Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bye 2014 Hello 2015

Yet another year comes to a close, and I find myself thinking about the events of this past year. It has been a wild ride for me since the summer was one of the hardest summers I’ve had in a while. However, I did publish an ebook. I also took a chance dating someone new, and it worked out for the best since he is moving in at the end of April. I’ve lost people who were not good for me, and I’m finally in a relationship that makes me happy. I love him, and it’s been a few years since I’ve been this happy. I’m finishing the last semester of basic classes before taking ones in my field. The next year I will be taking strictly major and minor classes. I love it! Journalism classes this semester. I can’t wait to get back into it. I also have my goals already for the 2015 year which is to finish the four projects I need to get done maybe 6. I also will try to publish a paperback and audio books as well. I want to read more fiction and non fiction books and review them on my blog. I really should blog more because I’ve been bad about updating the blog. I hope I can do them all, and thanks for being there through everything.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

School is Over!

Thursday I just finished my last final, and I’m happy to say its over till January 13th. Its been a long semester, and it was fun with two writing classes. Now that it is over I’ve been working and cleaning my room to organize my writing files. Yay! Time to organize my desk, pens, and notebooks! I’m waiting for the last two beta readers to finish then I can edit The Killer Contract Agency rewrites for the second to last time. I’m almost finished with the first Scarlet book, and I redid Obsession Spell and with enough feedback I can rewrite and edit it before hitting published it is a standalone about Jenna who is head of the evil ex-boyfriend division in The Killer Contract Agency! Everything is connected in some way in my worlds.

2014 is almost done and it is memorable since I got engaged and ended it in May since it was not going to work out because of the way I was treated. Add to a crazy ex that talked shit about you, and did not understand why I did not want him anymore then you can be why the summer was stressful.  I met someone else and I’ve been with him since August, and he will be moving in at the end of April. Yes, and it will be the first time I’ve lived with someone like that. I’m still working on the second retail story, and Fur and Fang of love which I have so many notes that I’ll be able to get it done in no time.

 I’m going to focus on writing more daily, and reading writing related books. I’m going to redo the entire layout of The Writing Dreamer since my writing in the workplace class taught me how to design my own website. My fiction writing class taught me how to critique someone’s work and what work and what does not. It made me a better critique partner. 
If you have any work for all the writers out there I’d be happy to read it. I love paranormal romance, urban fantasy, young adult and new adult too. Just email me at jdsamuels25(at)yahoo(dot)com and I wouldn’t mind beta reading your work.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Inspiration For Fang and Fur of Love:

Every story I write came about thanks to something happening to me, and it allows me to come up with ideas really quickly. Following through on it from start to finish is another story altogether, but I will finish it. This story I do need to finish if only for my sanity, and the people who the characters are based off of. If someone has helped me in a major way I will make them a character in one of my stories, and immortalize them forever. I had a long summer getting over my broken engagement, and that is not easy especially when the kept trying to get me to go back to him. I didn’t want that add in friends being involved where they are not supposed to be, and it’s one hell of a mess leaving you in a depressed emotional state.

It also made me realize who is actually there for me. I lost a lot of friends because of it, but I no longer care since if they were there for me and not my ex then they wouldn’t have done the things or said the things they did. It okay thought I don’t need them in my life anyway. I’m perfectly fine now, and I’m no longer depressed because of it and now things are looking up since I’m doing better in school and working.

I watched a lot of reality television too in my spare time, and it hit me that I can make a book where a girl  who is a witch named Midnight competes on a show in Luxor to win the heart of Zephyr an uber hot werewolf alpha or Hyperion the sexy leader of the vampire clan who is in charge of the powerful vampires in the land. It will have technology, and she will have to beat 20 other girls also competing for their love. The winner will help rule the werewolf pack, or the vampire clan. There will be drama and swear words, and fights. It is a fun story that I hope to finish soon. I don’t have dates because I don’t want to pin myself down and then have readers be disappointed in it. The shows I watched are Real Chance of Love, Daisy of Love, Rock of love all three seasons. Flavor of love and I love New York, For the Love of Ray J, and Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair. All in an effort to get ideas about what to use for the story. I have a rough draft of all 20 girls, and I plan on giving them nicknames. I do have the guys give a vampire fang for Hyperion’s girls and a paw print for Zephyr’s. It will have all kinds of creatures competing for their hearts, and Midnight has to go on the show to get out of a bad marriage too. I enjoy writing it when I can cause like I said I have work and school on top of that. I’ll have more time when break comes along, and I hope people love the story because it is my first standalone paranormal romance set in the same story worlds.
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Updates and #NaNoWriMo

Time flew by so fast that before I knew it the time for national novel writing month is here. I’m trying it again and hopefully I can do it this time. It is basically used to write a novel which is 50,000 words in a month. I’ve done it in the past an failed miserably putting it off so now is my time to follow through. I’m using Fang and Fur of Love for it since I need to write that story since it hits close to home. I’ve also outlined and planned the shit out of it which helps. I think that is one of the mistakes I made. Also the 25th was my birthday so now I’m 24…I need some luck with this one because it wont be easy to follow through with it. And in all fairness I have a bad case of writers block thanks to school and work I’ve been so busy I don’t even write as much as I should have. Here is the post about it:

