Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Looking back on 2015….

I know I did a post about my 2016 goals, but I never talked about the events of this year. It’s been a wild ride for me since I broke off a relationship in February to someone who I thought I would last a while with. Not the case since he tried to cheat on me, and lied about everything. I could not trust him at all after it happened because I would be wondering what else he is lying to me about, and who else he is talking to. Not something I want to do, and I started dating someone else since March 7th. It will be a year come March 2016 that we have been dating. Longer then anyone else. I have to say I’m more happier now then I was in the last since I actually see him. It was also the time I went to Disney for Spring Break, and I loved every minute of it. I’ve also had not one but two paperbacks out, and I got my first contract with a publishing house. Not many people have that opportunity, and I’m thankful that I did. It’s been a wild ride, and I hope to publish more in the coming year. I now got my gpa up to a 2.5 which is a great start to the new year. By the end of it I will have most of my classes done, and I will graduate Spring 2017. I hope my life will only get better, and I’ll end up leaving my retail job to write full time. It might not happen, but a girl can dream….

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Part 2 of my Novel Writing Posts: To Outline or not to Outline? Novel Planning….

Now that you have the stuff to write a novel time to get to business. The next step is planning a story if you are an outliner. They can help you out if you get stuck. On the other hand it can help you with knowing where you are going with your story. I’m at the outline phase with some of my novels, and I do have some chapters written. The outline will help with character story, and plotting events that you want to happen. You can use it to get from point A to point B. 
It can also hinder you especially when your story takes a different turn and it’s not the outline. It can happen especially when the story is strong enough to the point where it takes over your head. I know I’ve used some notes, and some of them happen when I write the actual draft. You can also use a bullet list to outline your story of events that happen, events you want to happen, and even beyond that book. I use notes more then a rigid outline since it works for me more then a straight up document. I also have them in several different notebooks since I write on the go which is not recommended. It’s not easy to keep track of them either. I do recommend keeping them all in one place. You can even keep separate notebooks for different aspects of your story if you want to plan the story world. You can have a separate one for characters, events in a certain book, world events, and the possibilities are endless. You can have certain aspects of your story on separate documents too. There are various character sheets to help you write down the basic stats for your character. I’ve filled out these before and it helped me come up with their story, and the events that will happen next. It’s a toss up since I love to outline and write a general page of what will happen in the story, and on the other it can change too depending on the story. It also depends on the novel since short stories and novellas really don’t need an outline. The longer novels do. 
There are even various books out there that have worksheets you can fill out to help you outline your novel. Writer’s Digest has a ton of information on using worksheets to outline your novel, and even Amazon has a ton of books that will help with it as well. It can also reduce the amount of time you spend writing and it will give you a clear idea of where you are headed next. As a way of outlining your story you can summarize it instead of using bullet points to hit the major events in you novel. You can use a map to outline by going chapter versus chapter. Free writing is also another way to help. Also once you outline and get on a roll it will be easy to outline the entire novel from start to finish. It can be hard though so you might want to break it down into chapters to make it easier on you. 

All in all, whether you want to outline or not, it can help you with not getting stuck during the novel writing process. My last advice is do what makes you comfortable and above all have fun! This is just a rough draft, and not the final copy. 

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Updates, WIP Updates, and 2015 Look backs!

I’m on my break for school until January 19th, and I got my 2.5 which means I’m now taking my upper level Mass Communications classes. This will be exciting and I’m going to school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The classes are: Reporting For Print And Web, Graphics For Journalism, Intro To Broadcast Writing, and Audio & Video Journalism. They will be interesting to take, and it means I’m 3 semesters away from graduating which will be Spring 2017. I’m happy to finally be done with school soon. The Killer Contract Agency is out and I have a book trailer out for it. It’s been a long journey, and in the mean time I have some projects I will be working on since I have time off to kill. A Witchy Beginning will be worked on as well as AngelWitch, and I have some ideas for Fang and Fur of Love too. It’s good to have time off sometimes since I need to stop stressing about school. I was worried for the longest time that I was going to be behind, but I’m not. I’m only working the weekends which will be good for my mind. I can’t handle not having enough time to study for school. I figured I would give myself more time to study, and I will be a full time student and writer. These classes also means I can make my writing better as well as my Youtube videos. I’ve already planned out some of the other videos I want to do. 
2015 is coming to a close leaving me to ponder where I’m headed next. I want to publish and write more novels too. I also want to find a way to write full time instead of working retail by the end of next year. I’m sick of not dedicating enough time to my writing too. I know what I want to do the rest of my life, and it’s not sitting behind a counter while people stare and laugh at me. I want it to be the year for me to make a living writing. I have a plan to release more novels, and write more. I’ll make it a daily habit. I plan on self-publishing and working with a publisher. 
 AngelWitch word count is 15,162. I still have more to go on that, but half way done since I have to make the angel witch ceremony after she has lunch with her dad, the last few weeks at work scenes, and the one where Zack is defeated. There will be romance in it, and it’s a new adult paranormal romance too. I love writing it, and it allows me to explore the angel realm. I hope to finish it this year. Then it needs editing and beta reading before a final polish then done. I still can’t decide on if I want to make it a series or not, and I want to write all three Scarlet books and publish them myself. It’s going to be my year, and I can’t wait to put it all into practice.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

