Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Unfortunate News….

I have learned that my ex-fiancĂ©e of 4 ½ years died in a head on collision Friday morning. I didn’t find out about that till that night since I was seeing Dale and then going to work. I thought it was a joke at first, but then during break I read a text from a friend: Jason’s dead. Not a joke after all, and I broke down right then and there. I was going to marry him after all. I imagined a future with him but it didn’t work out because of various reasons. It killed me a little because I at least wanted him to marry someone and have children. I wanted him to live the life he wanted even if it was with someone else. I was happy to hear he was going to a Japan mission trip, and I expected it. I didn’t expect this to happen since it was way too young. He was only 27 years old never married and no kids. He had a job, car, and a bright future. It was shocking that he didn’t get to experience life because it was cut so short thanks to a freak accident. It taught me that death has no age. If I was still with him that could have been me too. Jason put himself out there because he believed people should know about the right to open carry which was his calling. I’ll miss him since he was my first love. It was sad, and he will always be a part of my heart. It was a horrible week and I went to the wake it didn’t even look like the guy I fell in love with just a shell…I did love seeing the family again and they embraced me like time had never passed. Moving forward is not easy especially since he won’t be around. It did teach me a few things: Live life to the fullest, go after what you want no matter how hard it is, and the last thing is do what makes you happy even if people don’t agree with it. I can’t wait to go after my goal of writing full time, and it’s something I want to do the rest of my life.

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My Trip to Disney World

I went to Disney world for Spring Break, and I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days but I have not really had the time till now. I enjoyed having a whole week off school and work since I needed it. 

We stayed at Port Orleans on Disney property, and it was nice since we did not have to ride in the car for a long time. It took the whole day to get there, and we left the house by 820 am in Virginia and got to the resort by 10:00 at night to Florida. It takes 14 hours to get there, and we drove there instead of taking an airplane or bus. 
Lobby of Port Orleans French Quarter

Once we got there and arrived at the resort we had to get the rooms sorted out since they put us in different buildings and we got put in building 7 with rooms next to each other. When we got to the actual room the Disney bands didn’t work and my mom had to go back to the front desk to get it sorted out. Then we had to go to the front desk again to make sure my Disney band could be used to make purchases. The Disney bands are used for everything tickets, getting into a room, fast passes for rides and purchases. 

The Ball at the entrance of Epcot
Epcot ball during the day

Entrance to the market in Mexico
Market in Mexico opening

Shark at The Coral Reef restaurant

Entrance to room where we had to use Disney Bands

The first day we went to Magic Kingdom, and to get there we had to take a Ferry. It was cool, and thank god, I don’t get sea sick because the boat ride there was relaxing. The first ride we rode on was It’s a Small World which is a boat ride that features dolls from all over the world. I loved it, and when I was little I rode it at least three times. This time I only rode it once, and it was nice since we got three fast passes thanks to the room trouble to use at any time we wanted to. Then we rode on the little mermaid which was a fun ride that took you through scenes in the movie. We also rode on Haunted Mansion which I loved because it was a ride through a spooky castles with ghost summoning’s. It was also helpful for seeing good ideas in case I want to see what a mansion is like. I enjoyed my time there, and got a Pirates of the Carribean Shot glass and a Jack Skeleton one. It was a good day, and we saw a parade at the end, and went on The Carousel of Progress and the Monsters Inc Scarefloor show it was a good day overall. I even started the day with Mickey Pancakes and Bacon too. 

The second day we went to Epcot, and because of the Flower and Garden show. The first ride we went on was the Universe of Energy Ride with Ellen DeGeneres. I loved it since it had dinosaurs in it, and afterward we ate around the World Showcase starting with Duck Confit. I loved it so much we even had seconds. Then it was all of a matter of walking the world showcase, and trying the foods we wanted to eat. I did enjoy the fact that we had reservations at The Coral Reef since it was good watching the animals. We went on a boat ride in Mexico, and saw all the topiaries. I loved it, and we shopped at a market in Japan, and I loved it since it was full of Hello Kitty items. It was mainly a place to shop and have a good time trying all the different foods.    

The third day we were supposed to go to Downtown Disney but winded up with car trouble. We made it home in time, and I did go to the mall and buy more Hello Kitty items. Overall, I loved the trip and next time I want to go longer since I wished we could have stayed an extra day. 

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