Being a Writer is not easy…
….Because there are days when the words don’t want to come out. Days where I’d rather be doing anything else other than writing. Days where I’d rather be researching the whole day versus facing a story that is hard to explain. Or dealing with the emotions of the characters and it interfering with mine and me realizing it is not my thoughts but my characters. Days when I’ve run out of caffeine but I have to work anyway. Days when I want to stop for a few days just to clear my head. There are days when the internet distracts me more then it needs to. Days when I just sit there and watch Youtube videos till I have to work. But I love being a writer and creating stories. I do wonder where it all comes out of. I wonder why I dream and think the things I do. I eavesdrop on conversations. I feel people out by observing what they do, how they act, talk, and dress. I wouldn’t change a thing because being a writer is power.
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Friday, September 19, 2014


It has been a while since I’ve blogged, and I don’t have any news yet. VCU finally started, and I have been working on top of that. I love my new classes since one of them is fiction writing. I’m enjoying it so far, and I will put up my favorite exercises in this post. I love writing them, and this is what I have so far.

It wasn’t broken but she was determined to fix it. Her heart that was barely working is now alive again. She thought her ex had broken her heart to the point where it was destroyed, and unable to love. It’s not broken, and she knew how to fix it she had to trust the one she loved with her barely beating heart. Her ex did not destroy it like she thought, and she can fix it by filling with her true love instead of the pain her ex put in his wake. She thought she was destroyed by it, but she wasn’t. Broken is a better word since she lost something she thought she needed. She gained something better, and it may not be perfect but it is a start. Once she lost the guy that made her broken she found the one to fix it again.

I smell the scent of Fuji Apple and Vanilla Orchid, and memories whiz through my head. Memories of the summer, and the scent I began to wear around potential guys I’m interested in. I wished I worn it around you. I wear it to give my skin sparkle and it makes me smell good. It is the smell I wear to make myself feel good, and chasing guys like I used to before he fucked up my life. It reminds me of what I did with all of you talking me out of the deep end saving me from myself. Reminding me I’m young, and I can survive anything. It makes me remember the feel of your skin and your scent mingling with mine. The feel of your lips on me, and your touch. Smells during the summer where I went through the worst emotional pain of my life, but I gained something out of it. Freedom. The freedom to see other guys, and the freedom to find someone else. I’ll never forget the necklace you gave me, and I will wear it around my neck since it reminds me of the pain I went through to get over HIM. I’m healed because of all of you. I can now love because you crashed down my cage, and let my heart out. It feels good to love again. I’m not numb anymore, and I was before the summer. Not now. Reminders keep you moving and help you remember why you went through the pain in the first place. I would not have made it without all three of you.

Cinderella, I captured your prince and if you want him you will have to come to my castle to save him before I turn him into my love slave. I will give you the key to his cage and then you can have him but only if you defeat me. Ha Ha ha…love the evil queen.
That bitch had better wish she was dead, and I will make her pay. No one takes my man and gets away with it. I love him, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him she will pay. I suit up by wearing a black cat suit and head out to save my prince. The way to the castle was filled with vampires, and I staked every last one of them till I got to the castle to see the queen. I open the door and the evil queen sits there with my poor prince in a cage. She smiles evilly at me and all I can think of is die bitch die.
“Come to save your prince? I doubt you will succeed.”
“I will bitch come at me, and I will show you someone who has no issues with taking down a bitch for her true love.”
I rush at her and punch her in the face, and duck as she swings at me. I punch her in the stomach, and she falls down leaving me to grab a sword and chop her head off. She bursts into glitter and the key falls down on the floor. I grab it and go to his cage, and he looks at me with love in his eyes, “Thank you my sweet princess. I knew there was a reason why I loved you.”
I smile at him, “I knew there was a reason why I fell for you.” I kiss him and time stopped. My prince is safe and sound, and I can live happily ever after. The end.
Those stupid asshole pigs are trying to hide from me again, and they will not get away with it this time. I will end their lives, and make bacon out of them no matter what. I will get my revenge, and blow up their house. I’m the big bad wolf after all, and not to be taken lightly. I might just have to blow down their door with a shotgun. I might have to use TNT or a bomb maybe? I don’t know yet all I know is I blew down the house of the other two since they constructed their house using piece of shit materials. Its their own damn faults come on straw and wood easy. Its going to be the brick which is the hardest to blow down. Maybe but I wont go down the chimney that leaves it wide open for them to eat me, and I’m too smart for that. I am and it has happened to my uncle too, and not something I want to do. I go up to the stupid pigs house, and ask them, “Little pigs, little pigs let me in…You make good bacon for my family.”
One of them peer out the window, “Nope you don’t deserve to eat our tender flesh.”
Fuck it. I grab a grenade, and flick the handle then hurl it at their stupid house. Boom! Hey look no more pigs they are all blown up now. Yes! No more assholes tormenting me.

