Friday, January 16, 2015

Responsive Analysis to Robin Givhan’s “Wookiee at Me! Clothes Make the Myth.”

This is a well-written article that analyzes fandom and how people will dress like a Star Wars character or Star Trek one in order to show homage to their favorite film. It talks about how people will dress up for a one day event like going to the opening of “Star Wars: Episode III---Revenge of the Sith” fans will put together elaborate costumes to show their fandom and dedication to the movies. It is an article that analyzes that people will do it to show their support even if it seems humiliating to the outside observer. She emphasizes that fans don’t care if they look cool or not since it’s about appreciating a movie. It is an in-depth analysis over why fans dress for a one-time event to show their appreciation of the films and series. She admires the people that dress up since they are not afraid to show their appreciation by dressing up as their favorite characters. Fans dressing up as their favorite characters shows that they believe in the stories and the characters making them more than just fans reading their favorite books or watching their favorite movie. They also wear their favorite clothes because it transports them into a time when they believe in the heroes and the mythology created around that universe. It is kind of like live action role playing since some fans will even take on the role of the character they dress up as which is what Givhan should include. It takes a look at fans who not just read the books and watch the movies, but of people who believe in the mythology created so much that they wind up dressing up as them too. The clothes identify the fans as more than just casual readers, but also ones who believe in the mythology so much they are willing to dress up as them to show their appreciation for those favorite characters. Some even go far as to learn the mythology thoroughly to the point where they memorize favorite saying, and little details that make the characters unique in the way they dress and act. Its really amazing since it explores an entire subculture that loves to dress up, and escape for a day. Wearing those clothes means they are not ordinary people, but the characters they portray. The picture it shows is Chewbacca a wookie from the planet Kashyyyk and is always by Han Solo’s side. She calls it a fantasy world, and, that it’s not practical to wear for everyday use. It is the fantasy the characters create that make them want to dress up as their favorite characters, and that is why people dress up. It is the escape a  fantasy world can create, and it shows how fans can be so enraptured by a fantasy life that they dress up as a character for a day that is why people dress up in the first place. 

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