shape. I have contacted an editor for the first time to make my work polished for publishing a paperback, and redoing the first short story. I found an editor who is affordable to me since I am a college student on a tight budget, and it required time and effort in between work and school.

I have learned how to procrastinate now more than ever, and in turn it made me put off studying to the point where I have to repeat math 158 since I pretty much failed tests since I did not study as much as I should have. I will do better in school this semester since I know what to expect for math 158 and I have two online, and two in person as well as working part time. I have also come to the conclusion that I need to take better care of myself by getting enough sleep, eating right, and staying in shape. As 2013 hits it marks a new year with me starting a new college in August since I will be going to a four year school after I graduate in May. I am redoing my short story of the Killer Contract Agency by having another peer review of it, and then after doing the changes giving it to an editor to polish it then republishing it with the new version as well as a new cover. I am editing the retail novel then sending it to be critiqued then after an editor and the cover is done I will be publishing it. I am going to put out a paperback sometime this year too, and finally focus on my blog more I know I plan on reviewing writing books too. I am starting classes next Monday so I will have time to read and write in between.

I will just have to see what happens because I know there will be changes in 2013 for me I just hope I can finally make the ones I want this time. I will be taking a Stress and Stress Management Class online too I cannot wait to start that class because stress is the one factor getting in the way of my goals!!

Any goals you want to accomplish in 2013?

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