I’m waiting on the readers for The Killer Contract rewrite. I’m also trying to finish the first Scarlet book. It’s been slow since the break up and me working a lot threw my writing schedule off, and it made me depressed too. I’m going to get on a better schedule in the next few days since I still have to write the first three books. Sometimes life does get in the way. Emotional pain is not good for writing either, and I’ve been procrastinating way too long. Back to the craziness of VCU, working, and writing.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

This Crazy Summer…

It has been a while since I have updated my blog, and there is not any major news yet. I’m still working on various projects, and the first Scarlet book is actually in the middle of the first draft. The second book I’m 8 chapters in for that draft, and I’m working on the second retail novel. It’s been a long summer due to working and writing. Things are pretty much normal now since I’ve been slowly getting my life back together, and I start school this month which means things will be the busy chaos I love. I miss school since it kept me busy throw in work and writing and I always had something to do. I have been reading more ebooks and books, and working on writing exercises. It is hard to come up with 1,000 words based on images. I can do it though, and I have learned more lessons this summer then I have any other since I’ve gained more then I’ve lost. It was a wild ride too, and I have talked to more people then ever. I love hearing their stories, and their pasts. Everyone has one, and it makes them who they are. People are interesting to me, and I enjoy life now that I’m not miserable. I will update this more as I go along because once my writing picks up more, and I am able to publish more books I will definitely have more to talk about. Right now its all about taking notes, and writing while waiting for VCU to start.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks is out!

It has been a long road, and this particular project is finally done. I loved how it turned out, and I could not be happier since I have a new cover artist I look forward to working with! I have my school stuff straight, and things are picking up! I did write a post about my inspiration and why I wrote the story in the first place, since there is a story behind it:

Not many people know this, but the idea for the story did not come out of thin air. It came thanks to me coming across a book called Retail Hell: How I sold my soul to the store which is about a screen writer forced to get a job working at The Big Fancy, and I read the whole thing within a matter of days. It was funny, and I loved every minute of it. I loved his take on the different types of customers. I loved the fact that he ends up being the only male selling handbags. The humor in it is laugh out loud funny, and I love his comments regarding the customers he nailed it. I admit I have been working retail for two years I wont say where, but I have seen some of the stuff he talks about in his memoir.

My story is set in a supernatural store called Fiona’s Corner and Café. A retail store in the Luxor realm, and Scarlet who is a vampire has to go under cover to solve the case of the missing werewolf girls from the Moon Wolf pack. It has her put in situations people rarely get to see unless they are on the other side of the counter. I love how it turned out. I even threw in something extra for my readers since it mentions another ebook I’m working on. I will make book 1: Scarlets Beginning. Book 2: Retribution is Mine and Book 3: Redemption is mine.

Here are the links to purchase it:


That is all for updates I will let you know if I have another release, or my thoughts on things.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

True Friends…

I forgot how freeing it is just to work, and write on my days off. I love summer since it means a break from the stress of school. It is usually filled with friends too since I have time to have a life. I always have to remember who my real friends are, and they are the ones who support you when the time is rough. They don’t stop being your friend even when you act like an emotional wreck. They make time out of their days to see you, and don’t hold you back. They like who you are and don’t want you to change. You never really know who is on your side until you go through a break-up, death, or a situation that destroys you so completely that you need to rely on them in order to build yourself up. You find out the people who are just pretending to be your friends to which hurts even more since they were supposed to be your friends. I know I lost certain people, but if they were my friends, they would have looked at it like she is hurting emotionally, and to not kick her when she is down. They were holding me back anyway, and I’m better off without them. I know I’m going places, and this situation proves I can handle anything. I’m writing more, and hopefully I can get everything published by the end of the summer. All this free time is awesome! I am grateful for the people who understand what I’m going through, and the ones who don’t attack me because of it. You never really know who your true friends are till your tested. True friends don’t mention the thing you’re trying to forget when it is their fault anyway. Friends don’t insult your family, and they certainly don’t imply you call them names for no reason. I love this freedom from them, and I would not have it any other way. True friends don’t hold you back or change you.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Writer’s Blog Hop!

I have many writer friends, and my author friend Lisa M. Lilly this is her blog. She tagged me in a blog hop. I thought okay that will be fun since I have time during the summer to focus on the things I love. She has helped me with one of the stories I hope to publish this summer. As soon as I get the rest of the edits and the cover I will hit publish, and people will know what working at a supernatural store is like.

1 – What am I working on –
I am working on rewriting The Killer Contract Agency story that is about a girl named Salina Sinclair who got bullied so much she can get her revenge. Especially since the evil bully Laurice almost killed her, and is an alien called a Malian. They are a race that loves to pick on the weak in an attempt to make them kill themselves or the aliens do it instead in order to prevent the person from making their marks on the world. Some are peaceful, and see no reason to but others you have to watch out. Then I am working on the first three Scarlet Summers novels. The last thing is the second retail novel which starts out with Evangeline who is the main character working at Kyle’s General Store. This is about angels and witches this time instead of vampires and werewolves.

2 – How does my work differ from others its genre?
For one thing vampires and werewolves can have children with each other. Witches and Angels can have kids, and some witches living in the Luxor realm do have to go to Witch School. Vampires are crossed over the same way, but they go through a ceremony to become worthy of being one. Witches and AngelWitches (Cross between a witch and angel. Mom was a witch and Dad was an angel) are brought into their powers through a ritual. Skylons and Waterlons creatures that are introduced in the fourth Scarlet book are brought into their powers by vampires and werewolves. There are two realms and one is the Crystal Crest a realm for humans, and Luxor is for supernatural creatures. There are even realms inside them like the Angel realm and the Merpeople one.

3 – Why do I write what I do?
I love supernatural creatures: vampires, shape shifters, angels, witches, and the various types. Normal life is also boring, and I love making up worlds. I love writing supernatural creatures since I find them sexy, and magic does exist in that world. I love creating stories and seeing my characters come to life. I love the feeling of writing and rewriting until it is as good as the ones on a bookshelf. I want to change the world, and help people escape from their lives. 