#MREMondays Menu 4 Pork Sausage with Gravy

Welcome to another MRE Monday post, and after a hiatus I’m back. I have not been doing them lately due to school, but with winter break upon us I can get back to reviewing again. I’ve gotten some positive feedback and a few negative ones. I know that soldiers are issued these rations out on the field and only eat them if necessary.They can be issued for training events, taking a long bus ride or plane. If it’s that or starvation I would take them over dying any day. 

The contents of this MRE consist of Pork Sausage in a creamy gravy, granola with milk and blueberries. Matches, Towellette, toilet paper, sugar, coffee, salt, creamer, crackers, toaster pastry frosted brown sugar, cheese spread, beverage based lime powder, spoon, ration heater, and beverage bag.  

The actual entree was fine, but I would never eat it again. The granola with milk and blueberries were fine. I liked the crackers and the pastry more, and it’s one of those res that would make a good breakfast if you can get past the metal taste. MRES are not practical for everyday use though, and are supposed to be used when necessary. They have no choice when they eat these, and they are bad for your colon which is why they are issued to 1 or 2 per day. Not one of my favorite MRES. I loved the Brisket, BeefRoast, Beef Stew and even the Asian Strips are good. At least they have regular food in the morning and a regular dinner. They are only issued at lunch, and I know because I’m dating someone in the army. They have to go through a lot, and I admire them for being able to handle it. I would suggest you use these for camping or if you have ran out of food. 

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to Write a Novel Part 1:

I have been writing for a while, and I have several novels under my belt at this point. I woke up this morning, and thought I should write a series of blog posts about it because I want to share my wisdom with others. I also want to have some fun with it since it’s the best job in the entire world. I never really fit in to the rest of the jobs, and forget being a doctor, lawyer, or nurse. I suck at math, and I’ve always been a writer since the first grade. I want to write about my experience with the entire process, and even write some posts about the books I’ve found on the subject of writing. I’ll even film Youtube videos about it too.

I have three days off a week till January 19th since this is the last day of the semester for me. I took my last final, and all I have left is to turn in a portfolio. I might even post some of my essays on my blog too.

This is part one and the first thing I talk about is the stuff you will need in order to even start writing a book. This is geared toward fiction by the way.
1.   Your imagination: This is essential since no one wants to read a boring book, and be sure to use it to use the what if scenarios.
2.   Pencil, Pen and Paper: You need something to write and type your ideas down, and if you have a pencil you can even erase things that are not working. Paper is useful too, and I first write by hand then type it up.
3.   Laptop needs a word processor or document writing software to save your work. You can also take this with you everywhere, and even useful to have while you are on a long boring trip. Laptops can be a place to type up your novel if you want to type it up instead of write it.
4.   Jump drive: If you are using a laptop then you want to back up your work in case something happens. There are free places to save it like Google Drive, ICloud, and Skydrive. Even Dropbox can work. It’s useful to have if you don’t own a personal computer or have to use a public place.
5.   A drink that includes caffeine, energy drinks, coffee, and sometimes alcohol. Whatever keeps you going to put pen to paper. Tea and soda can be used too. Just something to hydrate you while you are writing or typing.
6.   Passion: It’s not easy to write a book, and you do have to love what you are doing since it’s not easy. Believe me there are times when I wanted to say fuck it and stop. I didn’t and it’s what kept me going even in the face of rejection and everything else.
7.   A stable surface believe me you don’t want the pen or laptop flying everywhere.
8.   Snacks nothing kills the writing vibe more than being hungry. I can’t write when I’m starving either.
9.   Time: This is very important since it takes time to write a novel even if it’s ten minutes a day. If it’s something you love definitely make time for it.
10.                  Notebooks: It’s so important to use since it keeps track of everything.

These are just some of the basics, and there is more to add to it. These are just ten of the things you will need to start out with. The next time I can talk about outlining some, and even give you some ideas of what to write about.

What else would you need to write a novel?

Until next time,


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Be Nice To Retail Workers This Holiday Season!

