Friday, January 16, 2015

Memoirs of a Geisha Costuming Exercise for Fashion Writing

The director of the movie is going for the child like look of a Geisha. He called them the supermodels of their time. They created to look more high fashion, and the necks are created lower than the original ones, and the waists are tighter too. Their eyes are bigger and darker, and their lips are fuller so it can draw a more modern crowd. They also wear less make up for some of the scenes. It needed to be more modern but provocative, and subtle showing just a glimpse of skin to tease the senses. They shape the dresses to match the characters style. They made the dresses to look like an impression of that time, and it really resembles the look of the Japanese culture since the dresses have the symbols of the Japanese culture drawn into the dress. They chose big bright colors since it screams sensual. They leave just a part of the neck bare to tease the audience so they will wonder what is underneath. They are authentic kimonos some have cherry red, white snow, and greys thrown into the fabric. The kimono is worn in 5 layers for a Geisha, and it takes two people to put on the outfit. The Kimono makes a Geisha learn to act elegantly and their movement is restricted by it. There are even undergarments underneath the actual gown. They are well covered up underneath the reds, pinks, and whites. The younger Geisha’s wear red and the older ones wear white. They wore an Obie which is like a corset underneath the gown. Wax is used during the process of styling their hair do to prevent it from falling out of place. The way the outfit is worn depends on the person wearing the gown since they wear it in different ways. The costumes reflect the Geisha’s personality, and some are more brightly colored then the others. They made several differences to the gowns to make it appeal to the modern crowd, and updated the style. Each costume is crafted to reflect the personality of the character wearing it. The director wanted to make it more appealing to the crowd by changing it to reflect how subtle and sexy the gowns are to make them more high fashion. The costumes are nicely done, and they truly show the Japanese cultures style and fashion with a more modern twist.   

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