4 – How does my writing process work?
I do have to have caffeine before I do any kind of work. I have to wake up first. Then I put on the television to use as background noise since I cannot work in silence. I pull up a word document of the story I am working on, and get rolling. Sometimes I write first in a notebook then type it out. I outline first and make notes then I write. Sometimes I get 1 page done, and sometimes up to 17. I work part time, so it depends on whether I have a day off. If I have a whole day I will be able to get done more than I can if I did not. Sometimes I sit on the bed, sit at my desk, sometimes I use my laptop or Ipad. I can even use my smartphone to type notes on the go.


For my post I tagged one writer Nicole Pyles who writes The World of my Imagination blog. Check her out at the hyper link. 

Until next time.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Moving on for the second time!

I just ended a four and a half year relationship, and it did not feel good at all. It was for the best since I had to do it for my sanity. He did not get me at all, and nothing against him but we were not compatible. On the other hand I have time to focus on school, writing, reading, and working. I have time for friends and family. I can concentrate on VCU. I don’t plan on getting back into a relationship for now since this is the second time I can experience freedom. I can enjoy life, and have fun at VCU. I can flirt with guys, and go back to my old self. I changed so much, and it was not enough. I will never change for a person again. I hated the drama too, and it caused me too much stress especially during the school year when I had a test. It got to be too much when I was fighting with him every month, and I did not want to be miserable for the rest of my life to keep someone happy. Sometimes people are just not compatible, and thank god I have friends and family helping me. I did not want to lean on people because I did not want to seem weak. I did though, and I started seeing friends and family more to help ease the pain. It worked, and working on my stories helps too. I want to turn the pain into something creative. Moving on from something fun is hard, but it is better then being miserable. I missed freedom to do whatever I wanted. I missed not having limits, and I will enjoy my freedom before getting someone. I don’t need a boyfriend in order to be happy I need me. I will find someone better, and each relationship prepares you for the next. As dark as the road can be there is always a light at the end of the journey through life.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Don't Feed Internet Trolls!

I’m not talking about the people who explain their opinion to you with facts. I am talking about the people who name call, go to low blows, and one woman even went as far as saying: “"I'd LOVE to see these jerks end up on a slab...You'd be justified in saying, "He scared me. He was armed." Old fat white men get away with killing unarmed black men, why couldn't someone get away with capping him?" Said by someone who had an opinion, and just because she disagrees with something felt the need to attack him on the Net. I almost forgot how childish it is to argue with people on a Facebook page, and not only that but employers look at that. I don’t want to be known for attacking people who have a different opinion then I do. I took down my posts despite me trying to be nice. I am going to be a successful author one day. It involves me making books, and people are going to like it or hate it. I am not going to argue with a reviewer when they have an opinion over my book. I am done fighting with the general public on a profile page, and this is one thing I will learn from it: Let it go.  They have the right to their opinion. I have a right to mine if they want to show the world they are always right let them. It does not change the fact that I will continue to do what I am doing, and in all honesty, if they are not a friend or my family they won’t matter to me. They don’t pay my paycheck, and I won’t waste my time arguing over something stupid when I have better things to do with my time.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good News!

Besides the retail novella I am rewriting The Killer Contract Agency short, and it will show a side to them before they hunted supernatural creature’s gone rogue. The bullies are not human instead they are creatures called Malians, and they are a species from another planet that picks on weak humans to make them kill themselves before they become successful adults. The main character is Salina Sinclaire, and she is picked on to the point where she almost dies. Then she joins The Agency, and the rest is history. I looked over the old version, and decided to modify it completely, and not only will it have less human bullies it will be from Salina’s point of view.
I played with it last night when it was in third person, and I got stuck…I turned it to first, and BAM! The story came alive with Salina’s voice, and it was easier too. I also have some fun cut scenes to show you. Part of the editing process involves cutting scenes that slow the story down. And when I changed it from third to first sentences and even paragraphs had to be deleted like this, and this is the scene where her mom is talking to the principal. I had to delete the principal's part since Salina is eavesdropping after she is covered in tar by the resident bully:
“Hi, my name is Rose Sinclair. Salina’s daughter, and there is a girl named Laurice Pasty. She is picking on my daughter so much I have her crying after school everyday. There will be something done about it right?” She says trying to control her temper.
“Hmm…Yes, I seem to recall having the two of them duke it out, and since Laurice is not a human we are not equipped to get in the middle of this feud. We have to let this run its course, and if it gets too out of hand I do know someone who can get rid of this girl if she does not keep the peace.” He replies with reassurance. 
“Why would you allow them in the first place?” She asked why he would be stupid enough to allow a dangerous alien to mingle with humans. 
“They had a truce with us, and until a person commits suicide because of them then it will be over. Or they try to kill her, and it means that The Killer Contract Agency will step in, and take care of the threat at that point. Your daughter could be a Hunter if that Laurice girl was trying to hurt her that bad. If the Laurice tries to kill Salina a mentor will step in before that happens. You have my word since they are supposed to be peaceful, and if they are not then the Agency will step in and terminate the threat.” He told her.
“Okay, and then the truce will be over, and the Agency will get rid of them by using my daughter great. Thanks, that is all I need to know.” Her voice drips with sarcasm since she is not too happy about them using her daughter like that.
Yes, it was a fun scene to write. Salina can only know so much from eavesdropping though. I hope to be done with it by early June to give it to the beta. Apply the notes, and then go through it again before giving it to the editor. Still going to publish the retail story, and the proofreader is still working on it. I have the same person for the covers, and the same themes will be used in the story.
That is it for updates…
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fear Sucks!