I work retail and now that the holidays are upon us the people are actually starting to get nastier. I get it you are trying to find the perfect item and we have ran out of stock therefore ruining your Holidays, and it’s all out fault for running out. Then again you could have shopped earlier instead of waiting till the last minute, or called the store before wasting your gas to drive all the way to the store to find out that we are out of it. I also get the fact that you are in a hurry, and have to be somewhere so why are you waiting in a long line when you have places to be. Shop earlier when you are not in a hurry. And stop saying that it’s free every time it does not scan. It’s an old joke and it makes you sound like an asshole. I’ve heard it so many times I hate hearing it. 
If we have a small selection then I hear is this all you have? Yes, it is and no we don’t carry it anywhere else in the store. No, we don’t have it in the back at all unless we are over stocked. No, you don’t get a discount especially when you are rude. Not all of us are going to smile all the time. Why? I try to smile at every customer and then I get ignored or given dirty looks like they think they are beneath me because I work there. I even said excuse me the other day and the lady glares at me like I was in her way. Whatever. I also get mad when people give me an attitude because of the fact that I don’t know where everything in the store is especially when I don’t work in that area. 
I’ve had a lady the other day look at me like an idiot because I told her the books are in electronics and she made the gesture of opening a book to explain to me you know books? She said like I didn’t read or know what one was. I’m an author I read books and I write books. That’s another thing I’m sick of since not all people who work retail are stupid, high school drop outs like some of the people who don’t work retail think they are. We are humans we have feelings. We don’t control all aspects of the register. If your card gets declined it’s not our fault it can be the banks, but don't blame us for it when we just scan items and bag it. We don’t control the prices either and we don’t know the prices of every item in stock either. A lady actually accused me of changing the price of the printer ink when I don’t work there, and then had the audacity to say I’m dishonest. Giving me a lecture when I didn’t do shit. No, I don’t know when we will get more of an item in unless I have a barcode to look it up, and even then I don’t know when it will come in since I don’t have control of it. The company send stuff and we put it up. That is it, and I’m sick of the customers getting mad if we don’t have an item that another store carries since different stores carry different products. Well, you had this item a few years ago…We don’t have it now because items changes and some items are discontinued and again something we don’t control the companies do. Well, the other store did this…then go to the other store and let them do it. Also waiting in line for a few minutes is not going to kill you, and stop getting mad when you have to wait for assistance since a lot of workers are cross trained in multiple departments which means we are assisting customers in that area. And stop interrupting other customers if you see us helping another customer it’s rude. And for the love of god don’t be on your phone while we are helping you it’s rude, and you are acting like we are not worth your time. Plus, if you talk on the phone while we are assisting you then you might miss out on something we asked you. Then you get mad about it since you were yapping on your phone instead of paying attention. Also, if the computer makes a mistake then tell us nicely, and we will correct it but don’t be rude about it.   
These are just somethings I thought about. Please try to be nice and have patience. It’s busy for all of us, and we are running ragged trying to help everyone. Every person is fighting something you know nothing about. They really don’t need to be treated like dirt so you can get your way. Try to at least act like a decent human being toward the person behind the counter, and prove to them that not all customers are mean and rude. 
These are just some of the things I have personally dealt with, and all opinions are my own. I might have more posts on this subject and I hope you enjoyed a look into the life of a retail worker.

Until Next Time,


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#NaNoWriMo is over….

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the goal of getting to 50,000 words by the end of the month. It’s okay though since I was more distracted with school coming to an end and the release of my novel. There is a book blitz going on which is awesome since I’ve never had one before. I’m also on my last week of school which is awesome since it means I get 5 or 6 weeks off of school which means Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays will be free days. It’s going to be exciting since I can film more videos and make my #Booktube channel take off more. I’ve been bad with that and writing since I really need to do well in school. Once it’s over however it gives me a ton of free time to write. I’m on a roll with #AngelWitch and going to write a story with Midnight Starr which will talk about how she goes to a family reunion and then tries to bust Viper he evil ex-fiancee. It’s her then fiancĂ©e and it’s how it unravels and leads to her auditioning for Fur and Fang of Love. I really missed playing in my worlds. It kind of sucks when you let everything distract you from something you love doing. I love to write and I can’t imagine a better career for me. I plan on writing and publishing more too especially when I have more time. I plan on making a video about my book as soon as I get a copy so look for that, and there will be more #Booktube videos as I decide what tags to do and organize my books to do them. I’m definitely going to work on my room over break to organize my books to do videos on my favorite ones. It’s time for me to get my butt in gear when it comes to certain things. I hope I can do it, and that’s all for now.
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