Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MRE Review: Menu 7 Brisket Entree:

This will be the second MRE or Meal Ready to Eat Ive tried. There will be more reviews to follow since Im actually enjoying these reviews. It comes with a brisket entree which is gravy seasoned with beef brisket slices.  Crackers, biscuit, BBQ sauce, Cheese spread, Cocoa beverage powder.  Toffee cubes, Raspberry white chip cookie, a flameless ration heater. A spoon idea tea drink lemon flavored, salt, Towellette, toilet paper, chewing gum and a butter packet.  To eat the entree you have to put it in the bag with the flameless ration heater, and put water up to the fill line. Just let it heat up for ten to 15 minutes and enjoy. Or dont if you dont like the taste of them. I did put the salt and the butter in the entree.  Just dont put too much salt and the entree tastes good. I like it and it does not taste like it came out of a can either. Yum. The biscuit tastes like the weird wheat snack bread, but it does take some getting used to. Its a good meal for being out in the field and it would be good to use for camping  too and overall a fun thing Ive been doing lately.
*The second MRE I got which is the same one has garlic mashed potatoes in it, and those are some of the improvements they made to it. And a chocolate chip cookie with Twizzlers Nibs.For more info on mres go to 

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