We all have felt fear before since it is a part of what stops us, and it can be what moves us forward. Fear of failing like not being able to complete my degree, and the fear of failing at becoming a successful author is a part of life. Putting a book out there is scary, and it is like standing in the middle of the street naked and exposed to the world. It is publishing a book for people to read and having them either liking it or hating it. I realize that once I publish the eBook that it won’t be mine it will belong to readers. 

Of course, I am willing to take that chance because I want to write full time no matter how hard it gets. Fear is a part of life, and one of the ways to combat it is to keep writing and never give up. It has been one of the reasons why I have not been writing as much because I am afraid of failing. I am afraid of showing people the vulnerable side because I have been bullied to the point where I have put up a wall. I’ll tear it down though, and channel it to writing. I have to get over it if I want to succeed anyway. It is scary putting yourself out there in your writing, but if you don’t try then you will have already failed. I used to be afraid of people thanks to being bullied so much, but thanks to the job I work at where I have to deal with people it is not as scary anymore. The world is not out to get me, and it has its ups and downs like anything else. It gave me the confidence I need to succeed in pitching my book to people, and I am finding the more I tell people the more I get them interested in my work. 

I know it never goes away completely, but it no longer cripples me the way it once did. I figured I am not the only one who goes through this, so I thought I would share a side to me the world has never seen before.

What do you fear? How did you overcome it?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Writing a Novel:

A friend asked me this if I have finished a novel, and how is the experience? The question will be better answered in a blog post then in a Facebook one. The answer is yes I have not only finished a novel, but I have also finished a novella, poetry, and more short stories then I can count. Writing is a part of my life, and I already have 5 projects in the works. Writing a novel can be easy at times, and downright frustrating. Rough drafts and rewriting is the difficult part since you have to face the blank page, and the rewriting can be hard to since you have to make sure the sentences make sense. It is hard to write a novel from start to finish, and at one point I wrote without an outline. It kept getting difficult since I was writing myself into a corner, and I had to finally write an outline to know where I was going. It is worth it in the end to have the ability to create worlds out of thin air. It does get easier with an outline, but it is hard to go from point A to B. Finding the time is an important part of the novel writing process since it takes time to produce a novel. Sometimes the words will come, and sometimes it is like pulling teeth. The characters tell their story, and you write it down. It can be learned with enough practice, and it is worth it since it allows you to have a voice in the world. It allows you to teach lessons about life through fiction. If you’re a writer you know it since usually there is something urging you to write. Writers have to write since that is what they do. They have something to say and stories to tell. They have a destiny to entertain people, and they are put on this earth for a reason. Writing a novel involves creating characters that will stay with people for a long time to come. It involves putting in enough man hours to finish a project to the end. My first novel will be in print one day since I am making it the fourth book in the Luxor series it will be in two points of view Scarlet and Serena Saban. I have already finished it, and I need to write in Scarlet’s point of view. Of course, I also need to write the first three novels, and I am 8 chapters into the second and 4 chapters into the first. This is a hard series to write since I have to remember details from the previous books to keep in mind while writing. Novel writing involves creating your own world, or changing the world we live in now. It is worth it in the end though. I love the novel writing process since creating novels is something I love doing. It helps me get over my past issues, and it gets rid of my anger. It makes me create real characters going through real struggles, and it is better than therapy. Whenever you’re writing a novel outline first, but don’t be surprised if it changes. Keep going and don’t stop. If you’re stuck free write or do writing exercises then keep going even if it sucks at first since there is always room to improve.

Until next time,


Monday, May 12, 2014

Guinea Pigs for Life:

I had to put my guinea pig Muffin to sleep Friday. I have had her for 4 years, and she was a good guinea pig. The problem was she developed a cancerous tumor, and it spread to her lungs and stomach. Once she stopped eating, drinking, and responding to my mom I knew there was something wrong with her. She did not even want to eat her favorite treats either. This one was special since she was blind. She loved cilantro, and would squeak when she hear my mom come up the stairs. I will never forget her, and I will always remember her.

RIP Muffin ?-5/9/14

I did get a surprise when I came home after work. I went in my room to put down my things, and this little guy appeared:
He is a two month old named Xander, and at least my day ended on a good note since it was hard to make that decision. I did not want her to suffer. I now have a new edition to the family. I am done with school till August, and I have the whole summer to write and work. The novella will hopefully be done soon. 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Updates and another cut scene…

Unfortunately, the retail ebook is going to be delayed, and I should have the answer that I have been waiting for soon on when it will be done since the extensive editing is delayed. I have a month of school left, and after a certain time in May when my last exam is going to be I will begin working on the first three Scarlet novels. The first Scarlet ebook will be free, and then it will cost $2.99 with each ebook to make it affordable to readers. I look forward to finally having the ebook out soon. School has been keeping me busy, and work too. I have gotten through chapter 4 in the edits and one of the scenes I wanted was cut down since it did not flow with the story here it is:

I panic momentarily then, took the time to learn about the register area. There is a light at the top of a pole to show the number. I turn it down, which means the register lane is no longer open and it turns the light off. If it’s in the middle it flashes, and that means a supernatural helper’s aide will come to the rescue. Up turns it on, to signify the register is open.
There is a trash can and cleaning solutions in a cubby. The plastic bags are straight, and stuck on a rotating circle which makes it easier to put the items in the bags.

