Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Don't Feed Internet Trolls!

I’m not talking about the people who explain their opinion to you with facts. I am talking about the people who name call, go to low blows, and one woman even went as far as saying: “"I'd LOVE to see these jerks end up on a slab...You'd be justified in saying, "He scared me. He was armed." Old fat white men get away with killing unarmed black men, why couldn't someone get away with capping him?" Said by someone who had an opinion, and just because she disagrees with something felt the need to attack him on the Net. I almost forgot how childish it is to argue with people on a Facebook page, and not only that but employers look at that. I don’t want to be known for attacking people who have a different opinion then I do. I took down my posts despite me trying to be nice. I am going to be a successful author one day. It involves me making books, and people are going to like it or hate it. I am not going to argue with a reviewer when they have an opinion over my book. I am done fighting with the general public on a profile page, and this is one thing I will learn from it: Let it go.  They have the right to their opinion. I have a right to mine if they want to show the world they are always right let them. It does not change the fact that I will continue to do what I am doing, and in all honesty, if they are not a friend or my family they won’t matter to me. They don’t pay my paycheck, and I won’t waste my time arguing over something stupid when I have better things to do with my time.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good News!

Besides the retail novella I am rewriting The Killer Contract Agency short, and it will show a side to them before they hunted supernatural creature’s gone rogue. The bullies are not human instead they are creatures called Malians, and they are a species from another planet that picks on weak humans to make them kill themselves before they become successful adults. The main character is Salina Sinclaire, and she is picked on to the point where she almost dies. Then she joins The Agency, and the rest is history. I looked over the old version, and decided to modify it completely, and not only will it have less human bullies it will be from Salina’s point of view.
I played with it last night when it was in third person, and I got stuck…I turned it to first, and BAM! The story came alive with Salina’s voice, and it was easier too. I also have some fun cut scenes to show you. Part of the editing process involves cutting scenes that slow the story down. And when I changed it from third to first sentences and even paragraphs had to be deleted like this, and this is the scene where her mom is talking to the principal. I had to delete the principal's part since Salina is eavesdropping after she is covered in tar by the resident bully:
“Hi, my name is Rose Sinclair. Salina’s daughter, and there is a girl named Laurice Pasty. She is picking on my daughter so much I have her crying after school everyday. There will be something done about it right?” She says trying to control her temper.
“Hmm…Yes, I seem to recall having the two of them duke it out, and since Laurice is not a human we are not equipped to get in the middle of this feud. We have to let this run its course, and if it gets too out of hand I do know someone who can get rid of this girl if she does not keep the peace.” He replies with reassurance. 
“Why would you allow them in the first place?” She asked why he would be stupid enough to allow a dangerous alien to mingle with humans. 
“They had a truce with us, and until a person commits suicide because of them then it will be over. Or they try to kill her, and it means that The Killer Contract Agency will step in, and take care of the threat at that point. Your daughter could be a Hunter if that Laurice girl was trying to hurt her that bad. If the Laurice tries to kill Salina a mentor will step in before that happens. You have my word since they are supposed to be peaceful, and if they are not then the Agency will step in and terminate the threat.” He told her.
“Okay, and then the truce will be over, and the Agency will get rid of them by using my daughter great. Thanks, that is all I need to know.” Her voice drips with sarcasm since she is not too happy about them using her daughter like that.
Yes, it was a fun scene to write. Salina can only know so much from eavesdropping though. I hope to be done with it by early June to give it to the beta. Apply the notes, and then go through it again before giving it to the editor. Still going to publish the retail story, and the proofreader is still working on it. I have the same person for the covers, and the same themes will be used in the story.
That is it for updates…
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fear Sucks!

We all have felt fear before since it is a part of what stops us, and it can be what moves us forward. Fear of failing like not being able to complete my degree, and the fear of failing at becoming a successful author is a part of life. Putting a book out there is scary, and it is like standing in the middle of the street naked and exposed to the world. It is publishing a book for people to read and having them either liking it or hating it. I realize that once I publish the eBook that it won’t be mine it will belong to readers. 