“Excuse me, are you going to check me out or just stand there?” I looked at the woman in question. Her bright blue eyes look at me like I am crazy, and her graying silver hair in a bun. She is a werewolf by the smell of her.

I smile at her. “Sorry ma’am just looking around at all the activity.”  I start to ring her up like Roger had shown me, remembering to put everything in the right bag and making conversation with her.

“So ma’am how long have you been shopping here?”

“For years. Werewolf weekly magazine has this store as five stars for werewolf goodies place. I always have a good deal.”

I smile, “Because that is the way of Fiona’s Corner! Good deals for supernatural creatures.”  I get done and total her up.

“Total is 176.90.”

She looks at me and says. “Slide it.” I nod. She finished, and she stared at something to my side. 

Then she looks back at me giving me a death glare like I shot a puppy. “You forgot my coupons.” Oops, you would think I killed her child. She starts to turn into a wolf, and I whisper. “Sietna she a li.” Her eyes turn normal after the spell binds the wolf from harming me.

“Go to customer service if you cannot control yourself.” I send her to customer service to get the discounts. She leaves, and now comes another customer.

A vampire who is probably buying something for his friend’s baby.

“Can you check the price for me?”

I take the handheld scanner, scan the item, and hit the item inquiry key.


He glares at me like it is my fault it rang up that way. “It was $99.00 at least that is what the sign said.”

 “Okay sir be nicer, and I won’t have an issue.” I replied sarcastically sick of his attitude toward me.

I void the item, and hit price override then hit 1 for pricing error and type the right amount in. I had to wait here for the SCSM to respond, and they take forever sometimes.

 “Are you going to scan the other items? ” He barked like I am his personal dog to kick around.

“Yes, as soon as he Okay it.” I replied sweetly ignoring his rude attitude toward me.

The guy comes, and he forgot to tell me it was a gift receipt. I touch the button, and rescan the item. The dick pays the bill, and then I ring him up this time hitting the gift receipt then ringing him up. He leaves leaving me to want to throttle the dick.
I spend a few more hours on the registers dealing with some charming people. I loved the delightful customers, and the ones who treated me like a being instead of like a slave.

I finish at the register when Roger comes back from his break to take charge of the register again. I signed off and he signed on.

By the way there will be a second retail novel titled: Being an Empathic Witch in Retail Spells trouble. This time it features angels and witches exploring the realm of angels in more detail.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks!

I am completely done with the Prologue, and Chapter 1 and I wanted to put it up early since it is coming out in March. I have not decided on a date yet, but it will be out next month. It has been a long journey, but I cannot believe it is almost done.
Here it is, and when I publish it I will put down the links after the chapter.
Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks
I killed my ex-boyfriend, but that was because he killed my lover. I also killed Kelsey. She deserved it for going after vampires who were harmless to society, and especially since she killed Dante's family. Not that I go around ending lives for the hell of it. I worked for the Killer Contract Agency--hired to rid the Crystal Crest realm of society's slugs. Like rapists, pedophiles, and hunters who go after innocent supernatural creatures. The weapon made me insane, and after an undercover case I decided to be a detective instead of an assassin. My name is Scarlet Summers, and I've been through hell.
 The Moon Wolf Pack are the werewolves who helped me escape from the evil necromancer, Rick. A mystery is on my hands when some of the girls went missing. Oh, and the girls all had one more thing in common. They worked at Fionas Corner and Café, a retail store in the Luxor realm that allows creatures to buy items they need to survive. Here is my story of these events.

Chapter 1:
A fire is burning in the fire-place and it makes the living room warm to combat the cold air conditioning running through the rest of the house. I use this time off to banish the memories of my last case,and the previous ones when I was with the agency. I finally have a chance to try to get my mind off my past once and for all.
It started when Nathan killed Zion, my lover, since he was an abusive and jealous jerk. My grief led to me wanting retribution so fiercely I was hired by The Killer Contract Agency. I  then went on a killing frenzy eliminating Nicole, Megan, Kelsey, Kyle, and Nathan. I got my revenge, but not without a price. My final step was to swallow Nathans soul. However it caused me to go crazy, and I ended up gunning down innocents. I was changed into a vampire to stop the rage from consuming me. Once I turned, the rage stopped and I became sane again. Then I got captured by a crazy necromancer, and he tried to turn humans into creatures by performing horrible experiments on them. I stopped Rick with help of the Moon Wolf pack. All the old case files go into the fireplace, and the bracelet I still have as a reminder of what I have been through. I turn away from the fire and the past.
I look around the house I love. We moved into after I became a vampire and we transferred to the Luxor realm.  It is a big place with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and office, kitchen, and even a library piled high with books. The walls in the living room are charcoal black and the carpeting is the color of warm blood with a gothic theme throughout the house: cobweb wall papers with candelabras, and magical statues of wolves and dragons placed in the house to guard it from intruders.
Sitting down on the black leather sofa, I let the warm fire  relax me. There is incense burning and the smell of apples and cinnamon take me to a place of comfort. The necromancer situation still haunts me, since I was tortured horribly. I dont want to go into details, but I hate them. The asylum case was just as horrid. Especially seeing all those supernatural creatures hurt when they did not deserve it. I exhale and let it all go.I am on my vacation after all.
 Dante, my lover, is rustling around papers in the office we share. Since I have nothing better to do I go see what he was doing in the office. And maybe play around a bit on the computer.
"Come in." he replies after I knock on the door since he loves to keep the door closed to concentrate.
"What are you working on?" I ask as I walk into the room and stand behind him, peering at his screen. I know he hates it when I do that but I just can't help but rile him a bit .He sighs and stretches, making me stare at the muscles flexing underneath his shirt.
"Shit loads thanks to the damn necromancer-werewolf-agency issues. I dislike Rick, and his bullshit about falsely helping people without powers. He just had to work in the Crystal Crest realm with the psychics to experiment on innocent creatures. At least the asylum is a black crater in the ground now. And all their data on us is destroyed. "
"Fun, I love paperwork. But at least we no longer have to worry about the Crystal Crest realm becoming like ours."
He laughs and it lights up his entire face, making his soft silky black hair undulate around his handsome face. I stare at his muscles as they ripple with the simple gesture of him sweeping his hair out of his eyes. He turns his attention back to the screen in front of him and I sit down in a plush chair in the corner and watch him work.
I dont pay attention to the time until I feel a gentle hand brush my long red hair behind my ear. My green eyes come back into focus after staring at nothing but remembering the experiments.
"Brooding again?" He asks concern in his brown eyes. He knows I dwell too much on the past, especially since it was a shock to my system.
"Yes," I reply sheepishly, "I was just thinking about our latest mission. All of the things the necromancer said he would do to my friends dead body still haunt me.I shudder, trying not to think about it, and try to block out the images that are flooding my mind.
"Thinking of it only makes it worse. He is dead. The Asylum is a graveyard. You are going to drive yourself bonkers if you keep thinking about it. I agree with how horrible the whole situation was, and I wish I could pass on my extra abilities on to you. then you would never have to fear. Do you think I like seeing you like this?He asks.
"No, and I know it was hard on you as well. Im sorry I still get lost in the past. At least the werewolves were able to save me." I say with a smile trying to focus on the good side of my experiences.
"They did but it also means you owe them a favor. Werewolves always collect their favors and sometimes it is dangerous. I know I owed them once, and payback nearly made me tied to a member of their pack."I sigh, not wanting to think about what they will want in return for saving my life.
I want to check my email." and I hop behind the desk across from Dante's. My mind jumps to more essential everyday things like work and coupon shopping. I need some new clothes from Gothic Gear and Witch Cauldron and I hope that there are some money off coupons in my inbox.
I quickly get comfortable in the leather chair since it fits the shape of my body perfectly. I turn on my high-powered desktop and log into my personal email. I am disappointed when my inbox has nothing but Spam. No, I dont want another vampire groupie, not after the last one died. Nope, I dont want to meet single vampires in my area. Absolutely no to getting the biggest erection of my vampire life. All junk and no fun coupons for me. Frustrated, I decide to check my work email. Even though I am on vacation there might be something interesting is going on to take my attention.
Hey, look at this,I tell Dante and he moves behind my chair. He looks over my shoulders to read what is on my computer screen.
"Why does he want to see you? I thought you were on vacation. I was looking forward to relaxing with you." He sighs, "Do you want me to go with you to the office?"
I nodded, "Special assignment sounds fun, but it also sounds like a handful. I just hope a necromancer isn't involved in this one. I hate those guys." I shudder again and push away the images from my past. Necromancers are notorious for getting zombies to do their dirty work. It is helpful to send one after someone you want dead because they are hard to kill. The only way to stop them is to cut off their head. "Lets change, then we hit the road."
A little bit later we slide into Dantes Strider X, the fastest type of car in the realm. We quickly get to the store since Derrick is impatient. The sun is a horrid ball of heat frying everything in its path. The soft tank top I am wearing allows the cool leather from my seat to relieve my skin from the inferno. I dont like the heat. I would rather it be an in-between temperature, not too hot or too cold.
Rogers Video store is a front for the detective agency in the Luxor realm. King Alexander and Queen Diana Battle don't want anyone to know about either Derrick's Detective Agency or its partner the Killer Contract Agency. They work together to help solve crime and catch criminals for the crown.
Dante looks up at the sun. At least the sun here is not toxic to us. I was a surfer before I changed into a vampire you know. I like still being able to surf, it is more fun with powers. And the donors and blood bags definitely make life easier. What about you Scarlet, do you love it?
I consider my transition to being a vampire, I love it, it is so much better being sane. Thank you for turning me.  And I love still having my magical powers and guardian.
"Of course I remained after you changed. You need me to guide you and help in combat."  Nightshade speaks in her melodious voice in my head.