Of course, I am willing to take that chance because I want to write full time no matter how hard it gets. Fear is a part of life, and one of the ways to combat it is to keep writing and never give up. It has been one of the reasons why I have not been writing as much because I am afraid of failing. I am afraid of showing people the vulnerable side because I have been bullied to the point where I have put up a wall. I’ll tear it down though, and channel it to writing. I have to get over it if I want to succeed anyway. It is scary putting yourself out there in your writing, but if you don’t try then you will have already failed. I used to be afraid of people thanks to being bullied so much, but thanks to the job I work at where I have to deal with people it is not as scary anymore. The world is not out to get me, and it has its ups and downs like anything else. It gave me the confidence I need to succeed in pitching my book to people, and I am finding the more I tell people the more I get them interested in my work. 

I know it never goes away completely, but it no longer cripples me the way it once did. I figured I am not the only one who goes through this, so I thought I would share a side to me the world has never seen before.

What do you fear? How did you overcome it?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Writing a Novel:

A friend asked me this if I have finished a novel, and how is the experience? The question will be better answered in a blog post then in a Facebook one. The answer is yes I have not only finished a novel, but I have also finished a novella, poetry, and more short stories then I can count. Writing is a part of my life, and I already have 5 projects in the works. Writing a novel can be easy at times, and downright frustrating. Rough drafts and rewriting is the difficult part since you have to face the blank page, and the rewriting can be hard to since you have to make sure the sentences make sense. It is hard to write a novel from start to finish, and at one point I wrote without an outline. It kept getting difficult since I was writing myself into a corner, and I had to finally write an outline to know where I was going. It is worth it in the end to have the ability to create worlds out of thin air. It does get easier with an outline, but it is hard to go from point A to B. Finding the time is an important part of the novel writing process since it takes time to produce a novel. Sometimes the words will come, and sometimes it is like pulling teeth. The characters tell their story, and you write it down. It can be learned with enough practice, and it is worth it since it allows you to have a voice in the world. It allows you to teach lessons about life through fiction. If you’re a writer you know it since usually there is something urging you to write. Writers have to write since that is what they do. They have something to say and stories to tell. They have a destiny to entertain people, and they are put on this earth for a reason. Writing a novel involves creating characters that will stay with people for a long time to come. It involves putting in enough man hours to finish a project to the end. My first novel will be in print one day since I am making it the fourth book in the Luxor series it will be in two points of view Scarlet and Serena Saban. I have already finished it, and I need to write in Scarlet’s point of view. Of course, I also need to write the first three novels, and I am 8 chapters into the second and 4 chapters into the first. This is a hard series to write since I have to remember details from the previous books to keep in mind while writing. Novel writing involves creating your own world, or changing the world we live in now. It is worth it in the end though. I love the novel writing process since creating novels is something I love doing. It helps me get over my past issues, and it gets rid of my anger. It makes me create real characters going through real struggles, and it is better than therapy. Whenever you’re writing a novel outline first, but don’t be surprised if it changes. Keep going and don’t stop. If you’re stuck free write or do writing exercises then keep going even if it sucks at first since there is always room to improve.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Guinea Pigs for Life:

I had to put my guinea pig Muffin to sleep Friday. I have had her for 4 years, and she was a good guinea pig. The problem was she developed a cancerous tumor, and it spread to her lungs and stomach. Once she stopped eating, drinking, and responding to my mom I knew there was something wrong with her. She did not even want to eat her favorite treats either. This one was special since she was blind. She loved cilantro, and would squeak when she hear my mom come up the stairs. I will never forget her, and I will always remember her.

RIP Muffin ?-5/9/14

I did get a surprise when I came home after work. I went in my room to put down my things, and this little guy appeared:
He is a two month old named Xander, and at least my day ended on a good note since it was hard to make that decision. I did not want her to suffer. I now have a new edition to the family. I am done with school till August, and I have the whole summer to write and work. The novella will hopefully be done soon. 

Until next time,

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