"I am happy to still have you too. You have saved my ass plenty of times. I always will be." I commune back.
Nightshade has watched over me ever since I came into my power as a witch. I have been her charge to guide even before I received the bracelet. She became my permanent guardian when I put on the bracelet, and when I kept my powers during the transition she decided to stay with me. She is a spirit that stays by my left ear and is visible when she desires.
"It is amazing that you still remember when we first met," She comments knowing I am brooding on the past again.
"I always will because you saved my ass more times than I can count."
I think we need to go into his office now,Dante interrupts and I notice we have reached our destination. He knows about Nightshade and doesn't mind when we talk, he talks to his guardians too. The hell hounds: Cloud and Enforcer. But Derrick is an impatient man and we both want to see what he wants.
Sorry.I reply sheepishly.  Nightshade was talking to me. Dante is standing over me holding the door to the car for me to get out. He is such a gentleman! He takes my hand and squeezed it gently, then smiles warmly.
 “Would you like it if I was in your mind more, not just when you are in danger?Because Dante is my sire we can talk telepathically. It comes in handy during battle or undercover cases when we need to speak privately. It also makes the romance between us so much better. I nod in response to his questions and we walk to the store to see what the boss wants.
Rogers Videos store is a bright beige building with a black and white sign denoting the name on the front of the building. The bell tinkles as we go through the door. I look around the room with brightly lit shelves and neatly placed videos. We might need to rent one if the news sucks. Syron waves to us from behind the counter as we make our way to the back of the store. Past the public restrooms we go into the office to find out what the boss wants. 
Derrick Sanders, the owner and head of the detective agency, sits at his desk wearing his favorite camouflage clothes. His constant self-imposed distractions tell me he has seen more horrors than he will admit to. I do not want to interrupt him so I wait until he stops typing and looks up at me before I speak.
"You wanted to see me sir?"
Yup Scarlet,he replied in his former army tone. He leans back in his chair and continues in the voice he used when he sent troops out for battle. There is an issue that has come up involving Fionas corner and Café, the retail establishment. Some of the women from the Moon Wolf Pack have gone missing and all of them worked for Fionas.
My eyes widen, The ones who helped me escape from the asylum?
He nods, Afraid so. The last place they were seen was their work place. Here are the files on the girls who are missing. He hands me the files, and I take them with caution wondering who the unlucky girls are, and if I know them. Shania Wolfson, Sonya Simone, and Merica Laker. Phew, I never knew them personally. They are all very beautiful, and belong to Rexs pack. Since they are part of the pack that rescued me from the necromancer the least I can do is try to find them. All three girls disappeared a few weeks after starting to work at the store.
Terrific, a retail store gone rancid, why am I not surprised? Honestly, it is not surprising to hear, especially since the boss is a 1,000 year old vampire who use to use the store as a front for hurting creatures through horrific experiments. Luckily it had stopped thanks to Derricks Detective Agency. Or at least I thought it had.
Is this another find the missing women case or an undercover one?”  I ask dreading the answer. I have a bad feeling I knew where this was going when his face changed to a look of sympathy.
I want you to go undercover to find the missing girls. You will need to pose as an employee at the store. It is the best approach to get information on both the girls and the company. The werewolves have asked for you specifically, as payment for your debt.
I cant wait to see you in an adorable little uniform!Nightshade teases, he voice filled with mirth.
Great,I comment with feigned enthusiasm, Just what I always wanted to do; work retail!I sigh, and he gives me the rest of the paperwork that I need to go undercover. I have my new identity as a vampire named Lily Stone, as well as all of the legal documents to support the story.
Dante laughs, "At least there are no necromancers this time. This should be way easier than that was, and you dont have to deal with crazy people.His mirth is not concealed as he grins from ear to ear, And it could be worse, you could be at Fangs Fast Blood and have to deal with hungry vampires. Fast food would definitely be worse.
True.I laugh, I have been to one, and the vampires are way too picky about it what they want.
Derrick joins our laughter, No necromancers at all, unless they are customers buying their items. The only creatures you will have to deal with are a few vampires, witches and werewolves. There is also the sorceress owner and her vampire lover Ren.He smiles at me and his next words change the mood in the room, I am really happy to see you all in one piece. I know the last case was not easy for you. After this assignment, I want you to take a long far away vacation.He pauses, then you have to come back for another case.
No worries, I will come back to work,I grin at him, Honestly, I think a trip to the islands is in order. I want to learn to surf.I look at Dante and he smiles.
Dante and I leave, walking side by side on our way to the car. I am hoping that the case is straightforward, but my history has taught me otherwise. I browse through the files Derrick gave me as Dante drives back to our home. Derricks note point to his suspicions he has about Fiona Stagea and my main purpose to spy on her. Werewolves never do well at her store, they either quit quickly or disappear. Ren, her lover, was the last person that was seen with Shania. The two had been seen fighting a week before and no one had seen her since.
As I think about what going undercover in retail means I begin to get angry. I wont have weekends off anymore, not that I ever shop on weekends. I dont like crowds so I tend to stay away from stores when they are crowded. I will have to deal with customers and I have seen how nasty some people are to retail workers. Many people take out their own problems on the employees, use them as verbal punching bags, which is not right and now I will have to deal with it. I used to work retail, and I hated it. I had to deal with all of the problems while I was trying to pay my way through witch school. I think about the amount of time it usually takes me to solve a case. The asylum took a few months, and that was after Nightshade woke me up from the drugs they were making me take.
“Thanks for that by the way,” I intone to Nightshade and I hear her laughter ringing through my head. At least I am never alone. I go back to my brooding and think about my time frame. There are only four months until Christmas, and even less before the shopping season ramps up. So I dont lose my sanity again I decide I have to solve the case before then.

Many of the creatures in the Luxor realm used to live in the Crystal Crest realm, like me, and we tend to keep up the habits of our human lives. We celebrate the same holidays because it helps remind us of our humanity. The other downside to working the busiest season of the year in retail means that I will probably slip and bite someone. Blood bags and donors have helped me conquer the urge but when my temper is high I have been known to lose control.

Dante and I spend a magical weekend together before my new nightmare begins.  

I hope you have enjoyed it until next time,

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